Tuesday, June 30, 2009

McDonald's Largest Private Employer In France

Passing strange but it's true. Click on the title of this post for confirmation.

Thoughts On Coleman vs. Franken

Today the Minnesota Supreme court issued a unanimous decison upholding the 3 judge trial court's conclusion that by 312 votes Al Franken won the most lawfully cast votes in last November's Senatorial election. The opinion is clear, the writing crisp and the analysis unarguable. Norm Coleman's lawyers lost his senate seat. MC does not exaggerate.

If anyone asks you how Norm lost, tell them to consult page 24 of the PDF version of the opinion, footnote 18. For reasons unfathomable, Norm's lawyers (Trimble and Knaak at the time) stipulated with prejudice to the inclusion in the canvassing board process (this preceeded the trial court whose decision the MN Supreme Court upheld today) some 933 absentee ballots. "With prejudice" is a legal term of art which means one cannot revisit or reargue that which has been done or agreed to with prejudice. Those absentee ballots gave Franken the lead; Norm never recovered. This was in January of 2009. His legal ability to win was on a death spiral since then.

There may have been good reasons to stipulate to those 933 ballots being included but MC can think of no reason to do so with prejudice. When Norm wanted to question the integrity of those ballots (twice!), he was told he had relinquished his right to do so. By agreement of his attorneys. By their stipulation. With prejudice.

The Minnesota Supreme Court opinion, it should be noted, mentions at every turn the failure of Norm's attorneys to prove a great many things. Coleman was outlawyered. And yes, being out lawyered does make a difference. Try a filibuster proof US Senate.

The Ongoing RPM Trainwreck

MC is not amused with the latest machinations in the RPM governor's race. MC recalls that everyone's mantra before and during State Central was "let's get back to winning elections." Could someone remind those running for governor (declared and undeclared) of that lofty yet pragmatic goal?

The occasion for our comments is an entry on the Residual Forces blog that has since been taken down. MC has in its possession that removed entry in its entirety. We could but choose not to republish it here.

Suffice it to say that personal attacks, innuendo, whisper campaigns and, yes, the politics of personal destruction have no place in our party. Our friends in the Democrat Party know all about the current smears because such is the nature of slander and slime: they travel fast.

To the extent that MC speaks for anyone else in the party (a purely optional association, mind you), we request our candidates run honorable campaigns based on ideas, experience and vision.

If you do not, the next time MC will name names. The choice is yours.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Stoning Of Soraya M.

An unbearable, astonishing film that deserves the widest possible audience. Go yourself and take as many friends as possible. Currently at the Landmark Theater Uptown; wider release in the Twin Cities starting Friday. Prepare to be shaken.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


MC trusts its readers to be educated enough to recognize Delacroix's "Liberty Leading The People." MC otherwise thinks little of the French Revolution and for the good reasons put forth by most historians. Dead bodies withstanding.

On a demonstrably less murderous note, MC understands that our friend and frequent critic Nate Hansen, Juris Doctor, has come under sustained attack. Why? He attacked, in the comments section of the online Pioneer Press, Joe Repya's article in which he attack the RPM, said he was leaving and invited other Republicans to leave with him.

MC addressed both of them here.

Since then, Nate has been attacked from many a source. Some were veterans. Some were people who lost out to his Campaign for Liberty ticket for higher office in the 4th CD. Both are misguided.

MC first wants to set aside the ridiculous notion that Eva Ng, conservative candidate for mayor of St. Paul, had anything to do with Nate's attack on the military. She did not. Eva is a true and fast friend of our men and women who have served and do serve to keep us free. Just ask her husband, a retired (not that there is any such beast) Marine. Better yet, ask Eva! We ask those of you who have kept us safe to think about these things. Support your supporter: vote Eva.

Some in the 4th want Nate to be removed. This is a serious mistake. He has done nothing to warrant such. His enemies have no ammunition except words that would tend to prove his worst remarks. Why do this? Certainly they have not followed the rules, of which one especially anal retentive critic would be bemused to find himself wanting. Hi John McC!

Do we want to be a party that cannot take shots? Can we not fight back against those with whom we disagree and still fight on?

The idea that we should dispel Nate Hansen is Bolshevik. MC wants nothing to do with it and will fight for him to the end. Yes, yes, we know Nate has called us both Neocons and Communists.

Just because he was comprehensively wrong doesn't mean we shouldn't be right.

We are absolutely certain if the tables were turned, Nate would be on our side.

MC thinks this is why we are in the same party and mean to keep it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Of The Same From More Of The Same


ST. PAUL, MN 55103
TELEPHONE: 651-222-0022
FACSIMILE: 651-224-4122

June 26, 2009

651-842-0127 (work)
651-303-1392 (cell)

State Chair-elect Tony Sutton Announces Appointments to RPM Staff

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman-elect Tony Sutton today announced he would be appointing Ryan Griffin executive director, Gina Countryman deputy executive director, Mike Tavernier political director, and Jonathan Aanestad as director of communications.

“The 2010 elections are a critical task for our Party and I believe this new team will be able to strengthen our organization from the bottom up. With both private sector and political experience, these individuals will bring a broad array of talents and skills that will give our candidates the edge we need next November,” Chairman-elect Tony Sutton said

All positions begin July 1, and coincide with the start of Chairman-elect Sutton’s term.

“I am pleased that my successor will be surrounding himself with many talented people. I am confident that Tony Sutton and his team will be able to seize the opportunity to lead the Republican Party to greater success in 2010 and beyond,” Chairman Ron Carey said.

Sutton praised the work of Carey and executive director Darren Bearson, who he says will continue to play a role in helping elect Minnesota Republicans.

"I was impressed by Darren’s achievements during his tenure as executive director. His considerable skills in decision-making, political strategy and financial management have helped make our Party stronger. I look forward to continuing to work together in the future," Sutton said.

"2010 is going to be an important year for Minnesota Republicans. It will be an incredible opportunity to focus on the future of this great state, and I look forward to working with the new team,” Darren Bearson said.

Ryan Griffin previously worked on Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s successful 2002 race and has worked with both the House and Senate Republican Caucuses.

Gina Countryman most recently served as communications director and has previously served as research director of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Mike Tavernier is a long-time political grassroots strategist working with Congressional and statewide campaigns.

Jonathan Aanestad has served as both a grassroots activist and as an executive for numerous companies with extensive work in marketing.

Minnesota Conservatives is on record in wishing the new leadership the best for revitalizing our party. All of MC's preferred candidates lost which depresses the hell out of us but best to turn a new page. MC is not like Joe Repya; MC appreciated the thoughtful responses from Marianne Stebbins and others in the Campaign for Liberty. We think theirs is the right approach. MC is certain that all of the new hires (we know only one and barely) are good people. We wish them good luck in their duties and want to remind them that we and many others are watching them (and their bosses) and taking notes.

MC will issue grades at six month intervals. Yes, we know this will strike some as hubris but we don't think it is. Holding people to their promises should be the norm and not the exception.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Repya Leaves. Hansen Attacks!

Joe Repya saw fit to take leave of the RPM in a most public way: via the pages of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Click here to read what he wrote.

MC is disappointed in the Lt. Colonel. We supported candidates who lost at State Central but MC would never think to characterize Sutton, Brodkorb or Sturrock as "rabid, power hungry ideologues." And we've actually been threatened with a lawsuit by the RPM. Click here for background. Consequently MC thinks it knows something about being on the receiving end of the stick.

Petulance is not leadership Lt. Colonel and as you might say to a subordinate: suck it up. Unfortunately, in an ego-driven, selfish and cringe-inducing piece you take leave of the party you otherwise supported vigorously in a manner that brings you no honor. But the Lt. Colonel is said to be moving to Florida soon. For him to publish this piece is the opposite of courageous; it is cowardice.

Somewhere, his article repeatedly states in its conclusion, is a party for this and for that. Somewhere indeed; let us know how things are once you're over the rainbow, Joe. As for MC and others, we're not giving up.

That said, MC is aware of reports that Nate Hansen took leave of what is left of his senses and sent an email to Joe that is highly offensive. MC has tried to contact Nate for confirmation but has not yet heard back from him. MC has heard from other sources that the below was, in fact, what he wrote to Bolting Joe Repya. MC stands ready to correct the record and to give our frequent critic and friend Nate a full chance to respond should the email be shown not to be his. Herewith:

"I am Deputy Chair of the Fourth Congressional District and one of the newer anti-war Republican activists. It's difficult for words to describe how happy I am that you are leaving our Party. The roots of your "neconservative" philosophy lie in Straussian Trotzkyite [sic] Communism. "Corporate money" influencing our Party? Nothing compared to the damage your military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) has wreaked on our Party and our Country.I hope you will find a happy home among your fellow communists. Your days of endless illegal wars and military industrial complex domination of our party are over.Obama is ramping up his War in Afghanistan and continues to illegally bomb Pakistan. Perhaps you can join him to satiate your bloodlust."

Nate has commented several times on blog posts here and MC has published every one without change. We welcome criticism. We hope Nate does too because here goes:

1. Don't use your title unless you have permission to speak on behalf of the group from/of which you got said title.

2. You are a newer anti-war Republican? What or who would be an older anti-war Republican? Cindy Sheehan?

3. Joe is leaving "your" party? As a Libertarian carpet bagger into the RPM, MC finds this amusing. We are not yet willing to concede it is your party and we have implicit faith in your ability to self-destruct. Indeed, at some point MC thinks you'll get vexed enough to write your own swan song and give it to the drive by media with which to savage Republicans. Then full of smug satisfaction you'll schlep back to the Libertarian Party. Endless regression!

4. It's Trotskyite. Learn to spell. Better, learn to think. Repya follows Trotsky? Please, you're killing us.

5. We're glad Nate discounts corporate money. MC will too once it gets a bunch. We prefer cheerful political whores to sullen ones. Otherwise, why bother to whore?

6. The damage the military/industrial complex has wreacked upon our country? Left unsaid, counselor. You should explicate and not declaim.

7. Fellow communists? You're just batshit crazy!

8. Illegal wars? Care to name some legal ones so we can compare and contrast? Belief does not give one license for suspending thought.

9. Oh, now it's Obama's war in Afghanistan? Well this is change MC can believe in!

MC is taking the high road here: our new Party leadership deserves a serious chance to live up to their campaign promises. Can we not be a circular firing squad? MC's people lost; we now support those who won. Why?

Because we want Republicans in Minnesota to win elected office. Or have we forgotten that is the goal?

UPDATE: Our fearless friend Nate confirms that what was posted above is, in fact, his very own jargon-filled reply to Boltin' Joe Repya. We like stand up people; ergo we like Nate in the face of him calling us, well, almost anything. Below are emails we received to authenticate what we posted above. MC might be knuckle-dragging mouth breathers but we do strive for authenticity.

Nathan Hansen

to me
show details 7:46 PM (43 minutes ago)

Follow up message
You bet it came from me. You should suit of with Repya and bring some freedom to Iran.
- Show quoted text -

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 5:01 PM, John Gilmore <john.gilmore@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Nate:

The below is going around the net and be attributed to you.
Did you email this to Joe Repya? People are saying so
but I'm telling them no one has checked with you.



"I am Deputy Chair of the Fourth Congressional District and one of the newer anti-war Republican activists. It's difficult for words to describe how happy I am that you are leaving our Party. The roots of your "neconservative" philosophy lie in Straussian Trotzkyite Communism. "Corporate money" influencing our Party? Nothing compared to the damage your military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) has wreaked on our Party and our Country.I hope you will find a happy home among your fellow communists. Your days of endless illegal wars and military industrial complex domination of our party are over.Obama is ramping up his War in Afghanistan and continues to illegally bomb Pakistan. Perhaps you can join him to satiate your bloodlust."


Invite Nathan Hansen to chat


Nathan Hansen

to me
show details 7:48 PM (41 minutes ago)

Follow up message
I posted it as a comment to his whiny, crazy and libelous op-ed on the Pioneer Press.

Neda: The Face Of Iran At The Crossroads

This is Neda. Her name in Farsi means "voice." She was murdered on a Tehran sidewalk last week. Can you hear her speaking?

hat tip: www.lucianne.com

Monday, June 22, 2009

Seifert Supporter Trashes Ron Paulers!

MC has learned of an email sent by Michael Barrett in which he urges people to "[s]tart flushing the PaulBots now! They’re coming after you this time." We're not sure why he felt a need to attack those in the Campaign for Liberty. As readers of this blog well know, MC considers them friends and allies in reinvigorating the RPM and conservative/libertarian causes in general. Heck, we even post Nate Hansen's comments which are completely batshit crazy. (Hi Nate!). Even friends can disagree and sometimes we do. Then we buy each other a drink or whatnot.

MC wonders: what does Barrett mean when he says the Ron Paul people are coming after you THIS time? Who did they come after before? He doesn't say but we invite readers to speculate wildly and irresponsibly.

Barrett's first email is posted directly below this blog post. His response to the sturm und drang it caused is posted directly below that.

Yet the response, MC fears, is worse than the original pratfall. He sets up a division between reasonable Ron Paul supporters and the radical PaulBot fringe. But how to tell one from the other? Alas, he leaves us in the dark. Perhaps our readers and those in the Campaign for Liberty can shed some light.

MC doesn't think this is going away any time soon.

From: michael barrett
Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 8:34 PM
Subject: Seifert For Governor Official Website Up Now- Taxpayers
League Poll Results
To: michael barrett
Marty has a website up now. It’s just a placeholder for the time
being, but keep checking back.
Here are the results from the Taxpayers League Poll from State Central
(not scientific)
144 Ballots Cast
53 - Marty Seifert
18 - Tom Emmer
15 - Laura Brod
7 - David Hann
6 - Pat Anderson
6 - Steve Sviggum
5 - Paul Kohls

The excitement is already building. Being elected a delegate to the
State Convention from your BPOU will be extremely important. Get your
people to the caucuses! Start flushing the PaulBots now! They’re
coming after you this time.

[MC likes the "M!ke" touch, even if it was a mistake. Sort of like Lamar! Remember?]

From: Michael Barrett
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 8:08 PM
Subject: Clarification of Last Nites Email
To: Michael Barrett

Most of you that know me understand that I often send compound emails with information that is often unrelated. That was the intent with my last email. And it was also intended for my email list of people that know me and understand my emails.

Minnesota Public Radio reported that Marty Seifert was the first candidate to have a website. I passed it along. To my knowledge no other candidate has one and I will send that info out as I get it in my continuing effort to keep you informed.

The poll results were released publicly by the Taxpayers League and appeared on numerous blogs.

Lastly you all know that while I welcome reasonable Ron Paul supporters, I do not think it good for our Party to have the radical PaulBot fringe. Yes there is a difference and it is strictly my opinion and should never be considered to be the opinion of anyone else, especially Representative Seifert.

That being said, some small-minded conspiracy-theorist(s) decided to feed off their own paranoia and blast my email all over the state as if I was blasting the Ron Paul movement while supporting Marty Seifert. How ridiculous. I AM NOT PART OF MARTY SEIFERT’S CAMPAIGN. PERIOD.

So, I hope the person(s) that sent that email all over would be adult enough to send this one to the same places. I’ll welcome the criticism. Just leave your conspiracy theories at rest.

Thank You.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Flossie Lane: 1914-2009

At least one half of MC is an enthusiastic reader of obituaries (we Irish call it "the sporting news"). The Telegraph in the UK is perhaps the world's premiere writers of obits which give you a sense of almost having lived along side the deceased, which we all will be one day.

Click on the title of this post to see why MC was delighted with this lovely soul who has recently shaken off her mortal coil.

Hope & Change But Not For Iran

Click on the title of this post to read Charles Krauthammer's latest analysis of the shameful equivocation of Obama on the uprising in Iran. MC has nothing to add.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Obama Doctrine?

J.G. Thayer at Contentions, the blog of Commentary magazine (Nate Hansen alert!), suggests the Obama doctrine consists of: “Treat your enemies like friends, and your friends like enemies.”

Inexperienced, naive, uber-arrogant. Click on the title of this post to read Thayer's comments.

MC's comment: Worse. Than. Carter.

Monday, June 15, 2009

MC Has Gone Green To Support The Iranian Opposition

MC knows this isn't the easiest read but we've gone green for a spell to support the opposition in Iran. Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit and others have done so; we got the idea from them. Start spreading the news.

Community Organizer Says He Is "Deeply Troubled" By Events In Iran

MC is ashamed of the lack of leadership and moral outrage from our President.

John Paul II In Poland 30 Years Ago This Month

George Weigel writes:

Thirty years ago this week, the Bishop of Rome returned to Poland for the first time since his recent election to the papacy. America's premier Cold War historian, John Lewis Gaddis of Yale, is not ambiguous in his judgment of what happened next: "When John Paul II kissed the ground at the Warsaw airport on June 2, 1979, he began the process by which communism in Poland -- and ultimately everywhere -- would come to an end." Professor Gaddis is right: the Nine Days of John Paul II, June 2-10, 1979, were an epic moment on which the history of the twentieth century pivoted, and in a more humane direction.

What did John Paul talk about during the Nine Days? He didn't talk about politics; indeed, beyond the ritual exchanges of formalities with government officials at the arrival ceremony in Warsaw on June 2 and the departure ceremony from Cracow on June 10, the Pope acted as if the Polish communist regime did not exist. Rather, he spoke over, around, and beyond the regime directly to the people of Poland, not about what the world usually understands as power, but about people power -- the power of culture and spiritual identity. "You are not who ‘they' say you are," the Pope proposed, in a number of variations on the same theme; "let me remind you who you really are."

Click on the title of this post to read the whole thing.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marty Peretz: What The Cairo Speech Got Wrong

MC doesn't care Marty bought the New Republic with his wife's money. MC doesn't care he sold it to a Canadian outfit only somehow to buy it back in some odd form. We do care that he has been among the first to see through the reality of Obama as President as compared with Obama the candidate. Click on the title of this post to read his long but worthwhile article.

Air France Flight 447

MC can't let go of this story and we offer no apologies. Click on the title of this post to read the latest in this sad tale.


Friday, June 12, 2009

State Central Committee Meeting Tomorrow

Chairman Carey is scheduled to give an address: "Discussion Of List Sharing Policy." In typical soviet fashion, MC expects to be chided, if not denounced, for running afoul of the strictures surrounding what should otherwise be a simple means of communication amongst like minded thinkers in this very blue state of Minnesota. Only Dear Leader Carey could give a speech and call it a discussion. We doubt he'll take questions from the floor. But MC and others are ready should openness unexpectedly break out.

Click on the photo above to enlarge. The text is in Cyrillic but for those students of Soviet history (you know who you are) you will recognize the thugs by their face and, yes, this includes Gorbachev who wanted to preserve that criminal enterprise known as the USSR.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome To President Obama's Brave New Overseas Contigency Operations, f/k/a The Global War On Terror, Coming To A Federal Courtroom Near You.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.

"Them Jews Aren't Going To Let Him Talk To Me."

Would liberal American Jews say that a conservative who hung out with known anti-semites was being unfairly slimed by guilt by association? Of course they would not.

Yet this is their ridiculous, if not shameful, position they have taken about Obama and the fraudulent Rev. Wright. That the Reverand continues his anti-semitic rants surprises MC not at all.

Neither does Obama's demonstrable hostility toward Israel and his supine position toward the Muslim world.

MC has many Jewish friends and acquaintances who voted for Obama. We told them so.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The NY Times Frets Over Europe

MC knows it has only itself to blame for reading the NY Times daily but, like gawking at an accident on the road, we just can't look away. Today's paper has a front page story, above-the-fold, thank you, about Europe and the current economic crisis. MC had thought for some time that Europe was always in a state of economic crisis, given an aging population, heavy taxes, government interference in what's left of the private sector and grudging job growth. But our readers need to see the first full paragraph of "Economy Shows Cracks In European Union" by the by clueless Steven Erlanger:

"BERLIN — The European Union is an extraordinary experiment in shared sovereignty, creating a zone of peace that now stretches from Britain to the Balkans. The union of 27 countries is the world’s most formidable economic bloc, incorporating 491 million people in an integrated market that produces nearly a third more than the United States."

Where to start? Heaven on earth has apparently arrived. First, the EU is an experiment in surrendering sovereignty, not in sharing it. Its proposed, then rejected by the French (delicious), constitution is over 400 pages long and mentions not once the debt to Christianity in shaping it. Second, it was not the EU that created a "zone of peace" but rather the United States which twice saved the Europeans from themselves. NATO and other structures helped keep the French and the Germans from killing each other, not the bureaucrats in Brussels. The world's most formidable "bloc" is OPEC, even in its reduced circumstances. Or China, a bloc of one, with its purchase of US debt.

A few final thoughts about this story, which tells more about the mindset of a certain elite in American journalism (if such still be alive) than it does Europe:

1. Erlanger favorably quotes Joschka Fischer, former sixties radical and now German politician. Anyone on the right to quote? No. Unintentionally indicting himself, Fischer is quoted as saying "We have a traumatic lack of leadership." Well, yes.

2. Erlanger quotes not one but two disaffected French workers. Are there any other kind? Really, this is lazy coverage even for the remaining employees of the Grey Lady.

3. Erlanger notes in passing that "European leaders are concentrating on passing the long-delayed Lisbon Treaty, to create a European president and foreign minister and simplify decision-making." Uh, Steven? Care to tell your readers that Ireland was the only nation who put that treaty to a vote and rejected it? That the EU bullies are now insisting Ireland vote again? Care to offer a thought about respect for the decent opinion of mankind? We thought not.

4. About Muslim immigration and non-assimilation, Erlanger says nothing. Perfect. Not a word about the violence engaged in at a drop of the hat; about quisling governments catering to them out of misplaced political correctness; about "no go zones" in the UK and France where police simply don't tread; about attacks on Jews; about riots in the suburbs of Paris and elsewhere; about the demographics which suggest, if not outright conclude, that Europe is dying and Eurabia is being born.

No, this is the New York Times. In one of life's numerous paradoxes, MC will be both glad when it disappears and miss it.

Click on the title of this post to read the story.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Europe's Backlash

Click on the title of this post to read David Pryce-Jones on the recent elections to the European Parliament. Read the whole thing, as they say, but MC was struck by the following:

". . . every European government has bent over backwards to favor Muslim immigrants over local populations. In one country after another, the government has privileged Muslim immigrants in matters of welfare benefits, housing, communal subsidies, concessions over customs that are illegal and brutal but supposed to be untouchable because sanctioned by Islam, and even in the practice of law. The ensuing Islamization of the continent is the source of immense popular anger, hitherto unexpressed."

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Normandy At 65

"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." --Wittgenstein

MC thinks we talk too much about Normandy; are silent too little.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Max Zark, who could have ended up as easily at Normandy as he was in the Pacific, saved, yes, saved, by Truman's use of the A bomb.

We offer no apologies.

National Review Parodies Newsweek

Click on the image to enlarge.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank God For The Smashmouth Israelis

MC is fond of out of control types. And the right in Israel is often out of control. Carry on! Click on the title of this post to read about the right's campaign against the Vapid One in Israel.

Mother Of God

This post is for Barbara Malzacher's mother, Barbara.

Tiananmen Square Massacre Map

"Behold the age of murderers" wrote Rimbaud. Yet even his imagination would have been insufficient to keep up with what we know in living memory.

MC itself can barely keep up: so many slaughtered, so little time for remembrance and mourning. History makes us question our daily lives daily.

June 4th is the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. MC has yet to find reliable estimates of the number killed.

Click on the title of this post to go the the FP article from which this map is taken; know that MC finds it hard to believe only 176 people were killed but FP is nothing if not politically correct. The note at the end of the dead shows the weasel words: (Note: A victim is listed as unknown if his or her family wishes not to publicize the victim’s name or if family has not been found. In the latter case, a victim is added to the list only if there are two or more eyewitnesses to his or her death.)

Click on the map above in order to enlarge it.

Prisoner of the State: The Secret Journal Of Premier Zhao Ziyang has recently been published. In this posthumous book, Ziyang tells all about how he tried to avert the killing. Click here to order it. If you're reading this post, you ought to order it.