Sunday, December 1, 2019

Criminals Of Color & Minnesota Media Silence

White people aren't responsible for the recent crime wave washing over the Twin Cities. If you have a short attention span you can stop reading now, that's the take away.

But you wouldn't know it from local reporting. While race is injected into every story, especially when it's not relevant, local media falls oddly silent about it when it comes to murder, rape, robbery and assault. Why is that?

Because it doesn't fit in with their narrative that most of what is wrong with Minnesota and the country is the fault of white people. In fact, local media (I follow too many of these people on Twitter) have an agenda to promote minorities, especially illegal immigrants or failed forced migrants like Somalis, all of which commit shocking levels of crimes far exceeding whites.

This isn't to say that whites don't commit crime, manifestly they do, they just don't commit them in anything close to the same numbers (per capita) as blacks, hispanics and other minorities. You won't see this reported in the media because they have a relentless anti-white narrative to promote. They're allergic to the truth.

* * * *

Herewith, some rarely reported truths:

1. Race is a better predictor of crime than poverty. 
2. The percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in an area, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime.
3. Half of hate crimes are Blacks and Hispanics attacking each other.

4. 90% of gang members are non-White.

5. Black men are over a hundred times more likely to rape a White woman than vice versa.

6. 90% of interracial violence between blacks and Whites is committed by Blacks.

7. Blacks are just 13% of the American population but have committed half of all murders for the last 30 years.

8. In just two years, more blacks were killed by other blacks than died from 80 years of lynching.

9. Areas with more Black people have higher rates of crime.

10. Young Black men kill 14 times more often than young White men.

11. 93% of Black men who are murdered are killed by other Black men.

12. Police hesitate longer to shoot Black suspects than White suspects.

And so on and so on. The reality of life is far different from what you will see represented or, more often, hidden from you by the media, by the Cathedral. For more eye opening data about crime, race, Islam, diversity and gender, please peruse The Library of Hate.  It's facetiously called that because we live in a time where speaking the truth about any of these topics is said by the Cathedral to constitute hate.

* * * *

One tiresome tactic of local media is to report group violence without any racial identification. You can take it to the bank that when they do this, white people aren't implicated because if they were, they would be. This reporting by omission is now standard and the public isn't stupid: they know what's going on.

Recently two area hospitals had to be placed on lock down because of out of control groups that had assembled after a shooting victim had been transported there. The usually hyper race conscious media couldn't bring themselves to describe what everyone knew: those groups were blacks, not the white nationalists that exist in the fevered minds of liberal media.

Not long ago a 75 year old Muslim man was killed in public by a black man. Local media were in a bind: how to blame white people for this horrific act? In the end they couldn't and they focused on the grieving family members in their coverage.

No stories were run about how this kind of hatred needed to be exterminated from the black community, no exhortations from Minneapolis Mayor Frey that hate has no home here, that the black community was somehow complicit in this violent crime.

Had the murder suspect been white all of these stories and narratives would have flooded the zone. The interesting thing is: we all know it. I've recently taken to comparing our current civil society to a kitchen in the age of the USSR. We all whisper and share the truth over our tables, knowing that our media are complicit in generating oceans of lies daily. Pravda had nothing over American media.

To publicly speak the truth is to invite personal & professional destruction.

The crime rate of Somalis in Minnesota is perhaps the most forbidden topic in local media, second only to the amount of welfare they consume.

* * * * 

Pictured above is the booking photo of Demetrius Wynne who recently turned 19 and was arrested for the murder of Susan Spiller five years ago when he was a mere 14 years old. Her murder was so horrific that the only description given by authorities at the time was "complex homicidal violence." None of us had heard that term before. 

Turns out that it meant Spiller "had been beaten, strangled and stabbed five times." Feel free, should you have a strong stomach, to read the seven page criminal complaint here. 

It was reported that prior to her death Spiller spoke at a community gathering and feared retaliation for complaining about noise. Objecting to those "participating in their own lives" proved a death sentence for Susan or so it would seem. Literally, her killer lived next door. No motive per se has yet been given by authorities for her slaughter.

Can white people ever be the victim of hate crimes? Apparently not in the Twin Cities.

Will there ever be a Netflix original content show "Dear Black People" like there is two seasons of "Dear White People?" Why is that? Who is in control of such narratives?

* * * * 

Here's the thing though: am I not supposed to care about minorities killing each other like clockwork? Ignore the weekend body count of dead and wounded from Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and St. Louis because their skin color is different than mine? These people are far more my fellow Americans than Islamofascists like Ilhan Omar. And yet the Cathedral demands silence.

There's a cold civil war criminal here and it's not me.

* * * * 

Crime knows no race, color or creed. It is the fact, however, that certain races, colors and creeds are more intimately familiar with it than others. Keith Ellison and local media like to pretend that white nationalists are a clear and present danger when in fact they are nothing of the kind. Ellison's most recent jihad is to generate more "hate crime" reports and is said to want to propose legislation to deal with that manufactured increase.

Students commit the most fake hate crimes, hate hoaxes, followed by Muslims. There's some overlap there. Media cover the initial (fake) reports but not often enough the fakeness of them when such is revealed.

In reality Ellison's ultimate goal is to criminalize speech he and the Regressive Left doesn't like. "Islam is right about women." The threats to our freedoms uniformly come from them.

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder once claimed that Americans were cowards when it came to race. They're not, of course, just brow beaten into not speaking the truth about race and, for example, crime. But as Leonard Cohen once sang "Everybody Knows."

Even if they can't afford to admit it in public. But until we do, nothing will get better. 

Which, upon reflection, may be the goal of the cultural Marxists.

"The worse, the better."  — Lenin

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The portion of this column only that pertains to Susan Spiller is for Nancy LaRoche, my sole companion in not forgetting her.