Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Fascinating View From Planet Moonbat!

Honest to God, MC watched all 4 minutes, 38 seconds of this video amazed at the idiocy of it all. Click on it to view and leave a comment as to your favorite part. Ours was either the tone of dread and evil when the narrator says insurance companies make--yes--profits! or it was when medicare is repeatedly held up as a nifty model because its adminstrative costs are low (are they kidding?) and they don't make profits! Left unmentioned is the fact that it is broke. Insolvent. Kaput. And fraud is rampant. MC also liked the mention of the post office, now 7 billion in the red.

This squish thinks essential services form the basis for a persuasive argument for single payer. Really, people just aren't that dumb. Forget the nostrum that health is an essential service (by such a stretch of meaning and words, what isn't?), the other services mentioned are locally controlled and managed. The two federal government programs? A trainwreck.

But keep repeating it: if you like the postal service, you'll love Obamacare.

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