Sunday, November 17, 2019

The "Groyper Wars" Against Turning Point, USA: A Primer For Minnesotans

Apparently I'm destined to explain for the moment a number of interesting cultural and political developments on the Right that largely passes by the insular political and cultural world of Minnesota. It's not just that Minnesota media are hard left and not too bright, although that does go a long way. Mostly, I think, it's the anesthetizing incuriosity of Minnesotans, especially among Republicans. As long as they can get to work without too much congestion, have satisfactory bowel movements and move on to burgers and craft beers, all is right. Oh, don't forget sports ball of any kind, including the retarded and ghey "sport" of soccer. "Scarves up!" is their mantra. How effete, how soy.

If buglife had a state, it would be Minnesota.

* * * * 

Turning Point, USA is an AstroTurf organization that pretends to be a grassroots group representing conservative college students. In actuality, it's a top down, donor driven Potemkin village, with a board of directors that looks more like a retirement village in Naples, Florida than any college campus.

Charlie Kirk, its head, was fiercely Never Trump even after the Emperor got the nomination and went on to become the President. He's scrubbed all of those sentiments as best he could from social media but the internet is forever. Like Mark Levin, hate to break it to you.

In this he resembles the fraud Candace Owens who's twice spoken, for a five figure fee, at the Center of the American Experiment. Alpha News routinely churns out poorly written Boomer bait (socialism is bad!) by a perky woman who is a Turning Point USA "brand ambassador," which is snapped up by Boomers who refuse to understand the meme "If you only knew how bad things really are."

One such young person who does know is Nick Fuentes and he took the fight to the latest incarnation of Conservative, Inc., which exists to keep people from obtaining that very same awareness. Ashley St. Clair, another cheesy "brand ambassador," was fired and depersoned by Turning Point simply for appearing in a photo with him. But TPUSA stands for free speech. Right.

You should follow him at @NickJFuentes and subscribe to his YouTube channel America First here.

Kirk recently went on a nationwide "Culture War" on various campuses that dealt in anything but culture. Turning Point is a tool of the ruling class, the Uniparty, the entrenched interests that have done nothing for the American people but make their lives worse. It was sabotaged spectacularly & hilariously by Fuentes and his army of groypers. Wat mean?

Groypers are an iteration of the the Pepe meme, which the Left tried mightily to characterize as some sort of white supremacist neo-Nazi image but failed spectacularly. No less than the Hong Kong freedom fighters adopted Pepe because they understood the true power of the meme, not the gloss attempted to be put upon it by the Cathedral.

Groypers are fat frogs, some say toads, whose signature feature is their fingers interlaced under their chin. That's it Boomers; it's a pose. They became associated with Fuentes because many of the Twitter accounts who supported him had Groyper-type avatars in their handles. See? It isn't that hard to understand The Current Year. I routinely follow men and women a third my age on Twitter. If you want to know the future of the Right, they are it.

* * * * 

Young men who asked the hard questions, the tough questions, of Charlie Kirk and his fake conservative minstrel show of "Culture War" won the war and most of the battles. Kirk peddles a fake conservative narrative of accommodation to the Left where we win by losing. He represents the kind of "conservative" activism that lets drag queens talk about sodomy to our young children in public libraries. 

Kirk pretends to hate identity politics when a white person thinks his culture has merit all the while holding gatherings celebrating blacks, hispanics and females. Fuentes has no problem with that but wonders why white people aren't accorded the same treatment. After all, majority white countries are being flooded by those from countries whose people could never have founded and built the United States. They're only here to cash in on our success and we're punished if we notice.

Other targets besides the eunuch Kirk are Ben Shapiro (who called for the ethnic cleansing of Israel but you're the anti-semite if you bring that up!) and Dan Crenshaw. This is by no means an exhaustive list. 

One young man, a rosary wrapped around one of his hands, became something of a Groyper superstar when he asked Kirk, who beside him was Rob Smith, a black gay dude who served in the military, how promoting anal intercourse helped conservatives win the culture war. The point wasn't to bash gays; nobody cares who does what with whom as long as you leave children and animals out of it. Even then we seem to be losing that battle.

Smith himself was a Never Trumper and has transformed himself into a mouthpiece for the Right. The grifters always go to where the money is to be had.

The groyper kids are having none of it. God bless them, praise Kek.

* * * *

Fuentes was fiercely attacked, maliciously maligned, by the moneyed interests on the Right. Called an anti-semite, a white supremacist and generally slandered, he is none of those things. As he himself noted, he got fairer treatment from the Left press than the Right. This is, by now, to be expected.

To the contrary, he understands that America is, apparently, set on an irreversible path of multiculturalism and is asking the hard & honest questions that Boomers and their marionettes like Turning Point refuse to continence. He's also Christian, having the temerity to ask how a country founded by Christians can survive such a demographic suicide. 

That's the key: demographic replacement is real but still denied by these types of groups even while they celebrate others' ethnic identity, just not white peoples'. Legal immigration, not illegal, is the dagger to the heart of traditional America. At the rate of one million per year, these people vote democrat over republican by something like 80/20. You'll be punished if you notice. 

I'd put it this way: how did the greatest nation on earth, founded, created and built by white British and Dutch protestants, put itself in a position to be overrun by people from the Third World who demonstrably can't build for themselves anything similar? Why is our immigration system rigged to let in relatives of Ilhan Omar, she who hates us, hates white people in particular (jealousy) instead of people who won't commit crimes, won't go on welfare and will assimilate to share our Western Christian values? 

* * * *

Enter the heroine.

Michelle Malkin stood up for Fuentes, putting paid to the whores of Turning Point, USA and so many other grifting organizations that exist to fleece the none too bright Boomer base. Socialism is bad! This very weekend Charlie Kirk is being paid to appear at David Horowitz's "Restoration Weekend." Somewhere, along with me, Diana West is laughing. 

Malkin said at UCLA last week:

"Tonight, my remarks are directed at the young men and women of this country who identify as America First conservatives. How many proud Americans standing up for American freedom and sovereignty do we have in the room?

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, feeling marginalized on a crazy college campus for standing up for your pro-life, pro-gun, pro-free speech, pro-Western values and fighting for your country. I also have two teenagers who have been through experiences like you have, sitting in classrooms where abject stupidity and emotionalism have replaced logic, reason, and the pursuit of truth.

That is why I will not be using my platform and my position to insult you, marginalize you, and shout you down. Just a couple of days ago here on this very campus, former Fox News hostess Kimberly Guilfoyle sneered that young conservative men in MAGA hats asking inconvenient questions were rude losers who could only get dates online and who were embarrassing their parents.

Another YAF speaker, Ben Shapiro, repeatedly denigrated an entire movement of young men who watch a YouTuber named Nick Fuentes and are seeking answers to tough questions about where America is headed as masturbating losers in their basements who share memes. As a mom with brilliant right-thinking kids who, yes, live in my basement, and, yes, share memes, I found these obsessive references to young people’s dating lives and habits by prominent conservative media personalities much older than their targets to be tellingly defensive and touchy. Also: creepy.

Here’s my message to the new generation of America Firsters exposing the big lies of the anti-American open borders establishment and its controlled opposition operatives: If I was your mom, I’d be proud as hell.

I want you to know that you are not alone. It’s important for you to know that not everyone who belongs to generations older than you has sat idly by while America rotted from the inside. Not all Gen Xers and Boomers are mindlessly stupefied by the bread and circuses entertainment dished out by so-called conservative media. Not all of us have occupied ourselves solely with “owning libs” and reciting clunky MAGA rap anthems while America crumbles."

* * * *

And there you have it, Minnesota, another primer. My last was about Bronze Age Pervert and his seminal book "Bronze Age Mindset." I can only do so much and I'm happy to do so. 

The rest is up to you.