Monday, May 16, 2022

David Hann's Triumph: Minnesota Republicans Get Out Of Their Own Way

Saturday in Rochester, Minnesota Republicans endorsed Dr. Scott Jensen for Governor, Kim Crockett for Secretary of State, Ryan Wilson for State Auditor & Jim Schultz for Attorney General. 

Despite an initial, severe backlog of delegates and alternates being registered that delayed the start of the convention proceedings, what proceeded was a testament to the new Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party, David Hann. Hann was elected after the previous Chair, the sociopath Jennifer Carnahan, resigned after groundbreaking reporting by my friend, independent journalist Rebecca Brannon.  

Minnesota Republican politics is high school writ large. I've said this forever. I haven't written here since October of 2020 because I'm not a writer content with repetition or having nothing new to say. And although there have been plenty of new things since then, they were mostly being said by many others ad nauseam.  But have you heard that the Covid 19 pandemic was a scam? Because it, assuredly, was. Much like the 2020 election. Cue (and click on) Leonard Cohen's "Everybody knows." 

* * * * 

Friday boded both poorly, then well, for the fate of the convention's success. Initially, reports on Twitter were that the long lines were because computers were not being used. This seemed inconceivable and it turned out to be wrong. The flow of people, the configuration within the Mayo Convention Center, was not optimal and this accounted for the snake like lines of people. The Republican endorsing convention started a mere two hours late. Not great, not fatal. 

What saved the day, and indeed the convention as a whole, was that David Hann and his team was able to convince the delegates that the electronic voting system they had purchased for the event was, yes, reliable, secure and transparent. There were well meaning people who insisted that only paper ballots could be trusted. This is true of primary and general elections but not so true within a closed, contained event. The vendor Hann selected had great success at other Republican endorsing conventions. 

A majority of delegates were able to successfully distinguish between the two scenarios and chose to go with electronic voting. Like death or pregnancy, it made all the difference. The races, they were off to.

In quick succession, the delegates endorsed Ryan Wilson who, having no opposition, was easy even for Minnesota Republicans. Then came Kim Crockett for Secretary of State. She was heavily favored and had campaigned hard. I know Kim a bit (I'm not the overly familiar American, the kind who says "I had lunch with Kim once and I know her like a book." Spare us those types, please) and I've always been impressed by her keen intellect and, the more so because it's rarer in this state, her courage. Steve Simon has the first real electoral challenge on his hands since commandeering our election system years ago.

The only interesting wrinkle on the first day was for the Attorney General endorsement. Doug Wardlow, the previous candidate last time out, was the heavy favorite by dint of exhausting tenacity and not a small bit of money, MyPillow or otherwise. Reader, it was not to be.

Tad Jude, a Prince among men, withdrew after the first ballot (or second, I wasn't exactly glued to the Twitter minute by minute) and supported the cipher Jim Schultz, who looks like a bugman that has weak orgasms and is a creation of the local swamp. But, do I need to remind you?, this is Minnesota.

Doug Wardlow came closest to his opponent in the last election than any other Republican candidate on the ballot that year. I find this deserving of respect. But even though we're still in the Age of Trump, who is clearly running in 2024, Doug failed to discern that his people want to win. Possibly now more than ever. Mike Lindell, an honorable man of integrity and success but also some wackiness, proved a millstone around his neck, not a luftballon.

And, as a friend of mine never fails to remind me: "Gilmore, he's on the spectrum." Certainly harsh, possibly true. 

And so it came to pass that the bugman got the nod. With surprising good sense, the delegates had enough self confidence, deserved for a change, to call it a day and start eating and drinking. Mostly the latter. Wouldn't any of us? If I'd attended, which my so called friends Howard Root & Rebecca Brannon, among others, strongly encouraged me to do, I'd have been outside smoking with Sue Jeffers, had she temporarily lost her mind and showed up. Life is short, people, live it while you can. 

* * * * 

Saturday was the main event: endorsement for Governor. A fair amount of drama ensued because how could there be any large scale, consequential, gathering of Minnesota Republicans without it? Did I mention high school?

I refuse to recapitulate the blow by blow because that makes for boring writing given we all know the outcome. Neil Shah, a strangely interesting man in a traditionally ho hum Republican political landscape (I hope he doesn't go away, stays involved), threw his support early on to Mike Murphy, who is something of a scamp but I'm Irish, so I always have a soft spot for scamps. No one saw this coming; most thought the reverse likely. 

From that point onward, for a time, it seemed like a deadlocked three way tie. No endorsement for the top of the ticket. Disaster. 

But then text messages emerged showing that Kendall Qualls was the empty, hack, Black suit anyone with an ounce of intuition and discernment could have said. Murphy took the stage to denounce him as "a sellout," which I thought was rather generous because he's never had anything to sell. He's always been available for purchase. 

People like Ron Ebbensteiner, now ensconced at the Center of the American Boomer, also known as the Center of the American Experiment, donated generously to not White Qualls. He was formerly a chair of the Minnesota Republican Party when my (legit) friend, Earl Gray, mopped the courtroom floor with him. Ron left the party 750K in debt, never once since then having lifted a finger to retire it. Such people deserve your contempt. 

Bugman, Jim Schultz, is also mostly a creation of his. It's too bad because Tad Jude was the far superior candidate but people like Ebbensteiner don't cotton to him because he's his own man. 

I'm glad, I suppose, that the CAE exists but if it vanished, it would make no practical difference in Minnesota politics. I wrote the truth about them years ago, in 2017, for Alpha News and it made me, satisfyingly, persona non grata: Tom Cotton Redpills the Center of the American Experiment.

What we have is a deeply insecure "president" of it who has hired his own daughter. And paid Candace Owens (married to a White man) three times (at 30 to 35K a pop) to appear on stage with him so he can fend off lingering fears of a corrupt media accusing him of being waycist. These people are the past, which is to say Boomers, of whom we can't rid ourselves quickly enough in Minnesota if this state is to have a chance of surviving. "Bronze Age Mindset" should be assigned reading to everyone there. I'm available to be sherpa.

* * * * 

Because I know my audience, thank you always for reading, I know some, if not many, will ask me IRL why I claim this to be to be David Hann's triumph. 

It's because if it had been a clusterfuck, he'd be the first person you'd blame, whether he was responsible or not, and we all know it. It's so easy to be lazy. I'm not exempt. 

This is the pattern of Minnesota Republican politics, the internecine sniping that prevents us from winning. Ask yourselves: why just a few miles east in Wisconsin are Republicans vastly more successful? Could it be that there's an embedded group here who profits from continuous losing? Because there is.

David Hann has his detractors but I'm not one of them. I specifically, and only, went to Pete Hegseth's 2016 Christmas party to apologize to his face for having gotten the repulsive Amy Koch/Michael Brodkorb pathology entirely wrong. He was gracious but somewhat taken aback by my doing it in person. But it's who I am: I'm from South Dakota, not Minnesota, so I understood his surprise. Passive-aggressive is unknown in my birthplace of Sioux Falls. 

It's okay to be wrong, fear of it prevents us from saying many true things. I wrote about it here if you care to click on it: "What I Saw At Pete Hegseth's Christmas Party." 

But when you are wrong, it's liberating to own up to it. I also apologized, to his face, then Senator Dave Thompson before he and the frugal Mrs. T decamped to North Carolina. I asked him to extend my apology to his running mate, Senator Michelle Benson. Is there anything better than a clean sweep? "Know Thyself" was over the entrance to the oracle at Delphi. 

* * * * 

Who was a better person to take over the shipwreck of the party after the sociopathic reign of Jennifer Carnahan than David Hann? Most of you won't stand for election, nor run for party office. I'm in your company. But too often we forget what it takes to do either. 

I suppose the Vineland Vines types (hi Peter), or the grifters at the 1858 Group (hi John, hi Kurt, cringe low I.Q. Andrew, Ben probably lurking around $omewhere) would say something juvenile about Batman and a hero. And then there are the truly talented ones who escaped (hi Maggie). 

But I'm an adult. 

So is David Hann. 

With this successful endorsement convention behind him, Hann has begun to restore the Minnesota Republican Party to something other than a joke at D.C. cocktail parties. And it was, literally.

That's not nothing. Believe me. 

Photo credit: Alpha News

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Keys To The Zeitgeist: The Cathedral, Bioleninism & Anarcho-Tyranny

For a variety of reasons, the usual ways of understanding politics have become inadequate to the task. This is true for culture as well, the shopworn trope of Andrew Breitbart "politics is downstream from culture" notwithstanding. Conservatives pretended to understand what that meant but the way in which they deployed it, undergirded by their actions or lack thereof, demonstrably showed that they didn't. Even that original insight no longer applies completely because culture now has become indistinguishable from politics

Instead, far from the useless Left/Right divide, or the meaningless accusations of "socialism is bad!," several terms exist that provide, in my view, a far greater understanding of the times through which we're living. Without them, previous ways of thinking and understanding leave us still adrift, unable to articulate what is going on. And if you can't adequately describe what is going on, you'll never be able to answer, as Lenin once put it, what is to be done?

* * * * 

I've written previously about the Cathedral and have tried to mainstream it, somewhat, through my Twitter account. I'm a Twitter guy, Facebook being of the devil, where I only post memes and run away, or links to my columns here, which go unread & unengaged with. Q.E.D. and all that.

The Cathedral was a concept invented by Mencius Moldbug, real name Curtis Yarvin, in 2008. It's a simple but revealing idea which, once understood, changes forever the way in which you look at things. He defined it this way:

"The great power center . . . . is the Cathedral. The Cathedral has two parts: the accredited universities and the established press. The universities formulate public policy. The press guides public opinion. In other words, the universities make decisions, for which the press manufactures consent. It’s as simple as a punch in the mouth."

He recently elaborated upon it:

"The Cathedral is information: truth, philosophy, ethics, narrative, art and intelligence.

Its inner circle, the Brain and the Voice, includes all professors, journalists, serious artists, published authors, etc. Its outer ring, the Conversation, is the whole upper social class. Its funding division, the Foundation, is the whole upper economic class. Its teaching division, the School, gets to indoctrinate almost everyone for over a decade. And its doctrine, the Dream, defines good and evil for all decent people.

The importance of the Cathedral is defined by its monopoly on legitimacy. A school which is not the School is not educating. A voice which is not the Voice is not informing. A brain which is not the Brain is not thinking. There is nothing legitimate about miseducation, disinformation or unreason.

Prestigious information passes from Brain to Voice, and Voice to Conversation. This process is subtle enough, and its product is of high enough quality, for the Conversation to believe it is actually making up its own mind—from filtered inputs. The Conversation—all of legitimate public opinion—always admires the System. It thinks of this as a completely voluntary and spontaneous critical assessment.

And the Conversation, which is the discourse of the upper social class, is always the discourse of fashion. For the nobility (rich or broke), fashionable ideas are de rigueur. Against the middle social class (rich, doing okay or broke), they are political attacks. Épater la bourgeoisie is the official sport of every nobility. It is the role of the weak to accept these attacks, internalize them, and use them to loyally flagellate themselves.

The arrows of fashion rain down constantly from every direction. The kulaks cannot resist them for long and will surrender to the nobility’s latest definition of cool; not soon enough to be cool themselves; soon enough for this victory over themselves to be expected and taken for granted, and some new demand for further coolness launched.

And hell will freeze helium before the kulaks convince the nobles of anything at all. Even the truth will have a rough time if the kulaks somehow get hold of it first.

This may seem like a brutal process—but frankly, isn’t the nobility usually right? Aren’t nobles just cooler, better people? They certainly have higher IQs. The best of them are in the Cathedral. The rest at least hold Cathedral ranks. Surrender, chuds."

* * * * 

Bioleninism is our next stop in this brief tour of how best to understand the Zeitgeist.  The Warden Post describes it this way and it's as good a definition as any other. You're certainly left in no doubt:

Developed by Spandrell (alias, Bloody Shovel) it takes the basic Leninist model of building a Party to rule the state out of the dregs of society, and shifts this to the realm of biology, wrong-think biology in particular, building the party out of people who are permanent losers within the social order. Naturally, this refers to the non-white, non-heterosexual, non-viable forms of life we’re forced to prostrate ourselves to as the living saints of the religion of diversity. This is for the very simple reason that those with zero status in a sane society stake their entire lives on accumulating social capital through the Party and will revert back to that position of zero status if the party ever loses power, thus ensuring their undying loyalty towards the party and undying enmity towards those who aren’t lacking in status – whether we’re talking about the ne’er do wells of old Russia or the degenerate and swarthy masses of the modern West. In other words, Bioleninism is a system through which the governing Globohomo powers ensure that those most problematic of peons – white, Christian, heterosexual men (and the women married to them) will always be outvoted (and therefore expropriated, disenfranchised and ultimately eliminated) by the aforementioned non-viable life forms.

You only have to look at the makeup of the Minneapolis City Council to see Bioleninism in action. In fact, most of Minnesota politics on the Left is a grand exercise in it. The lower the I.Q., the more unaccomplished, the freakier the freak, the more exalted they become by the powers pulling the strings and setting the stage. This was the attempted new normal long before the Wuhan virus.

By contrast, loving your straight wife or straight husband, including the miracles which proceed from perfect sexual complementariness, children, is to be abjured, preferably mocked and belittled outright. 

You can find Spandrell's three part essay here.

Other commentators have noted that a singular feature of Bioleninism is the assault on the middle from the top and the bottom. The uppermost & the lowermost are in a kind of war against that middle, in order for the top to rule more effectively because they can and do easily manipulate the bottom strata of society. The losers, the very targets, are the middle class, normies. To date it's been wildly successful because those who fight against it don't fundamentally understand what the "it" is. 

We're awash in Bioleninsim because the Cathedral promotes it incessantly. Hand, meet glove.

* * * * 

Finally, the concept of anarcho-tyranny is played out daily in 2020 and while the incidents of it--strange, baffling, flat out wrong--are everywhere, too few understand the screenplay of this movie.

ParallelOptics has a depressingly accurate description of what it is:

"An amoral system of asymmetric law enforcement

Administered through a bureaucratic labyrinth of selective rule application

Under Anarchotyranny the ruling class aims to control its subjects so that they cannot coordinate / oppose the Regime 

This constitutes the tyrannical aspect

Instead of controlling the ‘real’ criminals / reining in the Regime’s own de facto paramilitary forces

This causes distributed anarchy

Meanwhile the law is interpreted and enforced selectively / asymmetrically depending on what is perceived to be in the interests of the Regime

Anarchotyranny is a demonic Hegelian synthesis 

The Regime tyrannically / oppressively regulates citizens lives yet refuses to enforce fundamental protective law 

Violent riots are incited by the Regime

While self-defence is effectively criminalised

Real criminals evade justice as long as they are ideologically aligned with power

While law abiding citizens are cast as criminals for protecting what belongs to them."

If you want a concrete, recent example of anarcho-tyranny, just think of the McCloskeys, the Saint Louis couple being legally persecuted by Soros prosecutors simply for defending themselves and their home with lawful firearms. If people don't wake up, this will eventually be their fate in some fashion or another. Because it's designed to be their fate. 

* * * * 

Together these three concepts explain the current times in far greater depth than any other. My brief explanation of them can be seen as a black pill, certainly, but I prefer to see it as something else: a way out. Because if you don't understand what is happening and why, you have no ability to find ways with which to extract yourself, your family, your culture and your country from it. The future, in other words, is closed off if you don't know the "what, why or how" of what's happening.

Once you do, however, everything changes because clarity brings insight. And insight allows previously obscured courses of conduct to become visible. What might initially be thought of as a black pill is actually a red pill. The nice thing I like about red pills is that they frequently lead to white ones. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Minnesota Republicans: Sleepwalking Thru 2020

I haven't written anything in more than four months because I haven't had anything to say, or, more precisely, to say in public. But coming off of some slight involvement in a recent "activist" activity, my experience of which could only charitably be characterized as "no good deed goes unpunished," I realized that it was of a piece with Minnesota Republicans overall in this strangest of years. There's both a lot to discuss and very little: absence is like that and absent is what Republicans have largely been. 

One has to come to a full stop in order to appreciate how astonishing it was to see them disappear in real time. It's hard to imagine what life was like before the mid-March declaration that we had "fifteen days to slow the spread." Since then, the spread of the Wuhan virus has indeed been slowed but the spread of power grabs and petty fascism engaged in by both Democrat & some Republican governors in America was fast and disturbingly permanent.

Gov. Tim Walz, the personification of everything that's mediocre about Minnesota, was no exception. Invoking "peacetime emergency" powers, thirty days at a time, he badly bungled the state's response to the virus. From criminally wrong "models" of deaths & ICU hospitalizations, to the hysterical overreaction in buying a seven million dollar morgue (now used as a closet, as one local outlet put it), to allowing virus patients to be placed in nursing homes and long term care facilities making Minnesota the third highest ranking state in killing its elderly, to a useless mask mandate issued five months after the "pandemic" began solely because he didn't get a bonding bill, Walz demonstrated the poverty of actual governing talent that plagues modern politics. 

Local media supported and covered for him every step of the way, of course, echoing his preposterous talking points, joining in his deflection by blaming President Trump for Walz's shortcomings and failures, and refusing to ask any serious, probing questions about both the hypotheticals generated by a model whose code was kept hidden for months, as well as demonstrable failures in what had been done to date. Remember the "moonshot" that never happened?

The traction of this approach could never last because it became clear to Americans that how various parts of the country succeeded, or not, was largely a function of a state's governor and not the Leviathan of the federal government. Women took the lead in the Minnesota Department of Health and women reporters did most of the covering of them. The result was predictably awful, like women cops or firefighters.

* * * * 

The pandemic torpor was suddenly and violently replaced Memorial Day Weekend with the death of criminal and porn star auteur George Floyd. Instead of being released promptly, Islamofascist Attorney General Keith Ellison kept the police body camera footage hidden from the public, allowing the false narrative that Floyd dindu nuthin to take hold, resulting in arson, looting and rioting breaking out across the country. There's no length people like Ellison won't go to destroy America. When the Daily Mail published surreptitiously recorded video of the footage, the narrative collapsed almost at once. But the damage had been done and damage and division was always the goal. 

The Minneapolis City Council, which resembles an outtake from the "Star Wars" cantina scene, rushed headlong into defunding city police. It also embodies a concept known as "bioleninism," about which I'll write in the near future, along with anarcho-tyranny. More recently, it has climbed off the ledge upon which it sanctimoniously climbed when confronted with an unsurprising crime wave. 

As a side observation, the huge spike in crime in Minneapolis, as well as in St. Paul to a lesser but still disturbing degree, is overwhelmingly caused by Blacks, Hispanics, Somalis and Native Americans. Despite race being all, don't look for that angle in your local news coverage. 

Minnesotans are already marking their calendars for a reprise of this mindless violence next year when some or all of the officers charged in Floyd's death are acquitted. With real life having been reduced to a series of interchangeable stage sets, it doesn't take much to see the future. Think of it as kabuki but without the aesthetics. 

* * * * 

Once Minnesota got past its costly spasm of destruction things reverted, somewhat, back to the suffocating conditions Gov. Walz had imposed. It didn't go unnoticed, however, that for weeks on end, sometimes seemingly endlessly so, the virus—mirabile dictu!—disappeared as thousands, even tens of thousands, of people around the country gathered to protest, commit crimes, whine about imaginary grievances, and engage in public displays of pathological narcissism, all encouraged & fawned over by our corrupt and dishonest media who saw in this behavior a chance to finally defeat Donald Trump. 

When the contradiction between virus hysteria and "protesting" became too great to ignore, the Cathedral promptly promulgated the notion that waycism was important enough to disregard the heretofore sacrosanct edits that deprived citizens of their most meaningful freedoms. In no small part, this led to many Americans realizing that everything had been politicized by the elites in 2020 (remember impeachment?) in order to defeat Trump in November. The thing about illusions is that once shattered, they're never repaired. This is as true in politics as it is in life and love.

* * * * 

Minnesota Republicans can be forgiven for being as disoriented as the rest of us in March and much of April. But even then there were signs that the pandemic wasn't going to be as disastrous as advertised. By May a great deal was already known about the virus, given the worldwide crash research into it, how it functioned, the best practices in treatment for those afflicted. 

During this time there was no counter narrative from Republicans, no response to the regular briefings from girl bureaucrats in the MDH, demonstrably over their heads. As a result the narratives that Democrats wanted, and which could be reliably amplified by a complicit local media delirious to do their own small potatoes thing to help get rid of Orange Man, shaped most public opinion. 

It rarely occurs to Minnesota Republicans to go on offense and this has never been more true than in 2020. Every state that borders us is freer, more open, and with substantially lower death totals. Leave it to the MNGOPe to refuse to look around and use the best comparative evidence available. Provincialism is a bipartisan affair in Minnesota.

In their defense (and it's always defense with this group), they'll say they refused a bonding bill, something the parasitical Walz was keen to get. True enough but how low must the bar be set before it can be said they passed it? While it's true that it would have been political malpractice for them to have agreed to one, they commit such malpractice frequently enough that I suppose we should be glad they didn't this time. Not all low expectations are bigotry.

Slightly better was the Republican led Senate in refusing to confirm two of Walz's commissioners. It was something but a bit on the too little, too late side. I'm dubious that it creates any real barriers to the Governor getting done what he wants and on his terms. Of course, they didn't have the testicular fortitude to take out the manifestly incompetent head of the MDH, Jan Malcolm. "You're killing people" the Leftist freaks would shout and they would cower, not knowing how to respond because they rarely do.

* * * * 

Last week Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died because of course she did, is this still not 2020? It seems all but certain that her replacement will be nominated and confirmed before the November 3rd election. This has had a profoundly dispiriting effect on the Regressive Left and I can't get enough of it. 

* * * * 

It seems likely that Trump will win unless the election is rigged post-voting and I wouldn't be surprised if Republicans not only keep the Senate but take back the House. A mighty backlash is coming after a year of nonsense and insanity. A similar backlash occurred in India when Narendra Modi won his second term as Prime Minister. The opposition Congress Party was destroyed. I want a Modi level landslide. The American people are patient, at least the ones who aren't low impulse. They've bided their time and now that time is coming soon.

Friends and acquaintances of mine, staffer types, lobbyist types, knaves & rogues, apparently are being taken in all over again by polling. They think, once more, I don't know what I'm talking about despite being right about 2016. Of course, being right then is no guarantee I'm right now. You'd think they'd be less gullible about polling, though, but you'd be wrong. We'll see soon enough.

If the results are good for Republicans, then in Minnesota we have to go on offense and take advantage of the situation. This requires new thinking from our sclerotic Republican class and I'm not at all sure they are up to it. But they can't coast going forward in the next two years. It would help if they could decide whether or not they actually believe in anything.

I'm obligated to mention the 2022 gubernatorial race because that's all the political class will be talking about after November 4th. Minnesota politics really is boring. 

That said, Mike Lindell cannot defeat Tim Walz despite what Republican Party chair & sociopath Jeniffer Carnahan intimated on Twitter recently about him being the nominee. It's not that I don't believe his approval is low in greater Minnesota and deservedly so. It's that two years is a long time and simply not being Tim Walz isn't a path to the mansion on Summit Avenue. 

Republicans will have to want to win for a change, really want to win, if they are to make Tim Walz the one term governor he should be. But it will take more than the old thinking which has led to 14 years without a GOP statewide win. Most organizations would reassess strategy, tactics and messaging with a loss record like that but not Minnesota Republicans because the same people get jobs and make money regardless. 

A message of economic populism and nationalism would find a receptive electorate in this state. Who could be that messenger? It remains to be seen but the apparatchiks are terrified about anything that is not Chamber of Commerce, the enemy of the American people, approved. The closer to Trump, the further away they move. 

Remember, in the 2016 Minnesota presidential caucus, these people gave little Marco one of his rare wins. He couldn't win his home state of Florida but the chuckleheads here found him to be as unthreatening, insubstantial and tapioca as they are. Rubio now seems dated, stale, bought & sold, yesterday's man, a strap hanger in a subway car going in a very different direction then when he boarded. He's only along for the ride, just like them.

If these people determine our nominee for 2022, he or she will lose. If mindless and talentless cheerleaders like Carnahan do, the same result will obtain but for a different reason.

Apple-like, those who determine our nominee will have to "think different." 

Thinking would be a good start. There's still enough time to get to the different part.



Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Muslim Pets Of Minnesota Democrats

All religions are purportedly equal in America but in Minnesota there's only one that's exalted, praised and promoted by those in the DFL, in and out of office, to say nothing of their handmaidens in the media. They aren't subtle about it and that's the point: some barely literate, welfare dependent & criminally active dude from Somalia is far better than you, and your family, who have lived here in Minnesota for generations.

They're not white and you are. This is their literal calculus; they're importing any Third World underclass in order to stay in power, the Great Replacement. That Islam is the most violent, regressive, divisive and per se hateful religion in human history is simply value added to the Cultural Marxists now regnant in this state.

* * * * 

I've written about the dangers of Islam in the West for as long as I've been writing here, or at Alpha News and elsewhere, for more than a decade. I used to be younger. But the message doesn't age and so I couldn't help but be struck by the next-level audacity, the sheer contempt and in-your-faceness of Governor Walz, parroted by his lower echelon minions in state government, who last month wished the forcibly-imported-into-Minnesota Muslims a Happy Ramadan. 

To use their phrase: this isn't who we are. Nor, certainly, wish to become. 

There is, theoretically, nothing wrong with a public official wishing the adherents of one religion or another well on their particular holiday. Personally I'm not fond of it, rather French in fact, when it comes to L'etat and religion. But America was founded and created by Christians, mostly Dutch & British Protestants. So the public square has always contained the uncontainable, God. It should continue to do so.

The trick is to get it right and here Governor Walz and his troops didn't at all and by design. Governor Assistant Football Coach (h/t Sheila Kihne PBUH) was noticeably absent from a daily briefing about the Wuhan virus in Minnesota recently. A credulous Minnesota media repeated his lie that he was observing Good Friday, no questions asked.

The real reason for his absence was that he was caught out in a lie the day before, Holy Thursday, denying he'd predicted there would be 20,000 dead in Minnesota. To which Tom Hauser said: "We have it on tape."

There were no Easter greetings to the Christians of Minnesota by the Governor. They're the enemy and I don't exaggerate. If you think I do, may I suggest you haven't been paying attention? 

Later on Good Friday he tweeted a picture of himself and his daughter, both moronically wearing face masks outdoors. Some observance of the Ultimate Sacrifice, God become Man and slaughtered for our sake. That I'm no longer a Christian (but not an atheist) makes no difference in being able to recognize the calculated slight. Perhaps it heightens it.

I'm able to see clearly how the Regressive Left weaponizes one religion, while denigrating others, in particular the one which is responsible for the creation of America, modernity itself and which no amount of Third World immigrants can sustain. 

Which is the point. 

Their goal is to attack and discredit the very notions upon which America was created. In Minnesota, they're succeeding, in no small part because of a weak, insipid and cowardly entity known as the Republican Party of Minnesota, its elected officials, adherents, donor and lobbyist class. 

If you ever find yourself in a foxhole with one of them, put a bullet in the back of their head. Don't aim for the brain, you'll likely miss that small target; focus on the brain stem.

They're reptiles, after all. 

* * * * 

As everyone knows by now, the City of Minneapolis, in cooperation with the terrorist affiliated CAIR, has commanded that the call to prayer be blared out in the squalid ghetto known as Cedar-Riverside during Ramadan. Everyone in that area who isn't a Mohammedan is oppressed in public. They don't matter. 

What's happening in our midst in Minnesota has been played out repeatedly in Europe. There's one playbook and it's being run here with frightful little opposition, thoughtful or otherwise. You can read all about it in Douglas Murray's book "The Strange Death of Europe."  

* * * * 

There's little public or organized opposition to the exaltation of Mohammedism over Christianity or indeed any other religion. There should be and I've done my bit, will continue to. The insistence by Muslim immigrants wherever they land in Western countries that they're special and needs must have unique accommodations is a demand made by no other group. It deserves to be rejected out of hand. 

Islam isn't special except in its depravity.

Allah was a desert moon god before Mohammad coopted the concept and incorporated it into his derivative religion, a mish mash of Christianity & Judaism, brought forth in the 7th Century and then spread by violence, slaughter and conquest. As you read this, the Muslim slave trade thrives in North Africa. Don't expect Gov. Walz or the local  media to mention that, however.  

* * * *

There are a number of brave citizen groups throughout the state who fight back against being replaced, being ethnically cleansed in their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors, being told that cretins like Ilhan Omar are more American than they and their families are. They are right to resist, to object and to reassert that this country belongs to them and to those who, as President Trump is frequently wont to say, love our people and our values.

They adjust to America; we don't adjust to them. Within reason of course: it's mostly Protestants who get publicly drunk now on Saint Patrick's Day.

Somalis aren't the only Muslim subgroup in Minnesota but they're certainly the largest and most visible. Why, then, do they commit so much crime? Why is welfare dependency so great? Why, still, do 80% of them not speak English at home? All of this goes unreported, of course, because it conflicts with the corrosive narrative pushed by the Cathedral.

These are legitimate questions a free people can and should ask. You'll be punished, on or off line, for doing so but you simply have to persist. After the name calling, the Cultural Marxists have nothing.

Not being afraid is their greatest fear.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Vandana of Varanasi

I encountered her by accident: the reason one travels.

I was staying in a flat outside of the noise and din of Varanasi, the holiest city of Hinduism, far removed from my first visit to Mother India in the deep south of the country, the state of Tamil Nadu, locus of the glory of the Hindu religion and her temples, away from the slaughter and destruction of the Muslims further north, that fake religion of peace which threatens the civilized world wherever it spreads, like a virus.

Here I had gone north. The difference was substantial but similar. The ear piercing cacophony of Indian traffic is an assault when first encountered. Then, like everything in life I suppose, one gets used to it and the noise fades to mere background. I've become adept at the notorious Indian "head wobble" signifying something (yet I somehow manage always to know when to deploy it), as well as making way for cows on the road. Don't pet them, by the way.

The city is also known as Benares, Banaras or Kashi. Puts me in mind of Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. Some of our world cities have long histories behind their current label.

Except Rome, eternal Rome.

As Mark Twain said: “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend  and looks twice as old as all of them put together!”

India is Hindu. I've only ever been there to observe. And learn. I'm not a convert. Isn't learning enough?

* * * * 

Like some story board from a movie, I met Vandana on one of my last days in Varanasi. I was staying in a VRBO above where she lived, tight against the ghats on the Ganges, the owner a literal descendant of Indian royalty. The dismantling of them by Nehru is second only to his agreement of the partition of the subcontinent. Some crimes cannot be forgiven.

* * * * 

I had two keys. The first let me out of the yard of my flat, into the back, toward the river, the Ganges, universally called "Ganga" in India. That name was foreign to this foreigner. What do they know? I preferred my own pronunciation but never spoke it. When in Rome. 

The second key was to a gate that allowed me to climb down the steep steps to the Ganges, steep as in if you fell forward you'd be dead by the time your carcass flopped onto the landing. A shabby death, as a dear friend of mine might call it.

When I looked right, instead of left, that's when I saw Vandana. The steepness of the steps never changed in either direction but there were fewer of them to the right than to the left.

I'm not entirely sure why I climbed those steps to the right but I did. She spoke limited English but I spoke no Hindi. She was a bright young girl, self possessed and charming and with a modicum of English. "Hey mister!"

She took me left, around the corner where the steps ended and then showed me a litter of puppies. Other Indians immediately crowded round as she showed them off to me. Here's a white guy, an obvious visiter (no matter where I travel abroad I don't think of myself as a tourist. Some may find that a conceit; I think of it as a mindset). Four, or six, I can't remember. Cute as only dog or cat babies can be.

After making nice for awhile, I told Vandana that I had to be off to the Ganges. We'd rounded back around the corner and she invited me in for chai into, apparently, her family's home. I declined with all the graciousness that pigeon English and hand gestures could muster. She understood but asked if I was on WhatsApp. I confessed I was and so phone numbers were exchanged.

* * * *

I dropped off several kilos of puppy chow to her before I left Varanasi. One can only do so much, but wherever one is, one should do that much, at home or abroad. I also gave her a 500 rupee note (with my right hand, by the way, never the left). She knew at a glance what it meant and thanked me, profusely if she had had her way but I made my exit quickly. Many people live for thanks while I've always found it a personal indictment.

* * * * 

Vandana texted me via WhatsApp for awhile after I returned to America, always calling me "uncle," a term of respect for older men who are not literal family relations. I responded as best I could, given the language and age barriers. After some time, she went silent. I don't know if her family could continue to afford an internet plan or not. Food first.

* * * * 

I don't know why Vandana returned to me, why I'm only writing about her now for the first time, more than a year later. Possibly because I know I can't travel this spring (Berlin/Vienna), although I always go to India in the Fall, which is still likely to happen, so I'm not sure that's it. 

Likely it's because when people ask why I "vacation" so much, as opposed to what I do, which is travel, she's the reason. 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

CPAC: The Potemkin Village Of Conservative, Inc.

Viruses are lately much in the news and as if taking its cue from that, CPAC opened this week in Washington, D.C. An annual event for some years now, it has become a bloated farce of Conservative, Inc.'s attempt to survive the Trump years by fooling its too often gullible base by appearing to represent genuine conservative change. It does nothing of the sort, of course, but one has to give it credit for the sheer size of the gaslighting effort.

Previously CPAC was mostly a DC gathering for the 30 and under conservative crowd to get drunk and laid. Who could begrudge them that except MNGOPe types who'd do well to do either or both more. Then CPAC got monetized by Conservative, Inc.

Last year, Google was a major sponsor of CPAC. What more, really, is there to say? A major tech company, the most powerful tech company in the world, which consistently deplatforms conservatives and dissidents, ponies up to put on this farcical show.

This is akin to a Code Pink conference being underwritten by Lockheed Martin or Raytheon. Nothing is too stupid or contradictory for the odious lobbyist Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Union, the headwaters of CPAC.

The fundamental problem with CPAC, apart from the obvious grift, is its determined insistence to avoid topics of real interest to Americans, the most important of which is immigration--both legal and illegal--and how demographic replacement could shortly make it impossible to elect a Republican president again. The corporate money behind CPAC doesn't care if America becomes a Third World hellhole.

Ann Coulter will never be more right than when she says immigration is "the" issue because immigration decides all other issues. It's irrefutable & Ilhan Omar is Exhibit A to this proposition.

CPAC today is utterly uncontroversial: socialism bad! free markets rules! Visit our vendors in the hallways to buy your tsotchkes that reinforce your Boomer mindset. "It's all so tiresome."

Nikki Haley, real name Nimrata Nikki Randhawa (see how that works?) hosted the official "Welcome Reception" according to CPAC's official agenda posted online. Did she charge $100,000, her usual speaking fee? She's a neocon as well so that's great.

This isn't to say CPAC is a complete wash. Sometimes interesting people who speak about relevant topics are not screened out. President Trump is scheduled to speak and it would be bad form not to.

Nigel Farage, Lee Smith, Andy Ngo, Saagar Enjeti, Sen. Josh Hawley, Gordon Chang, are among the quality speakers allowed by CPAC to make it appear authentic.

Pete Hegseth will speak as well (in the "FOX Nation" booth, subscribe now!) about his book, "In The Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America," the paperback edition of which came out three years ago, in February, 2017. Okay. Everybody into the pool.

But the bad outweighs the good. Just days ago CPAC credentialed well known Leftist Jared Holt who engages on hit jobs on people on the Right, as well as another man who's a certified Antifa activist. Molly-Jong Fast is speaking as I write. If you don't know who these people are, that's by design. When you know, you realize that CPAC enables the enemy which, necessarily, makes them the enemy as well.

You won't see Michelle Malkin, the bravest conservative in the nation, Ann Coulter, always redeemable by her writing on immigration or even Laura Loomer (don't care what you think of her) who was thrown out of CPAC last year. What gatekeepers on the Right?

As ‪@NickJFuentes said recently: "Free speech is essential in so far that we use it to challenge the status quo. CPAC wants to control the narrative so that regular people aren’t exposed to true right wing and nationalist positions."

* * * * 

Closer to home we have our own iteration of gatekeepers and faux conservatism, The Center of the American Experiment, which I call, more accurately, the Center of the American Boomer.™ I endeared myself to it by writing honestly when Sen. Tom Cotton addressed their annual dinner, three years ago this June, by writing "Tom Cotton Red Pills The Center of the American Experiment."

I haven't said this before but I wrote that article because neither John Hinderaker, president of the "activist think tank," nor Scott Johnson wrote about the substance of Sen. Cotton's remarks. Both praised his credentials (by their insecurities ye shall know them) and how pleasant & funny he was: a good time was had by all. Pablum, perfectly in keeping with Center's mission to be impotent but liked. Don't get me started on the cowardice of Hinderaker when it comes to Kim Crockett. 

Now, by invitation only, which still costs you $75 (what grifting?) we have this upcoming:

And who isn't for fweedom? Certainly not gullible Boomers!

Charlie Kirk is a joke who makes Mark Zuckerberg look human. He's head of Turning Point, USA, the cringe astroturf group that exists to make Boomers think they're not, in real time, losing their country to the Third World. Unlike Michelle Malkin & Nick Fuentes, he's not America First. 

Candace Owens is an accomplished chameleon grifter: look up "Social Autopsy," her stillborn website designed to dox people who anonymously engage in wrong think. Before realizing where the money was, she trashed tea party patriots specifically and Republicans generally. This is her third, five figure, appearance at the Center of the American Boomer.™ She's peddled the "Blexit" farce, where large number of blacks will vote for Trump. This wasn't proven by the results from 2018 but no matter. She also married a white dude, something sure to go down well in the hood. Only Minnesota Boomers would fail to recognize a fraud of this stature. 

David Prager, son on Dennis, is also speaking to the blue rinse haired crowd that makes up this "VIP event by invitation only $75" event. He's the son of Dennis. Last year the Los Angeles Times reported that "Tax filings show $237,500 went to his [Dennis] consulting firm. An additional $155,700 went to Prager’s son for help with fundraising." Cool, cool. 

The outlier in this group is David Horowitz who is a stronger conservative than any of his co-attendees. "Fight fire with fire" is his mantra, something necessary, needed and true to our times. 

He's a wartime conservative; the rest peacetime. 

Buy their books, pay the entrance fee. Pretend you're saving America. 

Attend CPAC or believe they speak for you.


Sunday, December 1, 2019

Criminals Of Color & Minnesota Media Silence

White people aren't responsible for the recent crime wave washing over the Twin Cities. If you have a short attention span you can stop reading now, that's the take away.

But you wouldn't know it from local reporting. While race is injected into every story, especially when it's not relevant, local media falls oddly silent about it when it comes to murder, rape, robbery and assault. Why is that?

Because it doesn't fit in with their narrative that most of what is wrong with Minnesota and the country is the fault of white people. In fact, local media (I follow too many of these people on Twitter) have an agenda to promote minorities, especially illegal immigrants or failed forced migrants like Somalis, all of which commit shocking levels of crimes far exceeding whites.

This isn't to say that whites don't commit crime, manifestly they do, they just don't commit them in anything close to the same numbers (per capita) as blacks, hispanics and other minorities. You won't see this reported in the media because they have a relentless anti-white narrative to promote. They're allergic to the truth.

* * * *

Herewith, some rarely reported truths:

1. Race is a better predictor of crime than poverty. 
2. The percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in an area, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime.
3. Half of hate crimes are Blacks and Hispanics attacking each other.

4. 90% of gang members are non-White.

5. Black men are over a hundred times more likely to rape a White woman than vice versa.

6. 90% of interracial violence between blacks and Whites is committed by Blacks.

7. Blacks are just 13% of the American population but have committed half of all murders for the last 30 years.

8. In just two years, more blacks were killed by other blacks than died from 80 years of lynching.

9. Areas with more Black people have higher rates of crime.

10. Young Black men kill 14 times more often than young White men.

11. 93% of Black men who are murdered are killed by other Black men.

12. Police hesitate longer to shoot Black suspects than White suspects.

And so on and so on. The reality of life is far different from what you will see represented or, more often, hidden from you by the media, by the Cathedral. For more eye opening data about crime, race, Islam, diversity and gender, please peruse The Library of Hate.  It's facetiously called that because we live in a time where speaking the truth about any of these topics is said by the Cathedral to constitute hate.

* * * *

One tiresome tactic of local media is to report group violence without any racial identification. You can take it to the bank that when they do this, white people aren't implicated because if they were, they would be. This reporting by omission is now standard and the public isn't stupid: they know what's going on.

Recently two area hospitals had to be placed on lock down because of out of control groups that had assembled after a shooting victim had been transported there. The usually hyper race conscious media couldn't bring themselves to describe what everyone knew: those groups were blacks, not the white nationalists that exist in the fevered minds of liberal media.

Not long ago a 75 year old Muslim man was killed in public by a black man. Local media were in a bind: how to blame white people for this horrific act? In the end they couldn't and they focused on the grieving family members in their coverage.

No stories were run about how this kind of hatred needed to be exterminated from the black community, no exhortations from Minneapolis Mayor Frey that hate has no home here, that the black community was somehow complicit in this violent crime.

Had the murder suspect been white all of these stories and narratives would have flooded the zone. The interesting thing is: we all know it. I've recently taken to comparing our current civil society to a kitchen in the age of the USSR. We all whisper and share the truth over our tables, knowing that our media are complicit in generating oceans of lies daily. Pravda had nothing over American media.

To publicly speak the truth is to invite personal & professional destruction.

The crime rate of Somalis in Minnesota is perhaps the most forbidden topic in local media, second only to the amount of welfare they consume.

* * * * 

Pictured above is the booking photo of Demetrius Wynne who recently turned 19 and was arrested for the murder of Susan Spiller five years ago when he was a mere 14 years old. Her murder was so horrific that the only description given by authorities at the time was "complex homicidal violence." None of us had heard that term before. 

Turns out that it meant Spiller "had been beaten, strangled and stabbed five times." Feel free, should you have a strong stomach, to read the seven page criminal complaint here. 

It was reported that prior to her death Spiller spoke at a community gathering and feared retaliation for complaining about noise. Objecting to those "participating in their own lives" proved a death sentence for Susan or so it would seem. Literally, her killer lived next door. No motive per se has yet been given by authorities for her slaughter.

Can white people ever be the victim of hate crimes? Apparently not in the Twin Cities.

Will there ever be a Netflix original content show "Dear Black People" like there is two seasons of "Dear White People?" Why is that? Who is in control of such narratives?

* * * * 

Here's the thing though: am I not supposed to care about minorities killing each other like clockwork? Ignore the weekend body count of dead and wounded from Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and St. Louis because their skin color is different than mine? These people are far more my fellow Americans than Islamofascists like Ilhan Omar. And yet the Cathedral demands silence.

There's a cold civil war criminal here and it's not me.

* * * * 

Crime knows no race, color or creed. It is the fact, however, that certain races, colors and creeds are more intimately familiar with it than others. Keith Ellison and local media like to pretend that white nationalists are a clear and present danger when in fact they are nothing of the kind. Ellison's most recent jihad is to generate more "hate crime" reports and is said to want to propose legislation to deal with that manufactured increase.

Students commit the most fake hate crimes, hate hoaxes, followed by Muslims. There's some overlap there. Media cover the initial (fake) reports but not often enough the fakeness of them when such is revealed.

In reality Ellison's ultimate goal is to criminalize speech he and the Regressive Left doesn't like. "Islam is right about women." The threats to our freedoms uniformly come from them.

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder once claimed that Americans were cowards when it came to race. They're not, of course, just brow beaten into not speaking the truth about race and, for example, crime. But as Leonard Cohen once sang "Everybody Knows."

Even if they can't afford to admit it in public. But until we do, nothing will get better. 

Which, upon reflection, may be the goal of the cultural Marxists.

"The worse, the better."  — Lenin

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The portion of this column only that pertains to Susan Spiller is for Nancy LaRoche, my sole companion in not forgetting her. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The "Groyper Wars" Against Turning Point, USA: A Primer For Minnesotans

Apparently I'm destined to explain for the moment a number of interesting cultural and political developments on the Right that largely passes by the insular political and cultural world of Minnesota. It's not just that Minnesota media are hard left and not too bright, although that does go a long way. Mostly, I think, it's the anesthetizing incuriosity of Minnesotans, especially among Republicans. As long as they can get to work without too much congestion, have satisfactory bowel movements and move on to burgers and craft beers, all is right. Oh, don't forget sports ball of any kind, including the retarded and ghey "sport" of soccer. "Scarves up!" is their mantra. How effete, how soy.

If buglife had a state, it would be Minnesota.

* * * * 

Turning Point, USA is an AstroTurf organization that pretends to be a grassroots group representing conservative college students. In actuality, it's a top down, donor driven Potemkin village, with a board of directors that looks more like a retirement village in Naples, Florida than any college campus.

Charlie Kirk, its head, was fiercely Never Trump even after the Emperor got the nomination and went on to become the President. He's scrubbed all of those sentiments as best he could from social media but the internet is forever. Like Mark Levin, hate to break it to you.

In this he resembles the fraud Candace Owens who's twice spoken, for a five figure fee, at the Center of the American Experiment. Alpha News routinely churns out poorly written Boomer bait (socialism is bad!) by a perky woman who is a Turning Point USA "brand ambassador," which is snapped up by Boomers who refuse to understand the meme "If you only knew how bad things really are."

One such young person who does know is Nick Fuentes and he took the fight to the latest incarnation of Conservative, Inc., which exists to keep people from obtaining that very same awareness. Ashley St. Clair, another cheesy "brand ambassador," was fired and depersoned by Turning Point simply for appearing in a photo with him. But TPUSA stands for free speech. Right.

You should follow him at @NickJFuentes and subscribe to his YouTube channel America First here.

Kirk recently went on a nationwide "Culture War" on various campuses that dealt in anything but culture. Turning Point is a tool of the ruling class, the Uniparty, the entrenched interests that have done nothing for the American people but make their lives worse. It was sabotaged spectacularly & hilariously by Fuentes and his army of groypers. Wat mean?

Groypers are an iteration of the the Pepe meme, which the Left tried mightily to characterize as some sort of white supremacist neo-Nazi image but failed spectacularly. No less than the Hong Kong freedom fighters adopted Pepe because they understood the true power of the meme, not the gloss attempted to be put upon it by the Cathedral.

Groypers are fat frogs, some say toads, whose signature feature is their fingers interlaced under their chin. That's it Boomers; it's a pose. They became associated with Fuentes because many of the Twitter accounts who supported him had Groyper-type avatars in their handles. See? It isn't that hard to understand The Current Year. I routinely follow men and women a third my age on Twitter. If you want to know the future of the Right, they are it.

* * * * 

Young men who asked the hard questions, the tough questions, of Charlie Kirk and his fake conservative minstrel show of "Culture War" won the war and most of the battles. Kirk peddles a fake conservative narrative of accommodation to the Left where we win by losing. He represents the kind of "conservative" activism that lets drag queens talk about sodomy to our young children in public libraries. 

Kirk pretends to hate identity politics when a white person thinks his culture has merit all the while holding gatherings celebrating blacks, hispanics and females. Fuentes has no problem with that but wonders why white people aren't accorded the same treatment. After all, majority white countries are being flooded by those from countries whose people could never have founded and built the United States. They're only here to cash in on our success and we're punished if we notice.

Other targets besides the eunuch Kirk are Ben Shapiro (who called for the ethnic cleansing of Israel but you're the anti-semite if you bring that up!) and Dan Crenshaw. This is by no means an exhaustive list. 

One young man, a rosary wrapped around one of his hands, became something of a Groyper superstar when he asked Kirk, who beside him was Rob Smith, a black gay dude who served in the military, how promoting anal intercourse helped conservatives win the culture war. The point wasn't to bash gays; nobody cares who does what with whom as long as you leave children and animals out of it. Even then we seem to be losing that battle.

Smith himself was a Never Trumper and has transformed himself into a mouthpiece for the Right. The grifters always go to where the money is to be had.

The groyper kids are having none of it. God bless them, praise Kek.

* * * *

Fuentes was fiercely attacked, maliciously maligned, by the moneyed interests on the Right. Called an anti-semite, a white supremacist and generally slandered, he is none of those things. As he himself noted, he got fairer treatment from the Left press than the Right. This is, by now, to be expected.

To the contrary, he understands that America is, apparently, set on an irreversible path of multiculturalism and is asking the hard & honest questions that Boomers and their marionettes like Turning Point refuse to continence. He's also Christian, having the temerity to ask how a country founded by Christians can survive such a demographic suicide. 

That's the key: demographic replacement is real but still denied by these types of groups even while they celebrate others' ethnic identity, just not white peoples'. Legal immigration, not illegal, is the dagger to the heart of traditional America. At the rate of one million per year, these people vote democrat over republican by something like 80/20. You'll be punished if you notice. 

I'd put it this way: how did the greatest nation on earth, founded, created and built by white British and Dutch protestants, put itself in a position to be overrun by people from the Third World who demonstrably can't build for themselves anything similar? Why is our immigration system rigged to let in relatives of Ilhan Omar, she who hates us, hates white people in particular (jealousy) instead of people who won't commit crimes, won't go on welfare and will assimilate to share our Western Christian values? 

* * * *

Enter the heroine.

Michelle Malkin stood up for Fuentes, putting paid to the whores of Turning Point, USA and so many other grifting organizations that exist to fleece the none too bright Boomer base. Socialism is bad! This very weekend Charlie Kirk is being paid to appear at David Horowitz's "Restoration Weekend." Somewhere, along with me, Diana West is laughing. 

Malkin said at UCLA last week:

"Tonight, my remarks are directed at the young men and women of this country who identify as America First conservatives. How many proud Americans standing up for American freedom and sovereignty do we have in the room?

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, feeling marginalized on a crazy college campus for standing up for your pro-life, pro-gun, pro-free speech, pro-Western values and fighting for your country. I also have two teenagers who have been through experiences like you have, sitting in classrooms where abject stupidity and emotionalism have replaced logic, reason, and the pursuit of truth.

That is why I will not be using my platform and my position to insult you, marginalize you, and shout you down. Just a couple of days ago here on this very campus, former Fox News hostess Kimberly Guilfoyle sneered that young conservative men in MAGA hats asking inconvenient questions were rude losers who could only get dates online and who were embarrassing their parents.

Another YAF speaker, Ben Shapiro, repeatedly denigrated an entire movement of young men who watch a YouTuber named Nick Fuentes and are seeking answers to tough questions about where America is headed as masturbating losers in their basements who share memes. As a mom with brilliant right-thinking kids who, yes, live in my basement, and, yes, share memes, I found these obsessive references to young people’s dating lives and habits by prominent conservative media personalities much older than their targets to be tellingly defensive and touchy. Also: creepy.

Here’s my message to the new generation of America Firsters exposing the big lies of the anti-American open borders establishment and its controlled opposition operatives: If I was your mom, I’d be proud as hell.

I want you to know that you are not alone. It’s important for you to know that not everyone who belongs to generations older than you has sat idly by while America rotted from the inside. Not all Gen Xers and Boomers are mindlessly stupefied by the bread and circuses entertainment dished out by so-called conservative media. Not all of us have occupied ourselves solely with “owning libs” and reciting clunky MAGA rap anthems while America crumbles."

* * * *

And there you have it, Minnesota, another primer. My last was about Bronze Age Pervert and his seminal book "Bronze Age Mindset." I can only do so much and I'm happy to do so. 

The rest is up to you. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Bronze Age Pervert: A Primer For Minnesotans

Interesting cultural and intellectual developments usually pass Minnesota by. You could even say the more interesting the less likely they are to penetrate what passes for the political and cultural elites here. I used to think it was just xenophobia but this obdurateness is something more, something willful. I've long since stopped being curious about the antecedents of this mediocrity on steroids: it just is, like winter.

It was only because I brought Bronze Age Pervert (BAP), who tweets as @BronzeAgeMantis (this is your cue to follow him) to the attention of my friend, the Right Honourable Roger Chamberlain, that local media first learned of BAP and were, naturally for them, flummoxed. I haven't lived in all 50 states but something tells me our local media are among the laziest of them. Certainly their work product wouldn't disabuse you of that notion.

In the cringe but aptly named political newsletter "Hot Dish," J Patrick Cooligan deigned to take notice of a retweet by Chamberlain (found by him on my TL) and wondered "Wat mean?" Only Cooligan wouldn't know the nomenclature of BAP to appreciate the "Wat mean?" But that's what he did, even if he didn't know it. And he didn't.

So what does a lazy member of the lazy Minnesota media do? Turn to the discredited house organ of neoliberalism, Politico, to understand this strange new phenomenon, that somehow pierced the thick membrane of Minnesota isolationism, for an explanation. The result was enough to make a cat laugh.

It was then that I knew I had to perform yet another uncompensated public service task (this sets me apart from all the MNGOPe grifters, of which there are legion) and explain to people too often entranced by burgers and craft beers, sports ball, the weather, the opening of yet another buglife apartment complex and the generally quotidian that makes modern life all but slow motion suicide, who is Bronze Age Pervert. Let's begin.

BAM or Bronze Age Mindset

By now, Bronze Age Pervert is inseparable from his signature book, Bronze Age Mindset. You should buy it. BAP is anonymous. You may have noticed that the Cathedral is currently waging war on people who remain anonymous online, all in the interests of "transparency" and "accountability." Accountable to whom? Transparent to whom? This is but a thinly veiled attempt to squash dissenting narratives, those that challenge the usual neoliberal orthodoxes.

BAP's Twitter account is littered with pictures of gorgeous landscapes and equally gorgeous young, buff men, resulting in the deadly, albeit hilarious, hashtag #ShowPhysiq or similar iterations, deployed most effectively against fat aging Boomers. These are the kind of tweets that would make Democrat Senate member Scott Dibble want to masturbate or put in a butt plug with an anonymous stranger on WhatsApp and then claim victim status when his degeneracy was made public. The usual suspects rallied to his defense. They always do. Weimerica. 

Bronze Age Pervert is the acid rain that washes away this defilement of straight male friendship and camaraderie, that celebrates the masculine without the homoeroticism. Look for the dominant culture to get him wrong because of its own deformities and celebrated pathologies.

Same sex marriage is a joke, like Caitlyn Jenner and "transgender" claimants: neither are what they insist to be. And we all know it. Most of us are bludgeoned into a silent acquiesce. Not me.

"Still, it moves."

BAM Breaks Through

There can be no doubt that we're talking about BAM because Michael Anton, he of the "Flight 93 Election" article, decided to review the book in The Claremont Review of Books. This was seminal. One could hardly believe it and, if they'd been following BAP previously, were rightly astonished. This article is the first of two you have to read if you want to be up to speed. 

What caught the observant eye was that Anton had been given the book by Curtis Yarvin, who pens under the name Moldbug and from which the concept of the Cathedral originated, at a dinner party. It probably won't mean much to the republican lobbyists here, by definition not a bright lot, but Anton having dinner with Moldbug? That alone was something in itself. 

Anton, having first tried to read BAM and stopped, was encouraged to try again by his former White House colleague Darren Beattie and did. His resulting review has set everything in motion, including this column and the ignorance and deliberate misrepresentation by our lazy media. 

Neti, Neti: Not This, Not That

Neti, neti is the classical Hindu definition of God: not this, not that. So too it can be said of "Bronze Age Mindset."

I don't think the book is a Rorschach test but I suppose in some ways it could be taken as such, especially by Boomers who don't understand the justified resentment of them, bordering on hatred, of the under 30 set. I do understand because I follow closely those under thirty on social media, primarily Twitter; it isn't difficult if your mind isn't ossified. I saw the term "apostate Boomer" applied on Twitter to Steve Sailer and thought "This will do."

BAP responded to Anton in due course at The American Mind with a succinct, deadly and accurately titled piece "America's Delusional Elite Is Done." This is the second article you have to read if you want a basic grasp on what is currently roiling the intellectual Right.

I think BAP has the better argument here but I'm at pains to praise Anton for having the courage to review BAM and try to come to terms with what it represents, which, fundamentally, is almost everything Boomers and their corrupt, grifting "Conservative, Inc." has peddled to the credulous and the weak as authentic right wing politics.

If the Biblical admonishment that "by their fruits ye shall know them," means anything, then a quick peak in our public libraries showcasing drag queens reading state sponsored sodomy tales to our youngest children tells us everything we need to know.

If you want a cheat sheet to the action, I don't think I'm doing violence to either side's argument when I put it this way: Anton acknowledges the critique (how could he not?) but falls back to a defensive counter-argument of "what will you build in its place?" In the final analysis this simply won't do because the conservative status quo has preserved nothing, allowed much to be destroyed [press esc to go back] and offers no plausible way forward to triumph.

Managing the decline and simpering acquiescence to cultural decay and collapse is really, once the high minded Boomer language is stripped away, all that is offered.

BAP essentially laughs at this posturing born out of intellectual & cultural poverty, out of a desperate necessity and throws the present back in the face of those who fail to see how much has already been lost. "If you only knew how bad things really are." That's a meme, Boomers.

Here is a crucial passage from BAP's response to Anton that I think wins the argument:

"The left completely abandoned Americanism in the 1960's; at this point they've also abandoned biological reality. Vitalism is all that is left against their demented biological Leninism. Encouraging health, normality, and physical nobility against their celebration of deformity, obesity, and sexual catamitism must be one of the basic functions of conservatism in our time. It is one of the reasons my message is powerful among many with the left's gospel of wretchedness: what is your plan to take that on?"

Anton, of course, has no plan, in fact you might say he didn't actually realize the problem before BAP and he's no slouch.

If you're a Minnesota republican Boomer who thinks the fraudulent Turning Point USA, and like minded grifter groups, are the berries, if you still don't get the point of the passage quoted above, search for images of Aisha Gomez and Jay Xiong. 

Then, if you're still clueless, I'm afraid the best that you can hope for is not being smothered to death in your nursing home staffed by people who look like them. 

Extra Credit

Anton responded to BAP's response, called a sur reply (also spelled surreply and sur-reply. Aren't you here to learn?) Unfortunately, his title gives the cringe game away: "Which way, Jester Man?" When name calling is in the title, you know they're out of arguments. 

The editors of The American Mind had the good sense and courage to run "Conservatism In The Bronze Age." I recommend you take a look at it and click on the link of the various essays there that might interest you. 

I thought Second City Bureaucrat, @CityBureaucrat on Twitter, had the best reply and you get the sense of this from his title: "Why Not Actually Engage With Bronze Age Mindset?" The subtitle leaves no doubt: "Ideologues seem incapable of doing so without resorting to name-calling."

Bronze Age Mindset has said he's replying to Anton in due course, as of this writing yet published. 

There you are, Minnesota, roughly up to speed. 

Wat Mean?

This column is only a primer, not a complete or thorough exegesis of the Bronze Age Pervert phenomenon. That it exists shows, I think, how uninteresting politics have become in Minnesota, a feature not a bug. More than three years ago I wrote "Do Minnesota Republicans Believe In Anything?" Then, as now, I think the answer remains the same: not much really, paychecks mostly, chair rearrangement on the decks of the Titanic, arrested high school egos vying for prominence on social media. "It's all so tiresome." Another meme, Boomers. Wake up.

The indictment that Bronze Age Pervert brings to the desiccated Conservative, Inc. applies with even more force to the small potatoes of Minnesota republican politics. 

Does anyone realistically think they'll win another statewide election in the foreseeable future? Not if they're honest or, for many of the grifters, sober. 

So what the great Joe Sobran said of Conservative, Inc., now manifested by the pathetic, lobbyist run CPAC, or Boomer donors making younger types dance to the tune of nationalist self-destruction, Turning Point, USA or a local "activist think tank" that throws a courageous (read honest) member overboard, can well be said here:

"It was all a game, or a way of making a living."

And I haven't even talked about no nut November.