Friday, September 13, 2019

Desperate Measures: City Pages Repackages Minnesota CAIR's Jihad Against Its Critics

I had an odd sense of déjà vu last week when, apropos of nothing, City Pages ran a story with the breathless headline "How Minnesota Republican Operatives Are Sowing Distrust of Minnesota Muslims." I'd seen this all before, specifically last year when CAIR Minnesota issued its list of "haters." I made the grade, thank you, although I was weirdly called in the conclusion "an interchangeable propagandist." I don't think so: my writing style and analysis is hardly interchangeable.

I'm still holding out for certified hater status from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) but that fraudulent group has been having some karma induced troubles of late.

Mostly, I was outraged at being labeled a "republican operative." Sorry Logan Carrol, the author of the piece (a name so WASP I'm blinded just by typing it), the last thing that I am is a republican operative: I'm a conservative, having long ago run from the cuck label of republican.

Republican operatives can be seen on "Almanac" or "At Issue." Or heard on podcasts along with members in good standing of the Regressive Left because they want to be liked. Or making nice with our shockingly mediocre media on Twitter. Or maneuvering for paid positions on campaigns that undoubtedly will lose, paycheck in the interim being all. "Same as it ever was."

As I've written before, once you understand high school, you understand Minnesota republican politics.

Before examining certain particular hilarities in the article, I have to give Carrol some credit: it wasn't completely awful writing. Then again, I'm not a regular reader of City Pages, the free tabloid of the uneducated, perpetually outraged Left in the Twin Cities. I'm old enough to remember when I praised one of its former writers, Aaron Rupar, who's since gone on to a sort of fame at national outlets (sorry about the demise of Think Progress, Aaron, although it would take a heart of stone not to laugh). I thought he had good instincts despite his politics being the opposite of mine. Carrol's article was, of course, lazy, reductive and came with a two by four agenda. Then again, the same can be said of all Minnesota media, no matter the topic.

* * * * 

First, I write about Islam, only rarely an individual Mohammedan. I find the distinction crucial, others do not. But I'm not others and don't wish to become them. The forced mass migration of Islam into Europe holds lessons for those of us in Minnesota and America who correctly refuse to sit passively by while some wish for the same fate. Search for "Rotherham" (use Duck Duck Go). The City Pages article, like the CAIR Minnesota "haters" list, is designed to silence criticism of Islam, seeks to cow a populace under threat of being called names into acquiescence for Rotherhams here. No.

Next, Carrol writes: “You can’t object when your children are bullied by feral Somali youth,” declared Alpha News in a story last September titled, “The St. Cloud Times Shills for Refugee Resettlement.” No it wasn't "Alpha News," Logan, it was me! Come on, you're not even trying. 

I wrote for Alpha News for approximately 18 months, quitting by email last December (my editor in chief followed two weeks later) when I was in Varanasi, India, after which I walked along the Ganges in the early morning light, smoking and looking for my favorite chai walla, down from the burning ghats where corpses are cremated in the open. I'm in negotiations with Netflix for the rights to the story at this very moment. 

The point I'm making is that I had the sole opinion column at Alpha News during my tenure and don't appreciate this misattribution of my writing. How can I make the SPLC's hater list that way?

The repackaged hit piece moved on to the Center of the American Experiment, or, as I call it, far more accurately I think, the Center of the American Boomer. Carrol refers to it as "Minnesota's premier conservative think tank," which is akin to saying some burger & craft beer joint is Minnesota's premiere restaurant. Both are true, in that peculiar Minnesota sense. 

In the story there's a large picture of John Hinderaker, the current president of the Center, who constantly refers to it as "my" conservative think tank.  The last time any media drew attention to the Center he threw a distinguished member of the staff overboard. The Cathedral is never more powerful when its object are types like him. 

We're in a cold civil war but somehow the Center has either failed to notice it or is too cowardly to fight it. Either way spells uselessness, David French conservatives (French Davidians per @PollySpin) when we need Sohrab Amari conservatives. You'll have to look up that last reference on your own.

Not to be entirely unfair to readers, Amari says Conservative, Inc. has conserved nothing, drag queens reading to our children in public libraries being the proof. French says, muh principles are worth hanging onto, even as America as founded is "fundamentally transformed" by Third World immigrants who have nothing to offer us but votes for Democrats as well as crime, welfare dependency if not fraud and low IQ's. 

If you're looking for courage and leadership on the most pressing issues of our times, the Center isn't for you. If, rather, you prefer to be a blue rinse hair audience member looking for the next thumb to suck, the Center of the American Experiment is home, Boomer. Please give generously, they have payroll to make, even without Kim.

* * * * 

"It was all a game, or a way of making a living." Joe Sobran on Conservative, Inc. 

* * * * 

The story plods on with the usual tired tropes generated by the Cathedral. I could have written it, so predictable is its narrative arc. But because it mentions me again, I'm forced, post modern-like, to deal with the text. 

Carrol drags me for speculating that the attack on the terrorist mosque Dar Al Farooq in Bloomington was a hoax. Given that Muslims are the second greatest generator of hoax "hate" crimes (only behind students) it was entirely reasonable given that a substantial amount of time had elapsed since the attack with no arrests. It proved not to be true but that comes with speculation. Hello Russia hoax?

He also says I claimed victim status. To anyone who knows me or who reads me or who has heard me speak, that's enough to make a cat laugh. I stole that from Christopher Hitchens: I miss him still.

Not surprisingly, Carrol doesn't mention my reporting (I was an opinion columnist but more than once made hard news in the course of it) on one of the imams of the terrorist mosque. "Waleed Idris al-Maneesey (also spelled Meneese) is the radical lmam who heads up Dar Al-Farooq" I wrote in September of 2017. 

I went on to note: "Al-Maneesey has said that no Muslim in a non-sharia ruled country should be a judge as only Allah can make law. Just last November he preached Muslims had an obligation to kill and destroy the Jews. Both of those sentiments strike me as decidedly un-Minnesotan but what do I know?"

The reaction from local media, including City Pages, to the news I broke? Nothing, as if to prove the title of my column "The Silencing Jihad." 

Two years later, it continues. Cue the "it's all so tiresome" memes.

* * * * 

I wrote "The Islamization of Minnesota Media" for the Center for Security Policy not quite a year ago. The Islamist propaganda Minnesotans face daily is discussed and explained there. Logan, take a look.

* * * * 

Local media have been captured by CAIR and show ample signs of the Stockholm Syndrome. Most astute observers of both media and local Islamists have known this for some time. That City Pages had to gin up a warmed over version of what Minnesota CAIR put out last year suggests to me that local Islamists are not happy with the results thus far. White pill, fam.

I both apologize for and tire of quoting myself but why reinvent the wheel? How I ended my "The Silencing Jihad" column two years ago applies with equal, if not more, force today:

"Dar Al-Farooq is a radical Islamist mosque but will never be covered as such. Brave Muslim reformers like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji, Maajid Nawaz, Tarek Fatah and Raheel Raza will never be given coverage by them. To do so, as I’ve previously written, is to explode the construct that CAIR and MAS speak for all Muslims. They don’t.

The attacks by [Sally Jo] Sorensen, [Wilhelm] Davis and MPR are designed to silence us, to exact a cost for the simple act of paying attention. Someone once said that political correctness is a war on noticing.

That’s why it’s up to us not to remain silent. Silence is their goal, their current jihad. “Silence is death,” as was said in another context. But we won’t stay silent. And if the forces of the Regressive Left don’t like it, they can find another state."

Image credit: Center for Security Policy

Monday, July 8, 2019

Keith Ellison Gaslights Rural Minnesota

Recently, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison ventured into the rural parts of Minnesota in order to set people there straight about how the forced importation of uneducated, low skilled, unassimilable, refugees make their lives better and how dissent from this diktat is "hateful."

Bad message, bad messenger, but that's part & parcel of any gaslighting effort.

This attack, for that is what it is, on rural Minnesota comes close on the heels of the New York Times hit job, about which I wrote immediately below.

Stephen Montemayor, the Star Tribune's go to reporter for dhimmi coverage, wrote a story that couldn't be distinguished from a press release from the Ismaofascist AG. Or Islamofascist Ilhan Omar. Or Islmofascist CAIR.

He's at their service and it shows. Media today are propaganda organs for the Left and should not be taken seriously with respect to that upon which they claim to report.

* * * * 

Still, it's worth following Montemayor's "reporting," if no other reason than to call it out for his relentless service on behalf of The Cathedral. He starts with an unverified report of a "hate crime" and quickly hits his stride bolstering Minnesota's Attorney General's jihad on Wrong Think. Montemayor makes the wholly unsupported allegation that there is "a rising number of episodes of intolerance against immigrants and minorities" in rural Minnesota.

It's always good to remember that when our dishonest media say "hate crimes" are increasing, they almost always refer to "reports" of such being made to the FBI. What they don't tell their readers is that those reports are simply collected; they are not, in fact, verified or found to have actually happened. Feel free to report your own "hate crime" today: there's no downside because no one will bother checking up on you. Some groups know this very well. CAIR, for example.

As anticipated, the Star Tribune reporter cites the New York Times hit piece that I wrote about. Once you figure out The Cathedral, many things are predictable. These stories are coordinated, never spontaneous and exist to advance a false narrative.

It's cute the media don't realize we see them.

Ellison is quoted toward the end of this tedious piece of agitprop as saying "What's clear is these people are organizing. They're here in Minnesota and they are violent and they're willing to stab and hurt people while hiding behind the First Amendment."

Was he talking about Somalis at St. Cloud's Crossroads Mall? Those stabbings? Or was he referring to the straight up violent Antifa for which he has shown much fondness?

And "hiding behind the First Amendment?" Here he gives his game away, which is suppression of speech, censorship. The First Amendment never protects violence and never has. So what does he mean? He means he wants to silence speech with which he doesn't agree: yours.

Montemayor has Ellison justifying his repression tour of rural Minnesota by referencing the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooting that killed 51 people. Please.

Would he justify policing the Muslim community for the slaughter, less than a month later, of more than 100 Nigerian Christians at the hands of Muslims? No, of course not; you see very well how this gaslighting works.

In fact, if we in Minnesota were to pay equal minded attention to what's going on in the world, we'd be protecting Christians and Jews who are murdered daily by adherents of the religion of peace. “Christians living in a Muslim country are ‘143 times more likely’ to be killed by a Muslim than vice versa,” reported the Voice of Europe on March 18th of this year.

When you have mass Muslim migration, like that which has happened in France, Robert Spencer informs us "with 66 dead a year on average, Frenchmen are exactly ten times more likely to be murdered by a Muslim than a Muslim being killed by a non-Muslim terrorist anywhere in the Western world." Not just in France mind you, anywhere in the Western world.

Who's really at risk of harm and from whom? The answer to that question is the last thing Minnesota media will answer.

* * * * 

Ellison deleted the tweet you see pictured at the top of this column. So far, I've not seen Stephen Montemayor report this fact, let alone ask the Attorney General about it. The same goes for the rest of Minnesota media. 

Here's a man who endorses the violence of Antifa, or at a bare minimum, has never once condemned it, dispatching himself to rural Minnesota to lecture others about their purportedly violent tendencies. That which they themselves are guilty of will be projected onto others. 

The sanctimonious editorial board of the Star Tribune gives them cover. That board consists of a handful of unremarkable, mediocre people on the Regressive Left. They have no moral authority. 

In addition to the support of Antifa, our gaslighting Attorney General apparently didn't spend much time in the rural areas of the state because shortly after this PR stunt he was seen warmly embracing the rancid, anti semitic, anti white, terrorist loving Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of the United Kingdom. In a way, I was impressed with the sheer brazenness of Ellison, which brazenness comes from knowing he'll never be held to account by Minnesota media. Where he stops and the other starts is difficult to discern. 

* * * * 

Muslims are more likely to report fake hate crimes than any other group in America except college students and even then, there can be some overlap, according to investigative reporter Andy Ngo. Yes, that Andy Ngo who was recently beaten up by Portland Antifa and sent to the hospital with a brain bleed. 

Any condemnation from local media about a reporter being violently attacked and injured? Anything from Keith Ellison? Anything from those preening moralists at the Star Tribune editorial board? To ask the questions is to have your answers. 

Andrew Yang, and eventually Joe Biden, to their credit, did condemn the attack on Ngo. I no longer ask the limp dick question "But what if conservative affiliated groups had done the same thing? What would the media be saying?" 

If I wanted to engage in an exercise of cringe uselessness I'd read "The Federalist" or attend yet another of that grifter Candace Owens' appearance at the Center of the American Experiment. This is one Boomer who doesn't respond to Boomer bait, who recognizes it for the problem that it is: keeping them asleep, pacified, optimistic when there is no cause. 

Joe Sobran once said of the conservative movement “It was all a game, or a way of making a living.” Even in the Age of Trump, this remains true. 

It is worth noting, however, that Peter Beinert, on July 4th no less, wrote that there was almost no support on the Left for Antifa so why do conservatives insist there is? Yet Jeffrey Goldberg, his editor at "The Atlantic" tweeted a comparison of Antifa to the American troops landing on the beaches of Normandy. Yes, it's a mystery how Antifa has been given a pass. 

Did local media republish the photo of Keith Ellison at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair with Portland Antifa leader Luis Enrique Marquez? Of course not but thanks to Big League Politics you can see it for yourself.

These things happen, are allowed to happen if not promoted outright, because of The Cathedral. I may be banging on about this concept for awhile but only because I think it affords Minnesotans an exceptional understanding as to much of what is happening around them. To know how to best respond, one has to best understand what is going on. The Cathedral gets us most of the way there. 

And what is really happening?

Pat Buchanan recently put it succinctly: “In half a lifetime, many Americans have seen their God dethroned, their heroes defiled, their culture polluted, their values assaulted, their country invaded, and themselves demonized as extremists and bigots for holding on to beliefs Americans have held for generations.”

Instead of robust support for those Americans, we get moral cretins like Ilhan Omar who hates the country that gave her refuge, whose own native country in a hundred years couldn't achieve a quarter of what America has, even as we're expected to celebrate Somali straw huts on Lake Street or in some pathetic Somali "museum." We get Islamofascists like Keith Ellison, who the dumbest republicans in the nation couldn't defeat when he ran for Attorney General, but who pretends to moral virtue while supporting Antifa and meeting with Jeremy Corbyn. 

Rural Minnesotans in particular understand the stakes and refuse to be cowed by a far left Attorney General and his handmaidens in the press. They refuse to let another Rotherham happen in their midsts because Rotherham happened by degrees. They insist on stopping those degrees every step of the way. And there is no other way, despite the condescension or the all out attacks on them. 

Far more than the ersatz sophisticated "conservatives" I know in the Twin Cities, most of whom are good only for lining up for (yet another) paycheck on a (yet another) sure to fail campaign, or who cashed out to become lobbyists while pretending to make a difference, or who suck up to the Left and local media for fear they'll be called names, rural Minnesotans have the courage that comes from knowing they are right. 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Somalis, Minnesota & The Cathedral

Last Thursday the New York Times, an essential element of the Cathedral (defined and explained in my post immediately below), published a story designed to silence Minnesotans from voicing legitimate concerns about the forced importation of Somalis into this state. The only officially approved narrative on this topic is one of unalloyed joy and gratitude despite, on balance and by every objective measure, being an ongoing, quite expensive, socially corrosive, failure.

Somalis in Minnesota do very little to adjust and assimilate into America. They are encouraged by the Regressive Left, here and nationally, aided by the Cathedral, not to do so. Instead, quite perversely, Minnesotans are demanded to do all the adjusting. This is exactly backwards but is precisely our current circumstances.

The New York Times story--one could predict its content and narrative arc without reading it--is designed to assist local efforts in Minnesota to silence objections and dissent. The mere act of noticing is not allowed. "Political correctness is a war on noticing," Steve Sailer once wrote.

Reduced to its essentials, the storyline posits that backwards, racist, xenophobic (a word used in the title) Minnesotans are the scum of the earth, while portraying Somalis as helpless victims, here only to benefit us, instead of to take from us, which is the more accurate reality. That nonsense about diversity making us stronger again. It doesn't, of course, but saying so will soon be a capital offense.

* * * * 

Before examining the hit job of a story, I want to recall what I wrote almost two years ago to the day when Sen. Tom Cotton was the featured speaker at the annual dinner of the Center of the American Experiment. Quite literally, I was the only one present who actually conveyed in writing what the Senator said. The Cathedral works by intimidation, among other methods, and the reaction to the New York Times story is revealing proof of it.

Here's what I wrote for Alpha News about the substance of Sen. Cotton's remarks concerning Somalis & Minnesota:

"Cotton proceeded to talk in honest, real terms about Somalia and Somali immigration. I swear I could hear jaws clench. This crowd either supported open borders or was (mostly) too cowardly to speak about its downsides. Not Tom.

He detailed the enormous financial generosity of America toward the failed state of Somalia, including both humanitarian aid as well as military efforts, the latter at the cost of lives. “Blackhawk Down” and all that.

Turning to the realities of Somali immigration, he informed the audience that Minnesota spends more than 120 million dollars annually on that community. He noted that more than 80% of them do not speak English at home. He pointed out the obvious and ongoing problem of Somalis joining terrorist groups both here and abroad. He truthfully said that there is little cultural integration of them nor any particularly noteworthy contributions to wider society from them.

He mocked Gov. Mark Dayton for saying to those who had “real and legitimate” concerns about such a troubling situation that they “should find a different state.” He made plain that the Governor had it backwards, had it manifestly wrong and that American citizens have every right to question the consequences of immigration decisions from which they are largely excluded but are forced to live with.

Simple, candid common sense was the order of Cotton’s day and saying these things out loud made the Center’s audience deeply uncomfortable. Citizens have every right to question the settlement of those who don’t share our values or seek to change our culture into the backward one from which they came. Female genital mutilation comes to mind. That questioning can, and should, be done without rancor or unkindness but this crowd was largely made up of those who faint dead away at the thought of being called bigoted or racist."

All this is truer today than it was two years ago. The discussion along these lines amongst Minnesotans is precisely what the Times' story is designed to shut down. Local media was failing at the task. Ask yourself: why else would the New York Times take an interest in Saint Cloud, Minnesota? Why now? These stories don't appear for no reason. 

* * * * 

The story itself was badly written, notable for the falsehoods it contained as well as for salient facts it left out. This is how most "journalism" operates in the service of the Cathedral's agenda.

To begin, the reading material of one subject is categorically labeled xenophobic and conspiratorial, with no evidence provided for the claim, naturally. Robert Spencer's "" was included in those characterizations. Spencer is a scrupulously factual, leading authority on Islam, Islamism, the terrorism that naturally accompanies mass Muslim migration to the West and the author of "The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS." Buy this book.

The story went on to deride white demographic replacement, something minorities and the Democrats boast about, as a "racist conspiracy theory." Except that white replacement is an obvious, demonstrable fact, here in America and across Western Europe.

Whites are a minority in London. The very day this hit piece appeared, the Texas Tribune ran the story "Texas gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident last year." No Texas, no republican president ever again. But "a racist conspiracy" according to the author of the New York Times story.

All of this is in the service to intimidate you into not noticing in the first place, and in the second, to remain silent if you do. Whites can object once they're minorities and lose electoral power.

The Minnesota chapter of CAIR is kowtowed to without mentioning its terrorist links, something the New York Times has in common with local media. The pretense it speaks for all Muslims is laughable but that's the only narrative you'll find in the press.

What did the story leave out about Somalis in Minnesota? Welfare dependency to the tune of 120 million dollars annually, lack of assimilation by Somalis into American culture, daycare fraud, home health services fraud, members of the Bloomington terrorist mosque Dar Al Farooq leaving to join the terrorist group Al- Shabab, an imam at that same mosque whose homilies instruct Muslims that it is their religious duty to kill Jews, and another terrorist attack at the Mall of America on top of that of Crossroads Mall.

Gee, why would people who had no say in the imposition of all this cultural enrichment have the least hesitation about such developments?

A friend more astute than I am noticed the Times' story flipped the demographic numbers: Saint Cloud went from 2% non-white to 33%. But, she observed, another way of saying this is that in 30 years it went from 98% white to 67% white. You're supposed to neither notice nor object. Diversity, weirdly, only affects white people. Why is that?

As one person on Twitter said: "Note the preposterous inversion of who the offending party is here, as if it's entirely natural for people from thousands of miles away to be settled en masse in a small city in the interior of this continent. But somehow it's the locals who must explain themselves!"

Another: "Amusing to see the obvious alliance between the East Coast media & refugee NGO's to facilitate ramrodding 3rd world migrants into white towns & the few remaining majority white cities. 'Accept this next wave of migrants or we'll stamp you as media-certified bigots or Hate Agents.'"

Yet another put it in succinct deadly terms: "Their desire to not be replaced is proof they deserve replacement."

* * * * 

Astead W. Herndon is the reporter commissioned by the Times for this hit job. "In his free time, he enjoys basketball, musical theater, “Atlanta” (his favorite TV show), Kanye West and is a die-hard supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, a soccer team in North London," reads his bio in part. 

A black, gay, affirmative action hire, previously at the D.C. bureau of The Boston Globe, Herndon's Saint Cloud piece is actually the second installment of his cultural jihad against what he terms "white identity politics."

Wait a minute: isn't identity politics all the rage? Why, yes it is. Does every other ethnic group in America now engage in it constantly? Regrettably, yes. Why, then, should anyone object when whites do it?

Because it's racist. I'm not being facetious, that's the literal, and continuous, answer you will get to that obvious question. Such is the alarm in the Cathedral that whites will attain a racial, ethnic identity before the demographic transformation of America is complete that this non sequitur is deployed viciously and incessantly against them. Alas, it's effective: you don't want to be called a waycist bigot, do you white boy? It helps, of course, when there are a lot of white Leftists shouting this. 

His first article in what can only be presumed to be a tedious narrative tasked Herndon by his white overlords at the Times is titled "How Trump’s Brand of Grievance Politics Roiled a Pennsylvania Campaign." Herndon references an alleged push-pull among republicans "who have wrestled with how to deal with such overt appeals to white identity."

When all others are explicitly appealed to daily on the basis of those identities, why can't whites be? Because they're still in the voting majority, which gives the game away. 

Do you think Herndon will write on how blacks in America, who constitute 13% of the population, are responsible for more than 50% of violent crime? Never. Wrong narrative. 

This accounts for why you never see stories about the state of race relations among minorities. How are blacks and hispanics getting along? Asians and blacks? Blacks and Somalis? Africans new to America and blacks? Once you take out the white element, the narrative is grim. 

The cohesion of the coalition of the fringes depends upon the white boogeyman. Left to themselves they resemble "The Lord of the Flies." 

Based upon my review of Herndon's articles and social media postings, I've concluded he's a black national supremacist. Two can play that game and far more of us on the Right should. Turns out it's quite easy. 

Why don't we? Oh right, the name calling. The Cathedral's power is as strong as it is because currently it only has to start the job of non-personing and too many on the Right will do the rest of the work for it in order not to be next. Belatedly, they learn they are always next; it's only a matter of time, a matter of sequencing. 

With the Saint Cloud calumny, Herndon got a twofer: racist white people and Muslim haters. The reaction, however, in Minnesota has been less than spectacular to his libel-by-the-numbers job, something of a thud, as a friend of mine might say. Sure the local newspaper wrung its hands and the usual white haters in the Twin Cities media and political circles clucked but, beyond that, not much of an impact. 

No one lost their job, for example, always a goal with these stories to provide sufficient warning to others engaged in Wrong Think. Herndon's own tweeting of the story went decidedly non-viral and many of the replies, satisfyingly, were evidence that this narrative is losing strength.

The objects of the hit job hit back.

* * * * 

Objecting to your own demographic replacement without any say, as well as to the forced importation of Islam on a significant scale, which importation has already destroyed the United Kingdom and ruined much of Western Europe, is both appropriate and necessary. Cultural Janissaries, hired by corporate media, will be deployed to bolster attempts by local media to stop efforts of the citizenry from being effective in, well, resisting.

“Islam is not a race … Islam is simply a set of beliefs, and it is not ‘Islamophobic’ to say Islam is incompatible with liberal democracy,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the world's most famous and accomplished Somali, has rightly said. Why don't you see her celebrated in Minnesota media instead of the national embarrassment Ilhan Omar? Indeed, why is there a media blackout on Hirsi Ali in this state? 

The Cathedral is the short answer.

Why no extensive coverage as to the cost of Somali migration here, the fraud, the criminal gang violence, the extent of female genital mutilation, the lack of genuine assimilation as opposed to the gaming of the system and exploitation of their status as pets of the Regressive Left, or of the pathologies of that ghetto known as Cedar Riverside?

Again, the Cathedral. 

This framework explains a great deal, if not in fact most, of our politics and culture, tightly intertwined as they have become. Once understood, you'll never see anything the same way again.

* * * * 

There are, of course, better and worse ways of approaching these topics. Without exception, every person interviewed in Herndon's story who was concerned about these forced developments failed to realize what was really going on, failed to realize the hit job in the process of being written, failed to understand the Cathedral and, above all, failed to take my oft repeated advice: never talk to the media. No good, and much ill, will only come from it.

Stop cooperating with people who hate you.

Islam's rank, self-professed, incompatibility with America as founded should always be the locus of concern, not an individual Mohammedan. That person deserves to be treated with respect and the protection of the full panoply of legal rights afforded any American, even as Islam exploits what Hirsi Ali says is democracies soft underbellies, our religious freedoms. Tricky business. 

Propagandists and Islamofascist supremacists like Ilhan Omar are fair game for strong, consistent criticism. But should I meet her in real life, I'd treat her with all the usual courtesies which South Dakotans were raised to treat others. Macro, stopping the Islamization of America, not micro, an individual adherent, should be the object of our warranted attention.

When we do so, when those brave individuals in Saint Cloud and elsewhere in Minnesota who have awakened to the threat, who don't want their state & country to go the way of the U.K., who say no and seek to educate others, we will find, to our satisfaction, that the Cathedral strikes back.

This is why, despite all appearances to the contrary, the New York Times story is a sign of the Cathedral's panic. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Untouchable Ilhan Omar

As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam. —Siraj Wahhaj

Ilhan Omar, "a symbol of America’s failed immigration system if there ever was one, someone who hates this country coming here at public expense," as the indispensable Tucker Carlson recently described her, continues to make the worst possible sort of news. Jew hater? Check. America hater? Check. Hater of white people who built not only this country but Western Civilization and without whom she'd still be in a refugee camp in Kenya? Double check.

Islamofascist supremacist? Uber check, because that identity is her raison d'état.

To miss this last bit is to miss the real Ilhan Omar entirely.

I'm the guy who unearthed her "Israel has hypnotized the world" tweet. She didn't appreciate her true views being made known, literally worldwide. (I'm bad at this game or else I would have monetized it, something Turning Point, USA would not have failed to do if they had come across the tweet. I can see Alyssa Ahlgren modeling tee shirts with it even now to be sold to Boomers)

In response to bringing her tweet to light, Omar called me a "hateful, sad man." Or a "sad, hateful man." Who can recall, it's Twitter. You get the drift and I put one of those iterations in my Twitter bio with relish.

My name was caught up in the firestorm of attention to this tweet so it was probably inevitable that I would get an inquiry from corporate media and indeed I did, although the source was surprising. Last November, I received an DM on Twitter (my DMs are open because fear is paralysis) from a reporter with Deutsche Welle, one of the world's premiere corporate news reporting organizations. German, in case Deutsche didn't register with you.

Said one Tessa Walther, in the Washington, D.C. bureau, to me: "I am working on a story about Ilhan Omar. I would like to talk to you about what she called you. Would you have time for a short statement?" Her contact information followed but would never be republished here.

Do you see what's going on? Ilhan Omar reveals her true colors but I'm somehow going to be the story because of what she called me? My reaction to her name calling is either the story or somehow fits into it? I don't think so. I'm already on a list of Wrong Thinkers as generated by the Minnesota chapter of that terrorist linked, Hamas front group known as CAIR.

I didn't respond and Tessa Walther's "story" never ran. Believe me, I've searched for any story by this reporter on the Islamist Barbie Doll.™ Nothing comes up in any search.

The obvious point is to never, as in ever, talk to the media.

* * * * 

I'm not interested here in reciting the litany of transgressions by Omar because they accrue weekly. It's who she is, who her male handlers are. If you think Ilhan Omar has any moral agency than you don't understand Islam, especially as it tries to infect America as it has, to a distressingly successful degree, in Europe. See Douglas Murray's "The Strange Death of Europe." 

The world's most famous and accomplished Somali woman is Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Minnesota media have a blackout on the woman. Why is that?

Omar is tight friends with the rancid Linda Sarsour, who publicly urges Muslims not to assimilate and to obey only "Allah's" law, in other words, sharia. These Islamofascist haters of America are neither shy nor subtle. Again, you won't read a single story about Sarsour in Minnesota media. If you object, you'll be called a bigot. I should know.

But the secret to being called names is, once you let them bounce off you, the name callers have no power. None. It's terrifying to them and it's only because too many of us are cowed by name calling that they have the cultural power they do.

Stop caring about what your political and cultural enemies think of you. Get off the sidelines because the civil war you didn't ask for is upon us. 

* * * *

I haven't blogged since December 3, 2018, after I quit Alpha News, where I had been solicited to write based upon the blog you're reading now. Thank you, Cole Mathisen. I enjoyed my eighteen months there because I made people uncomfortable by writing about uncomfortable topics. Minnesotans are deeply dishonest, something I'll never understand even while they preen about how great a state this is. Me? I once wrote "Does Minnesota Suck?"

I had kept my then editor in chief Christine Bauman informed about my impending departure because the direction the platform was taking concerned me: a People's magazine of politics? (honk), or more articles on Joe Mauer (what?), or stories no longer than 300 words (was the target audience retarded or suffering from ADD?), per owner Bob Cummins and his side kick. Alpha News, unfortunately, is now mostly a platform for useless Boomer Bait, written by perky female millennials devoid of intellectual gravitas or seriousness. "Bartender, a round of pocket Constitutions for all my friends!"

I was in Mother India at the time I quit, Varanasi specifically, Hinduism's holiest city (you know, where the dead bodies are cremated in the open). Ich bin Hindu nationalist. 

After texting, I sent Christine my resignation email and went for a walk in the early morning light along the Ganges, smoking a Marlboro red and looking for my favorite chai walla. 

I'm not sure my anti-smoking friend Dario Anselmo will ever understand the evanescence.

* * * * 

So we're left with Ilhan Omar and a system that imports low IQ people who hate us into our own country. Did you know that Somalis in Minnesota get (at least) 120 million dollars in welfare every year? Probably not because I only learned of this figure from Sen. Tom Cotton two years ago when he was the speaker at the annual dinner for the Center of the American Boomer™. Except for me, no one reported on this. Not John Hinderaker. Not Scott Johnson. And they were both there. Draw your own conclusions. 

Have you heard of the term "controlled opposition?" You should because you live in it. And you fall for it: the Freedom Club, Rough Riders, the Center of the American Experiment. All useless because they won't confront demographic replacement. More or less, they're in it for the money, yours. Occam's razor and all that. 

I cringe at the demands for Omar to be thrown off the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Sign this petition to stop her (insert various offenses here). The usual nonsense from people who, bless them, think we live in normal political times. We don't. None of this will happen.

The poison that is Ilahn Omar is here to stay. Look for the usual suspects to promote her cause, especially secular Jews, weirdly enough. They hope to be eaten last but it hasn't worked out so well for them in Europe. Think Malmo, Sweden, think Birmingham, England. Hell, think Western Europe generally. They're undaunted but you should be as well. Especially if you're white.

* * * *

Ilhan Omar is untouchable, despite any crimes she has committed or how much she hates America or the white people who created it and modernity itself. She's jealous, really. What has Somali culture given the world? Not much and nothing good, which is why they fail wherever they have been forcefully injected into any modern country. The national average IQ in Somalia is 68. Google it.

You know it, I know it, we all know it. But why is that? How to account for such things, how we have gotten here? How has the greatest country on earth been flooded with those who are not worthy to be here and seek to destroy us from within?

The "Cathedral" is the short answer. I tried to explain that concept when I guest hosted for my friend Sue Jeffers last weekend. Mencius Moldbug, a pen name for Curtis Yarvin, came up with the idea. He says:

"The great power center . . . . is the Cathedral. The Cathedral has two parts: the accredited universities and the established press. The universities formulate public policy. The press guides public opinion. In other words, the universities make decisions, for which the press manufactures consent. It’s as simple as a punch in the mouth."

You'll notice that democracy and the quaint notion of self governance nowhere appear in this definition and for good reason. The Cathedral is above us, all around us, we exist within it. Moldbug goes on:

"Today’s Cathedral is not a personality cult. It is not a political party. It is something far more elegant and evolved. It is not even an organization in the conventional, hierarchical sense of the word—it has no Leader, no Central Committee, no nothing. It is a true peer-to-peer network, which makes it extraordinarily resilient. To even understand why it is so unanimous, why Harvard always agrees with Yale which is always on the same page as Berkeley which never picks any sort of a fight with the New York Times, except of course to argue that it is not progressive enough, takes quite a bit of thinking."

You can listen to the first hour of my show here and the second hour here. And you should.

* * * * 

Tumors on the body politic like Ilhan Omar are part of a design to "fundamentally transform" America as founded into a more or less Third World basket case. Think Brazil North. Islam has no place in Western Civilization and none in America. Don't let anyone bully you out of that realization. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has repeatedly said that Islam attacks us through the soft underbelly of democracies, its religious freedoms.

Consequently, you simply aren't up to speed if you think the normal checks on conduct will apply to the Cathedral's favorite pets. Just the opposite: they are cosseted, flattered, held out as manifestly better than you and are the subject of puff pieces that are intended to force you to look away from the damaging consequences of importing a totalitarian ideology wrapped in the guise of religion.

This is why, in part, Minnesotans get stories like "Little Abdi, not your white child, may get the USA to Mars." Or fawning coverage over a woman dressed to repress on Sports Illustrated. It's called Clown World and by their honks ye shall know it.

It's also why criminal activity by Somali youth in Minnesota is rarely covered or, if forced to, given the once over lightly treatment. Somali gangs in the Twin Cities? They're thriving but you wouldn't know it from local media coverage. Only Crime Watch Minneapolis, on Facebook and on Twitter, covers crime like it should be, regardless of who is committing it.

Ilhan Omar being untouchable is proof positive that you're losing your country. We haven't lost it entirely yet but it surely hangs in the balance. Stop pretending the usual blandishments will work because they won't. The Cathedral has seen to this.