Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Muslim Pets Of Minnesota Democrats

All religions are purportedly equal in America but in Minnesota there's only one that's exalted, praised and promoted by those in the DFL, in and out of office, to say nothing of their handmaidens in the media. They aren't subtle about it and that's the point: some barely literate, welfare dependent & criminally active dude from Somalia is far better than you, and your family, who have lived here in Minnesota for generations.

They're not white and you are. This is their literal calculus; they're importing any Third World underclass in order to stay in power, the Great Replacement. That Islam is the most violent, regressive, divisive and per se hateful religion in human history is simply value added to the Cultural Marxists now regnant in this state.

* * * * 

I've written about the dangers of Islam in the West for as long as I've been writing here, or at Alpha News and elsewhere, for more than a decade. I used to be younger. But the message doesn't age and so I couldn't help but be struck by the next-level audacity, the sheer contempt and in-your-faceness of Governor Walz, parroted by his lower echelon minions in state government, who last month wished the forcibly-imported-into-Minnesota Muslims a Happy Ramadan. 

To use their phrase: this isn't who we are. Nor, certainly, wish to become. 

There is, theoretically, nothing wrong with a public official wishing the adherents of one religion or another well on their particular holiday. Personally I'm not fond of it, rather French in fact, when it comes to L'etat and religion. But America was founded and created by Christians, mostly Dutch & British Protestants. So the public square has always contained the uncontainable, God. It should continue to do so.

The trick is to get it right and here Governor Walz and his troops didn't at all and by design. Governor Assistant Football Coach (h/t Sheila Kihne PBUH) was noticeably absent from a daily briefing about the Wuhan virus in Minnesota recently. A credulous Minnesota media repeated his lie that he was observing Good Friday, no questions asked.

The real reason for his absence was that he was caught out in a lie the day before, Holy Thursday, denying he'd predicted there would be 20,000 dead in Minnesota. To which Tom Hauser said: "We have it on tape."

There were no Easter greetings to the Christians of Minnesota by the Governor. They're the enemy and I don't exaggerate. If you think I do, may I suggest you haven't been paying attention? 

Later on Good Friday he tweeted a picture of himself and his daughter, both moronically wearing face masks outdoors. Some observance of the Ultimate Sacrifice, God become Man and slaughtered for our sake. That I'm no longer a Christian (but not an atheist) makes no difference in being able to recognize the calculated slight. Perhaps it heightens it.

I'm able to see clearly how the Regressive Left weaponizes one religion, while denigrating others, in particular the one which is responsible for the creation of America, modernity itself and which no amount of Third World immigrants can sustain. 

Which is the point. 

Their goal is to attack and discredit the very notions upon which America was created. In Minnesota, they're succeeding, in no small part because of a weak, insipid and cowardly entity known as the Republican Party of Minnesota, its elected officials, adherents, donor and lobbyist class. 

If you ever find yourself in a foxhole with one of them, put a bullet in the back of their head. Don't aim for the brain, you'll likely miss that small target; focus on the brain stem.

They're reptiles, after all. 

* * * * 

As everyone knows by now, the City of Minneapolis, in cooperation with the terrorist affiliated CAIR, has commanded that the call to prayer be blared out in the squalid ghetto known as Cedar-Riverside during Ramadan. Everyone in that area who isn't a Mohammedan is oppressed in public. They don't matter. 

What's happening in our midst in Minnesota has been played out repeatedly in Europe. There's one playbook and it's being run here with frightful little opposition, thoughtful or otherwise. You can read all about it in Douglas Murray's book "The Strange Death of Europe."  

* * * * 

There's little public or organized opposition to the exaltation of Mohammedism over Christianity or indeed any other religion. There should be and I've done my bit, will continue to. The insistence by Muslim immigrants wherever they land in Western countries that they're special and needs must have unique accommodations is a demand made by no other group. It deserves to be rejected out of hand. 

Islam isn't special except in its depravity.

Allah was a desert moon god before Mohammad coopted the concept and incorporated it into his derivative religion, a mish mash of Christianity & Judaism, brought forth in the 7th Century and then spread by violence, slaughter and conquest. As you read this, the Muslim slave trade thrives in North Africa. Don't expect Gov. Walz or the local  media to mention that, however.  

* * * *

There are a number of brave citizen groups throughout the state who fight back against being replaced, being ethnically cleansed in their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors, being told that cretins like Ilhan Omar are more American than they and their families are. They are right to resist, to object and to reassert that this country belongs to them and to those who, as President Trump is frequently wont to say, love our people and our values.

They adjust to America; we don't adjust to them. Within reason of course: it's mostly Protestants who get publicly drunk now on Saint Patrick's Day.

Somalis aren't the only Muslim subgroup in Minnesota but they're certainly the largest and most visible. Why, then, do they commit so much crime? Why is welfare dependency so great? Why, still, do 80% of them not speak English at home? All of this goes unreported, of course, because it conflicts with the corrosive narrative pushed by the Cathedral.

These are legitimate questions a free people can and should ask. You'll be punished, on or off line, for doing so but you simply have to persist. After the name calling, the Cultural Marxists have nothing.

Not being afraid is their greatest fear.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Vandana of Varanasi

I encountered her by accident: the reason one travels.

I was staying in a flat outside of the noise and din of Varanasi, the holiest city of Hinduism, far removed from my first visit to Mother India in the deep south of the country, the state of Tamil Nadu, locus of the glory of the Hindu religion and her temples, away from the slaughter and destruction of the Muslims further north, that fake religion of peace which threatens the civilized world wherever it spreads, like a virus.

Here I had gone north. The difference was substantial but similar. The ear piercing cacophony of Indian traffic is an assault when first encountered. Then, like everything in life I suppose, one gets used to it and the noise fades to mere background. I've become adept at the notorious Indian "head wobble" signifying something (yet I somehow manage always to know when to deploy it), as well as making way for cows on the road. Don't pet them, by the way.

The city is also known as Benares, Banaras or Kashi. Puts me in mind of Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. Some of our world cities have long histories behind their current label.

Except Rome, eternal Rome.

As Mark Twain said: “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend  and looks twice as old as all of them put together!”

India is Hindu. I've only ever been there to observe. And learn. I'm not a convert. Isn't learning enough?

* * * * 

Like some story board from a movie, I met Vandana on one of my last days in Varanasi. I was staying in a VRBO above where she lived, tight against the ghats on the Ganges, the owner a literal descendant of Indian royalty. The dismantling of them by Nehru is second only to his agreement of the partition of the subcontinent. Some crimes cannot be forgiven.

* * * * 

I had two keys. The first let me out of the yard of my flat, into the back, toward the river, the Ganges, universally called "Ganga" in India. That name was foreign to this foreigner. What do they know? I preferred my own pronunciation but never spoke it. When in Rome. 

The second key was to a gate that allowed me to climb down the steep steps to the Ganges, steep as in if you fell forward you'd be dead by the time your carcass flopped onto the landing. A shabby death, as a dear friend of mine might call it.

When I looked right, instead of left, that's when I saw Vandana. The steepness of the steps never changed in either direction but there were fewer of them to the right than to the left.

I'm not entirely sure why I climbed those steps to the right but I did. She spoke limited English but I spoke no Hindi. She was a bright young girl, self possessed and charming and with a modicum of English. "Hey mister!"

She took me left, around the corner where the steps ended and then showed me a litter of puppies. Other Indians immediately crowded round as she showed them off to me. Here's a white guy, an obvious visiter (no matter where I travel abroad I don't think of myself as a tourist. Some may find that a conceit; I think of it as a mindset). Four, or six, I can't remember. Cute as only dog or cat babies can be.

After making nice for awhile, I told Vandana that I had to be off to the Ganges. We'd rounded back around the corner and she invited me in for chai into, apparently, her family's home. I declined with all the graciousness that pigeon English and hand gestures could muster. She understood but asked if I was on WhatsApp. I confessed I was and so phone numbers were exchanged.

* * * *

I dropped off several kilos of puppy chow to her before I left Varanasi. One can only do so much, but wherever one is, one should do that much, at home or abroad. I also gave her a 500 rupee note (with my right hand, by the way, never the left). She knew at a glance what it meant and thanked me, profusely if she had had her way but I made my exit quickly. Many people live for thanks while I've always found it a personal indictment.

* * * * 

Vandana texted me via WhatsApp for awhile after I returned to America, always calling me "uncle," a term of respect for older men who are not literal family relations. I responded as best I could, given the language and age barriers. After some time, she went silent. I don't know if her family could continue to afford an internet plan or not. Food first.

* * * * 

I don't know why Vandana returned to me, why I'm only writing about her now for the first time, more than a year later. Possibly because I know I can't travel this spring (Berlin/Vienna), although I always go to India in the Fall, which is still likely to happen, so I'm not sure that's it. 

Likely it's because when people ask why I "vacation" so much, as opposed to what I do, which is travel, she's the reason. 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

CPAC: The Potemkin Village Of Conservative, Inc.

Viruses are lately much in the news and as if taking its cue from that, CPAC opened this week in Washington, D.C. An annual event for some years now, it has become a bloated farce of Conservative, Inc.'s attempt to survive the Trump years by fooling its too often gullible base by appearing to represent genuine conservative change. It does nothing of the sort, of course, but one has to give it credit for the sheer size of the gaslighting effort.

Previously CPAC was mostly a DC gathering for the 30 and under conservative crowd to get drunk and laid. Who could begrudge them that except MNGOPe types who'd do well to do either or both more. Then CPAC got monetized by Conservative, Inc.

Last year, Google was a major sponsor of CPAC. What more, really, is there to say? A major tech company, the most powerful tech company in the world, which consistently deplatforms conservatives and dissidents, ponies up to put on this farcical show.

This is akin to a Code Pink conference being underwritten by Lockheed Martin or Raytheon. Nothing is too stupid or contradictory for the odious lobbyist Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Union, the headwaters of CPAC.

The fundamental problem with CPAC, apart from the obvious grift, is its determined insistence to avoid topics of real interest to Americans, the most important of which is immigration--both legal and illegal--and how demographic replacement could shortly make it impossible to elect a Republican president again. The corporate money behind CPAC doesn't care if America becomes a Third World hellhole.

Ann Coulter will never be more right than when she says immigration is "the" issue because immigration decides all other issues. It's irrefutable & Ilhan Omar is Exhibit A to this proposition.

CPAC today is utterly uncontroversial: socialism bad! free markets rules! Visit our vendors in the hallways to buy your tsotchkes that reinforce your Boomer mindset. "It's all so tiresome."

Nikki Haley, real name Nimrata Nikki Randhawa (see how that works?) hosted the official "Welcome Reception" according to CPAC's official agenda posted online. Did she charge $100,000, her usual speaking fee? She's a neocon as well so that's great.

This isn't to say CPAC is a complete wash. Sometimes interesting people who speak about relevant topics are not screened out. President Trump is scheduled to speak and it would be bad form not to.

Nigel Farage, Lee Smith, Andy Ngo, Saagar Enjeti, Sen. Josh Hawley, Gordon Chang, are among the quality speakers allowed by CPAC to make it appear authentic.

Pete Hegseth will speak as well (in the "FOX Nation" booth, subscribe now!) about his book, "In The Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America," the paperback edition of which came out three years ago, in February, 2017. Okay. Everybody into the pool.

But the bad outweighs the good. Just days ago CPAC credentialed well known Leftist Jared Holt who engages on hit jobs on people on the Right, as well as another man who's a certified Antifa activist. Molly-Jong Fast is speaking as I write. If you don't know who these people are, that's by design. When you know, you realize that CPAC enables the enemy which, necessarily, makes them the enemy as well.

You won't see Michelle Malkin, the bravest conservative in the nation, Ann Coulter, always redeemable by her writing on immigration or even Laura Loomer (don't care what you think of her) who was thrown out of CPAC last year. What gatekeepers on the Right?

As ‪@NickJFuentes said recently: "Free speech is essential in so far that we use it to challenge the status quo. CPAC wants to control the narrative so that regular people aren’t exposed to true right wing and nationalist positions."

* * * * 

Closer to home we have our own iteration of gatekeepers and faux conservatism, The Center of the American Experiment, which I call, more accurately, the Center of the American Boomer.™ I endeared myself to it by writing honestly when Sen. Tom Cotton addressed their annual dinner, three years ago this June, by writing "Tom Cotton Red Pills The Center of the American Experiment."

I haven't said this before but I wrote that article because neither John Hinderaker, president of the "activist think tank," nor Scott Johnson wrote about the substance of Sen. Cotton's remarks. Both praised his credentials (by their insecurities ye shall know them) and how pleasant & funny he was: a good time was had by all. Pablum, perfectly in keeping with Center's mission to be impotent but liked. Don't get me started on the cowardice of Hinderaker when it comes to Kim Crockett. 

Now, by invitation only, which still costs you $75 (what grifting?) we have this upcoming:

And who isn't for fweedom? Certainly not gullible Boomers!

Charlie Kirk is a joke who makes Mark Zuckerberg look human. He's head of Turning Point, USA, the cringe astroturf group that exists to make Boomers think they're not, in real time, losing their country to the Third World. Unlike Michelle Malkin & Nick Fuentes, he's not America First. 

Candace Owens is an accomplished chameleon grifter: look up "Social Autopsy," her stillborn website designed to dox people who anonymously engage in wrong think. Before realizing where the money was, she trashed tea party patriots specifically and Republicans generally. This is her third, five figure, appearance at the Center of the American Boomer.™ She's peddled the "Blexit" farce, where large number of blacks will vote for Trump. This wasn't proven by the results from 2018 but no matter. She also married a white dude, something sure to go down well in the hood. Only Minnesota Boomers would fail to recognize a fraud of this stature. 

David Prager, son on Dennis, is also speaking to the blue rinse haired crowd that makes up this "VIP event by invitation only $75" event. He's the son of Dennis. Last year the Los Angeles Times reported that "Tax filings show $237,500 went to his [Dennis] consulting firm. An additional $155,700 went to Prager’s son for help with fundraising." Cool, cool. 

The outlier in this group is David Horowitz who is a stronger conservative than any of his co-attendees. "Fight fire with fire" is his mantra, something necessary, needed and true to our times. 

He's a wartime conservative; the rest peacetime. 

Buy their books, pay the entrance fee. Pretend you're saving America. 

Attend CPAC or believe they speak for you.