Friday, October 30, 2009

Surprise! Iran Reneges On Refueling "Deal"

MC isn't the gambling type but we wish we would have placed bets with our doe-eyed liberal friends who cooed, to mix metaphors, about what progress Obama represented when it comes to Iran. Recall that by shamefully staying silent for more than a week in the face of the Islamo-fascist regime slaughtering its own citizens in the streets, Obama hoped to curry favor with the mullahs. Later, in negotiations Iran made noises about being amenable to shippping out to Russia its spent uranium so as not to have it around for enrichment to atomic bomb grade.

Gee, the NY Times reports today that Iran has rejected the initial proposal for shipment to Russia. Could Obama and his foolish advisors ever have really thought this would come to pass? If so, they are more naive and dangerous than MC ever imagined.

The NY Times, ever stupid, actually says the following as its second sentence in reporting this story: "The apparent rejection of the deal could unwind President Obama’s effort to buy time to resolve the nuclear standoff."

Hello, Pinch? Buehler? Anyone? Delay is Tehran's game, Tehran's goal! "Buying time" to resolve the nuclear standoff? Good grief, delay is the means through which the standoff becomes moot by Iran having a nuclear bomb.

Somewhere Bibi is both rolling his eyes and thinking "I told him so."

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