Thursday, January 14, 2010

GOP Losers Target Michael Steele

Shawn Steel, no relation to Michael Steele, has penned an accurate and deadly account of the sniping and backstabbing currently engaged in by a few dead enders on the Republican National Committee against the Chair. Evie Axdahl and Brian Sullivan, above, are two such dead enders.

Precious little communication from these two to State Central delegates or others has been forthcoming until lately. Axdahl engineered a dishonest resolution at the State Central meeting in December with which to bludgeon Michael Steele at the mid-winter meeting of the RNC later this month. Sullivan couldn't be bothered to attend that meeting or the previous one in June. The email communicatons, however, are too little and too late. Do they seriously think we are that stupid?

In the article, Shawn Steel lays out very plainly what has been going on behind the scenes. Click on the title of this post to read the article. We liked this:

"Steele’s critics fall roughly into three categories. The first group is the RNC dissident losers. Last year’s RNC battle for chairman was tough but historic. The dinosaur RNC ghosts, who once dominated key RNC committees, controlled the agenda and enjoyed exclusive invititations to private parties in the Bush White House, were isolated. There are about a half-dozen left; some have served on the RNC for more than 20 years. Today, they have little, if any, influence."

After we retire as many Democrats as possible in 2010, let's turn our attention to replacing the RNC representatives from Minnesota. Turning them out is long overdue!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Are you really going to suggest that Michael Steele has performed above expectations? I supported him, but have been unhappy with numerous gaffes and missteps since, most particularly with sinking $1million of RNC donor money into negative ads against the conservative Republican in the NY-23 race, to benefit the RINO who endorsed the Democrat! Any resolution which points out the folly of that sort of "big-tentism" is long overdue. The only way the RNC gets back to being a lighthouse from which conservative candidates can get their bearings is if there is some well-known "standard" for getting RNC money and support. I believe that a standard of 80% agreement with what used to be "generally accepted Republican principles" would be exactly what's needed. It may be one of the few things the RNC CAN do to "restore the brand."

J. Ewing