Friday, March 12, 2010

What The Neoconservatives Got Right

Turns out more than what the usual suspects of critics would grant: Syria, Iran & democracy in the Middle East. For now, MC will take them even though we would add into the mix Iraq which, unfortunately for the isolationists, is going so well (knock wood) that no less than Newsweek has heralded it a victory. This makes us suspicious, of course, given MC's view that most everything Newsweek says is wrong. Still, it had to bother liberals in the check-out lane at Whole Foods to see its cover blaring "Victory in Iraq."

Click on the title of this post to read Steven A. Cook's article in Foreign Policy. Note the insular, bien pensant thinking mentioned at the outset. A revealing look into liberal foreign policy groupthink. Though we think he doesn't go far enough, Cook is to be commended for writing honestly about neoconservatism. This, among liberals, is what passes for bravery. We enjoyed the following:

"[T]he neocons' perspective on the nature of the Syrian and Iranian regimes were largely accurate, and their forceful advocacy of democracy and freedom in the Middle East may have grated on many, but it did much to advance those causes in a region once described as "democracy's desert." Any number of observers would surely disagree with these claims, but I suspect that has more to do with politics than a careful evaluation of what the neocons have to offer to the foreign-policy debate."

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