Friday, November 30, 2012

Mary Franson Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

The most vilified person in Minnesota politics today won re-election to her seat in Minnesota's House of Representatives. Congratulations to my friend Rep. Mary Franson, a single mother of three but she won't get coverage on that from the local press because she's a republican. We all know this to be true.

I had to fight my own party in defending Mary. I did so publicly. You know who you are who demanded privately that her's was a lost cause. Guess what? You're the same people who said we'd keep the House. Or crow about a man's money who helps you claim there are more GOP women in the legislature as we lose both majorities. Thanks for that. I don't suppose we can get a partial refund on your fees? Because, you know, there is no win bonus for us not winning. Except P2B.

You may have also noticed that we are now a one party state. Do we have to pay you losers even more for losing because we'd fucking deserve it.

Last legislative session we didn't have any leaders. In fact, we had anti-leaders. Morons. Incompetents.

Not even status quo: our new majority made things worse. They earned their minority status this election cycle but the better good of Minnesota did not.

Enter Mary Franson: new, naive, honest, sometimes bumbling. Extremely well spoken on the floor of the MN House of Representatives and off.

But wait! Can she navigate The Wedge? Tell the difference of quinoa from teff?

No and here's hoping she never does. Would it be too post modern to take a field trip to Alexandria?

Her own personal life, at times, did her no good. (How does one tell a Protestant friend to "Get thee to a nunnery?").

Mary Franson is not a Rorschach test. Her example is not that indeterminate.

I call my friend The Monster™ in order to mock the idea Mary Franson does not care about the poor. Having been one, she could never be so.

Indeed, the worst "cures" for the poor come from those who never were or will be. Isn't this by now axiomatic? Which isn't to say it won't stop; there's the pity.

We republicans either unite regardless or we will surely wither and die in the next two years. Franson and her crazy public and private life was a challenge, this much must be admitted. I was an early adapter in the push back against just sitting there while the Left defined us; she was my unplanned front line.

If you know anything about the Holy Fool and Russia, Mary Franson might just be ours.


Charlie Quimby said...

Mary Franson is more vilified than Michele Bachmann or Michael Brodkorb?

Or Mark Dayton?

Charlie Quimby said...

Mary Franson is more vilified than Michele Bachmann or Michael Brodkorb?

Or Mark Dayton?

Jay McHue said...

The only kool-aid to be seen here is the stuff you're drinking. I find it hilarious that more people have concerned themselves with Rep. Franson's private life than with soon-to-be-former Rep. Kerry Gauthier's buggering of a minor at a public rest stop.

Incontinentia Buttocks said...

"Mary Franson is more vilified than Michele Bachmann or Michael Brodkorb? "

She's up in that league.

And the corrosive, demented, sexist hate she draws reminds me of Bachmann back when she was a state senator.

I don't think Mary has the urge to become the leader Bachmann did, but if she does, her critics will become just as deranged as Bachmann's.

And what Jay said.