Monday, February 4, 2013

Ron Paul & Minnesota Republicans' Shame

Got it, got it long before I received a standing ovation of boos at the MNGOP endorsing convention in May, 2012 for opposing the preeminent fraud, sick, twisted, Jew hating Ron Paul. The Weekly Standard called me "persona non grata" at that convention. Happy to take that to the grave.

Today this fraud, now retired with God knows how much of a public pension, tweeted one of the truly most disgraceful tweets of all time. If you are not on Twitter (and if you're not I'm not sure you exist), it's the Wild West. Almost anything goes; thin skinned reporters and other fake sensitive types need not participate. But they do, to their detriment.

Still, there was a collective gasp from the usually not dramatic Twitterverse today. It came in response to what was a wholly gratuitous tweet from L. Ron Paul. You'd have to be a low information voter, the type that reelected the most incompetent (but half black!) President in our history not to know of the death of Navy Seal Chris Kyle's death. Kyle was an exceptionally decorated hero who was a sniper specialist. Translation to the dope smokers in Mom's basement who totally are against the system: he killed the bad guys before they killed the good guys.

In the teeth of this man's death, at the hands of a very unwell veteran, Ron Paul tweeted:

"Chris Kyles' death seems to confirm that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword."

I tweeted the F bomb in response; those who know me on Twitter know I rarely swear. Better language is always available and at a premium at 140 characters. Still, upon reflection tonight, I would not take it back or do over. The online information reaching back decades about this charlatan was available to anyone with an internet connection.

This is the real Ron Paul. A lazy, stoner's Noam Chomsky, if they can even manage that quisling's name. Neo-hippies.

How then, did so much of the Minnesota Republican establishment either get co-opted or silenced by these ignorant forces?

Where was Keith Downey condemning these remarks? Marianne Stebbins, the Eva Braun of the movement? The faux republican Paulers who, it seems now, want to be seen as "builders" in contradistinction to "destroyers," were nowhere to be seen condemning Paul's slander against noble military service.

Their silence, collective and individual, constitutes an enormous black mark, shame, on the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Not as dark, of course, as Keith Ellison traveling on the taxpayers' dime to barbaric, hellish Saudi Arabia, which beheads female Sri Lankan maids without a lawyer or due process after being in the country for a week or two on the trumped up accusation of killing her infant charge. Wouldn't patchouli Susan Hogan usually be outraged on behalf of such women (now murdered), even those who don't dismember their unborn in the name of the oh so happy lives so exactingly showcased on HBO's "Girls?"

That would take a real local media which we do not, yet, possess. They can't report on themselves. (Tell me you've noticed)

In the meantime, I tire of my own role as the Ron Paul Cassandra.

With L. Ron Paul's shameful tweet today, you either have figured it out or you have not.

And if you're the latter, I'm with my friend Andy Parrish: get your own party.

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Conceptualviral said...

You need to learn to read. His tweet was far from shameful but your reaction to it is.

When he said "live by the sword, die by the sword" we was talking about foreign policy. Our nation is hungry for war, our vets pay the price. That was the point. Anyone remotely familiar with either Ron Paul or conservative (not neoconservative) viewpoints on intervention would get this, Cassandra.

Also, as a medical doctor and a flight surgeon, he understands shell shock now called PTSD. And both the doctor and the American Psychological Association agree that proper treatment does not include a trip to the gun range. Further, the fact that suicide, thought to be the result if too many cases of PTSD, now causes more military deaths than combat is an even stronger argument for "live by the sword (ask for war neocons/Obama supporters) and you'll die by the sword (experience tragedy like this).

Finally, the Jew-hater BS. He believes Israel can defend herself. Americans are broke and foreign aid is unconstitutional. That makes him an anti-Semite? Shame on you. You're another neoconservative that waves the constitution and the bible when it suits you but then ignite it when it either doesn't or can serve as a gotcha against someone you don't like. True conservative thinkers would be repulsed by what's become of the GOP and the way Ron Paul is treated by schmucks who spew the ignorant venom like you've got here.

Lets see if you have the balls to print this. Of course, feel free to misinterpret everything you see here. Feel free to claim the causes he champions as your own and then talk out if the other side of your mouth.You're great leader Michelle Bachman is a master at it...

It's you that needs to get your own party. You just got your asses kicked with Mitt Romney! You cheated and broke party rules in order to shove that turd on the Republican electorate and guess what? You lost huge to the weakest president since Carter or Ford. Wow. Ya, you need to form a neoconservative/Fox News worshiping party chief.

In Liberty,
Scott Brown
Dover, NJ