Thursday, October 10, 2013

Local Media Don't Report Obama's War On Them

"The Bush administration’s war on leaks and other efforts to control information are the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration, when I was one of the editors involved in The Washington Post’s investigation of Watergate. The 30 experienced Washington journalists at a variety of news organizations whom I interviewed for this report could not remember any precedent."

The quote above, from The Committee To Protect Journalists Special Report: The Obama Adminstration and the Press, is accurate except for the one word that I added: Bush. The administration it actually references is President Obama's. Big news, wouldn't you think? Except that as of this writing the only Minnesota news outlet that reported it was the Duluth Tribune, running an AP story (AP!).

The Report details how fascist Obama has been toward the free press, how thuggish and vile his tactics to the free flow of information that keeps a democracy alive and vibrant. The Report quotes nothing but liberal journalists, which is another word for democrat flaks. Their sense of betrayal is delicious.

Read the report that Twin Cities media won't report on by clicking here.

What to make of local media who think so much of themselves and yet remain silent in the face of a report by their peers, by their watch dog? I'd suggest it tells you all you need to know about them. Had it actually been the Bush administration that triggered this report, they'd be all over it, howling in self-absorbed sanctimonious rage. That's a shtick they have down cold.

We've been here before, of course. Tom Scheck of MPR famously lied on Twitter last year claiming his account had been hacked when in actuality his DM expressing outrage that Clint Eastwood would mock the incompetent Obama was sent as a regular tweet. Minnesota Public Radio is a joke and shouldn't receive a dime of taxpayers' money, even before we bring up Kerri Miller, who brings new meaning to the word hack. It's like they think we aren't watching. We are though: my friend and radio partner Bill Glahn has written devastatingly about it. Click here to read.

MPR solemnly declared "social media editors" had been deployed to help Scheck but hacked accounts don't need anything save a new password, let alone "social media"editors. This happened only on Twitter, of course. The omerta code amongst the lazy local media obtained. Most readers of this blog probably have never heard of this incident before.

Pat Kessler, who I call Ted Baxter for a reason, is another case study in dishonesty. In 2011, he reported online anonymously what Todd Rapp had fed Ron Rosenbaum about the Amy Koch/Michael Brodkorb matter. Kessler pretended to gum shoe efforts in reporting this rather than admitting he was a sap used by politicos. Such wankery is what Pulitzers were invented for. Rapp is a commentator on, surprise!, MPR and talked about the Koch/Brodkorb matter. Disgusted yet by your tax dollars going to liberal propaganda? Rapp was given this information by uber-sleaze Geoff Michele. Who did Michele give his first interview about this matter to? Ron Rosenbaum. More lube?

More recently, Pat Kessler blatantly ripped off the original reporting of progressive blogger Sally Jo Sorensen about the pathetic and by now national joke of Tom Emmer's campaign video endorsement of Integrity Exteriors. I'm surprised he wasn't outraged when Stephen Colbert gave, appropriately, an on air acknowledgement to her last night instead of him. Pathetic. You can view that clip by clicking here.

Of course MPR, the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press and the AP all rallied around DFL Rep. Ryan Winkler in June when he called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom" on Twitter. His comment made Drudge, no small feat. Yet these democrats simply took that democrat's statement of ersatz apology and reprinted it wholesale. No questions, no outrage. Yes, they think you're that stupid. Yes, they think they're swell. Just ask them. Had a republican said something comparable the outrage would have been loud and tedious. Bob Collins would have another breakdown on Twitter. Dave Brauer and Erik Black would have tried to outdo each other's white liberal guilt, achievement gap be damned. Star Tribune editor patchouli Susan Hogan (this is what you do with a philosophy degree, she says) would have waxed tearful and female. We know the faux outrage from hypocritical liberals by heart by now. For a liberal of their own like Winkler though? Nothing. As I say, they're hypocrites.

Even I, however, am amazed at the silence of these eunuchs in the face of reporting by their own concerning the devastating effects of the Obama administration on press freedom. That local media keep from telling you about the report speaks loudly about their utter lack of integrity, their service to ideology instead of the facts.

Freedom of the press is too important to be left to what is called the press.