Monday, December 2, 2013

Phil Krinkie Torches MN GOP Potemkin Villages

In a simple act of astonishing integrity, Phil Krinkie, republican candidate for Congress from Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District, today announced that he would not participate in so called "debates" which charged attendance and from which the public or media was excluded. He was referring to upcoming debates hosted by GOP CD 6 and the Freedom Club.

In doing so, he burnt to the ground the fraudulent, hypocritical and incompetent Potemkin village that constitutes the republican establishment in CD 6, as well as delivered a body blow of truth to fatuous, hydroponic groups like the Freedom Club, which pretend to influence but which, in fact, are nothing more than a plaything of their creators, Bob & Joan Cummins, they of the marriage amendment which set back republicans in Minnesota a generation.

It's hard to overstate what Krinkie has done in giving notice to the good old boys network (and the women who want to be in them). The shockwaves of his decision should last long after this coming cycle. These upcoming debates are a fraud and he said as much. Or so it seems to me.

Krinkie told Mark Sommerhauser of the St. Cloud Times that "[p]eople shouldn't have to pay to hear where candidates stand." He went on to note that Tom Emmer, the gum on the shoe of Minnesota republicans, consciously avoids functions where media might be present or attendees are considered less than favorably disposed to him. Emmer is a coward, in other words. No news there but refreshing that Krinkie called him out in a respectful but deadly honest way. You can read Sommerhauser's article by clicking here.

Emmer recently was too scared to attend a forum for all candidates hosted by St. Ben's & St. John's University republican students. Excuses were made but everyone knew he was intimidated by being onstage before an educated audience. Dominating the endorsement process is the only way this mediocrity can get to Congress; best to keep him underexposed while pretending he's the frontrunner.  

The 6th CD debate is December 14th. The organizers are, almost to a dolt, Emmer supporters. This debate was manufactured after the negative publicity stemming from Emmer being afraid of college students at St. Ben's and St. John's.

The Freedom Club sponsored debate is set for January 13th and is equally a joke. Bob Cummins founded the group and has already maxed out to Tremulous Tom. These Potemkin events are an insult to any thinking republican, in or out of CD 6. That Phil Krinkie has called them out for what they are gives hope to anyone wishing the Republican Party of Minnesota can become more than the same stale, unaccomplished insiders we see each week on "At Issue" or "Almanac."

Krinkie's "emperor has no clothes" moment can also be applied, if not by him than by others, to RPM Chair Keith Downey, another pawn of Bob Cummins, and to the pigs-in-the-trough DC establishment that is attempting to foist the human ipecac Mike McFaddin upon us.

None of this will do if we want to win elections again. Republicans in Minnesota need to take the control for selection of our candidates out of those stale, tired, hacks who are in it for the money and the jobs. Phil Krinkie, by saying simply and honestly, the truth about current conditions shows us how.

Kudos to him.