Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sarah Palin & Minnesota Republicans' Sexism

"The medicine it still won't work but there's dangerous levels of it here."
The New Pornographers 

Almost all of my friends are either on the make or want to be.

I never have been nor wanted. Their becoming such was so gradual I'm not sure they were aware of it. I imagine, in their own minds, they think of it somehow as progress in life. They keep getting promotions without a clue what to do next except get another. Early in life they find themselves empty; racing to get old, as Elvis Costello once put it.

In Minnesota, however, the republican young have been taught something else, which is not to think beyond establishment confines. Worse, obeying them is your path to advancement. See paragraph 2. They say fond things to each other on Twitter about Tim Pawlenty. It's enough to break your political heart.

Today Sarah Palin endorsed Julianne Ortman for the republican endorsement to run against Al Franken. The reaction now as compared to when she endorsed Tom Emmer in 2010 in his failed gubernatorial race is instructive as to where republicans in Minnesota find themselves generally with women today.

I resented it when Palin endorsed Tom Emmer in an endorsement contest. I think a primary is fair game for anyone to chime in. Palin should have endorsed Ortman if, and after, she received the endorsement of the Republican Party of Minnesota. I only look inconsistent to those not bright enough to keep up.

At any rate, the reaction of the so called most politically involved has been demonstrably different and it can't all be chalked up to four years having elapsed between the two endorsements, although that certainly is valid to factor in.

Palin endorsing the establishment man, good. Palin endorsing the non-establishment woman, bad.

It's not me, it's not Sarah, it's not Julianne.

It's you.

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