Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Anne Frank, Political Correctness & Time

Twenty one years ago this Friday my article on Anne Frank was published by the Star Tribune. I doubt whether the newspaper would publish it now, given the stale liberalism of its editorial board.

At any rate I thought readers might like to see that some of my concerns and themes expressed in this blog have a long provenance.

Click on the image above to read or click here to view it at Scribd where you can save it or download it to your dartboard.

Several days after the article's publication I received hate mail calling me a Jew lover. I could never foresee, of course, today's world in which global anti-semitism is exclusively a feature of the left, routinely ignored by media.

You don't have to be Catholic to laugh at the notion of progress (outside of the hard sciences).

This idea is exquisitely demolished by philosopher John Gray in his best selling book "The Silence of Animals: On Progress And Other Modern Myths" which can and should be purchased here.

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