Thursday, January 21, 2016

Guest Blogging In Canada: On Trump & Hillary

My friend Denyse O'Leary is a well known Canadian author and writer who contributes to "Blazing Cat Fur," one of Canada's leading conservative websites. She recently asked, in an almost offhand manner, what I thought about the presidential race. From her vantage point, she thought Ted Cruz would be the nominee, thinking that Donald Trump had blazed a trail that Cruz could capitalize and win upon. 

I responded that I thought Trump would be the republican nominee and why. Denyse was kind enough to take those thoughts and put them on Blazing Cat Fur so her fellow Canadians could see them. 

That post can be read by clicking here.

The comments are interesting and my American readers--whatever your policy about reading the comments--should take a look at them. 

O'Leary then asked for follow up thoughts about Hillary. I waited until after last Sunday's democratic debate before responding. 

That post can be read by clicking here.

I plan on blogging more in depth soon about Trump and the presidential race in general. I thought, however, given that I haven't posted since October, it made sense to link to these two short pieces.

At the end of my second article, O'Leary asks why other republican candidates didn't take up the call for immigration control. The short answer is that they are all beholden to their donors who manifestly don't care about the issue, want the cheap labor & aren't concerned in the slightest about turning America into, as Ann Coulter puts it, a Third World hellhole. 

Trump is the only candidate who has met publicly and privately with families whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens. That not a single other candidate has done so speaks to the moral depravity of the rest of the field. 

* * * * 

I have thought for some time that an intellectual exchange mechanism should exist between Canadian conservatives & Minnesota conservatives. How best to do that? Maybe a non-profit? I find myself at the stage in life where I have more ideas than time left in which to realize them and I'm not by current standards particularly old.

Still, Americans are famously ignorant about Canada and Minnesotans must top that list, despite sharing a border with the country. I'd like to get something going this year but I already have one non profit that will launch and I'm writing another book, most likely to be published next year. I'd be delighted if others were interested in helping me make this a reality and invite them to contact me. 

Big thanks, as always, to Denyse O'Leary. 

Her book "The Spiritual Brain," co-authored with Mario Beauregard, can be purchased here. 

Follow her on Twitter: @itsdesign 

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