Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The President's Press Conference

I found it insufferable; the conventional wisdom seems to be shaking out that he didn't make any mistakes ergo it was a success. Let's not set the bar too high now, even though he is The One.

Two observations: Obama is forced to defend a bill not of his own making. Larded with every conceivable spending program possible, Mr. Hope & Change has turned to fear mongering of the most overt sort. Wasn't fear mongering one of the chief complaints of squishes about W? Yes, I thought so. Obama's answers were long winded. His tone hectoring. That will wear thin quickly. Loved that he called on the Huffington Post, a moonbat website. The press said nothing. And squish radio talk show host Ed Schultz had a front row seat. Passing strange.

Second, this fellow talked about "mutual respect" between the USA and Iran. Really? A state sponsor of terrorism? One that kills its citizens at a frightening clip, stones women but not men (usually) for adultery, imprisons/kills gays and represses every twig of dissent? THAT kind of respect? Whatever happened to the notion that respect is to be earned. Click on the title of this post to see Emanuele Ottolenghi's comments, especially on that fool Biden who waxed eloquent in Germany about Iran's great civilization. All people are equal; all cultures are not.

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