Monday, February 2, 2009

Rod Grams Out. Now It Is Sutton Or Sawalich

Rod Grams withdrew late this afternoon from the race for the Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota. What do you think about this development? If you supported Senator Grams previously, who are you leaning toward now and why? Let us know in your comments.


John Tschohl said...

Rod was a great Senator. He lost touch with the Minnesota voter and really hurt the Republican Party by leading the fight to oppose the Constitutional Amendment that just passed for hunting and fishing.

About 64% of Minnesota citizens hunt and fish. Before the sales tax increase they only got about $1 million out of the general fund to improve hunting and fishing and contirbuted over $1 billion in tax revenue.

Rod ruined the image of the Republican Party with sportsmen. John Tschohl

Don McMillan said...

John Tschohl hit it right on. The Republican Party and others such as Grams and Krinke have antagonized their very own base by actively campaigning against this amendment which passed with a huge margin of yes votes as opposed to no votes. Republicans - get smart!
Don McMillan

Anonymous said...

I applaud any Republican who opposed yet another tax increase. Our budget problem is just like our American waist line problem...... we can't seem to pull away from temptation to satisfy our personal wants. Whether it's fishing, theater, or ball parks, the government has no business digging in my pocket to fund it. I enjoy all the above, but would prefer they stick to what is their responsibility. To any individual who runs on getting back to what the government is supposed to provide for our citizens, they have my vote and support. Let the fiscal responsibility be clearly spoken, explained, and illustrated. Like Reagan said, this is no time for pastels.

Sue Jeffers said...

We were promised clean water and protection of wild life habitat in the multi million dollar advertising campaign to get the constitutional amendment to pass. I bet the suckers that voted for that constitutional amendment are happy to hear their money is being spent on dog parks in the metro area.

More money out of our pockets that must be spent on specific special interest projects reduces the transparency and accountability of government spending. This money is also now off the table in an economic environment that is in shambles.

Many of us tried to warn you.
Sue Jeffers

Mike said...

That amendment wsa a horrible idea, rightfully fought by us true conservatives. So what if 64% of the people hunt and fish in this state! If the majority have a bad idea, it is still a bad idea. This country is NOT a democracy, but rather a Republic. We are ruled by law, not by mobs. I hunt, so I bought land that I can hunt on. It is not the proper role of government to provide me hunting land, or for that matter, animals to hunt. I'm probably really stepping on toes now, but the DNR is mismanaged and misguided bunch of beaurocrats too!
But back to Senator Grams. Nothing against the man personally, but I seem to recall some personal moral failures in his past. For that reason I did not back him. Why risk having a repeat offense? Many of us have mistakes in our past, so I'm not judging him for that, I'm just saying perhaps he is not qualified to be in a high profile position. (yes, I'm being very old fashioned) Also, are we so lacking talent in the Republican Party that we can't find any other true conservatives to run?

Anonymous said...

So much for the hunting and fishing crowd - just how much did you get from that Constitutional Amendment? And just what is the DFL controlled legislature now doing to take over all land with water on it? Check your counties: Under cover of the water management statutes of Chapter 103B, the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization is forcing the 21 suburban and rural cities and townships in the Vermillion River Watershed to adopt a mind-boggling array of new restrictions on land use.

A practice coming to your local county any time soon.

When you let the govt take over, regardless of how smooth the wording is, you give them control of your wallet and life. When a government promises you everything, they can take everything, including your freedom.