Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Open Thread On JG Ballard

MC has received substantial traffic since the posting below on the late JG Ballard. Please use the comments function to express your opinion of this author. No comments are censored if you don't use obscenity. All the comments to MC's original post have been critical but all have been published. Tell MC and others what you find important about this author and why.


Anonymous said...

stunning silence.

I'll salvage this comment (and the semi-smug post) with a request that you please, please, please read one book by Ballard (for it seems you have read none), and post a book review here.

Malzacher/Gilmore said...

Thanks for your comment. Can you recommend one? I promise to read it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Drowned World

Psychmetalfreak said...

Precisely, too many people just jump in to condemn writers like Wilde, Nobokov, Burroughs without reading a single page! Read "High Rise". Now I wonder why middle brow Americans are getting such good names all over the world and even their fellow Americans are showing disdain towards their fellow citizens.

psychmetalfreak said...

By the way it is this blog which led me to yours:

Check it out... get to know your enemies better, and i can assure you that they are many, many, many out there.