Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama & End Of Life Care, or, "Man Has Become Death"

MC notes with grim amusement that the boomer generation is hearing very clear signs from the Vapid One that when they get just a wee bit older that hospice rather than health will be their only choice under Obamacare. Always self-absorbed, the worst generation now can cluck about what they have, or might have, brought upon themselves. There are plenty of stories online and in the drive by media about this end of life problem offered by Dr. Chicago (h/t: Rush Limbaugh). We aren't linking to any of them here.

The quoted portion of the title of this post is from John Paul the Great.

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Anonymous said...

just stumbled upon your blog -- it's great. i added it to my favorites. i spent a year in st cloud, 06-07. doug