Friday, July 24, 2009

Waterboarded? Hansen "Apologizes" To Sutton

Isn't this curious? Nate Hansen toughed it out at the last 4th CD meeting and refused to apologize either to the 4th CD in whose name he appeared to speak in his remarks posted online at the Pioneer Press or to the military personnel assembled in the room. Instead he was censured by the 4th CD. That half of MC who is on the 4th voted against the censure because no pre-existing guidelines were in place for officers to abide by when commenting in public as a private person as opposed to their position as an officer. (MC previously defended Hansen in this blog on free speech grounds and in opposition to those who demanded his ouster)

Hansen went so far at that meeting as to refuse to agree that he would not identify himself in his future public comments as the Deputy-Chair of the 4th. Pluck, MC admires pluck.

Now comes a letter to the Chair of the RPM (with whom he is good friends) apologizing, kind of, for his comments. MC supposes this is all to the good but believes the letter ought to be addressed to Bev Aplikowski, Chair of the 4th, for whom enormous headaches were created by his comments. Neither the Chair of the RPM nor the Deputy Chair were present at that last, raucous 4th CD meeting. Aplikowski handled the meeting exceeding well although some have criticized her (including, don't you love it?, some who were not present!).

MC is fairly certain that the criticism would not be made if the 4th CD Chair were male. What is it with men in this party being afraid of strong, competent women?

The third paragraph of the letter (click on the image to enlarge it), MC is forced to note, constitutes a classic example of the non-apology apology. Nate regrets his comments because it has been asserted by some that they were insulting to our armed forces? Rubbish. They were objectively insulting and were intended as such.

MC, clever things that we are, notices Hansen's letter is dated July 16, 2009. We note that Chair Sutton sent an email dated July 17th concerning the upcoming State Convention and announcing that Nate Hansen would be chairing the Bylaws and Constitution Committee.

What's Latin for quid pro quo?

On balance, resolving snafus like the one Hansen created is a good thing. MC will remain vigilant, however, in seeing that people are treated fairly, not just those who are friends of the Chair.

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