Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Articles Politico Won't Tell You About

Two articles appeared today that only the inside types really know about and one of which is carefully NOT being passed along or a link to it included in online coverage. This is emblematic of a new development in online journalism: what the talking heads on TV read and the apparatchiks in both parties know about but which is not passed on for anything like widespread distribution. Don't get MC wrong: we haven't become paranoid, delusional Ron Paulers. We simply note that it took some digging to bring you these two articles. But what, after all, is MC here for but to dig with the occasional backfill?

Click on the title of this post to read the first article, Edward Luce writing in the Financial Times about the core group of people surrounding President Obama. It makes for less than edifying reading. Why is it Americans increasingly must turn to British and German newspapers to learn about what's really going on in their country?

Click HERE to read The Washington Note's article on the Luce article. Really, read both for maximum effect and understanding. Together they provide fascinating insights into our government, the fourth estate and the people in both. Don't say MC didn't warn you.

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