Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bravest Person On Earth Returns

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is back with her new book "Nomad," which follows her amazing previous book "Infidel." If you have not read the latter, do yourself the favor and buy it. Her brilliant new book is reviewed by Tunku Varadarajan, itself something brilliant. Click on the title of this post to read his review. MC found the following irrefutable:

"After all, she writes, male domination and female subjugation are Quranically prescribed, and who is Man to challenge the immutable Word of God—especially when God’s arrangements ensure perpetual male domination? This punitive patriarchy is not confined to Muslims in their own lands; it thrives, she points out, in the West, in the lands to which Muslims immigrate, but whose “degenerate” and “sinful” societies they abhor. In a blistering passage, written with the forthright elegance that characterizes the book, Hirsi Ali asserts that “the subjection of women within Islam is the biggest obstacle to the integration and progress of Muslim communities in the West. It is a subjection committed by the closest kin in the most intimate place, the home, and it is sanctioned by the greatest figure in the imagination of Muslims: Allah himself.” It is easy to see why Hirsi Ali has bodyguards, and round-the-clock protection. She would be dead if she did not."

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