Monday, May 10, 2010

Invocation By Rabbi Feller At RPM Convention

By the Grace of G-d

APRIL 29, 2010

Almighty G-d, Master of the Universe, I am honored to invoke Your presence at this most vital convocation. I offer this opening prayer on behalf of a body of individuals who recognize Your presence in their private and public lives.

Oh, Father in Heaven, those assembled at this convention are here to fulfill one of the seven sacred universal commandments that You gave to Noah and his children after the great flood: The command that every society establish a government which will legislate and enforce just laws.

At the dawn of civilization as related in the Holy Biblical Book of Genesis and its sacred commentaries, You issued first to Adam and then to Noah the following seven laws which came to be known as the Seven Noahide Laws:
One: To worship You alone and not to worship idols.
Two: Never to blaspheme Your Holy Name.
Three: Not to murder (Your sacred law which forbids homicide, suicide, abortion and euthanasia.)
Four: Not to commit adultery, incest, homosexual union, or any other sexual aberration.
Five: Not to steal, lie, deceive or cheat.
Six: Not to be cruel to any living creature, and
Seven: That every society govern by just laws which are based in the recognition of You oh, G-d as the Sovereign Ruler of all men and all nations.

This recognition of You, oh G-d as the sovereign Ruler of all men and all nations, is the bedrock of the value system of the United States of America. We, the citizens of this blessed country, proclaim this recognition in our Pledge of Allegiance, “One nation, under G-d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We proudly proclaim this recognition on our currency, “In G-d We Trust.” “In G-d We Trust” is proudly engraved on the walls of our houses of government.

Grant Al-mighty G-d that those assembled here to choose candidates to govern our great state of Minnesota, be dynamically cognizant of Your presence and conduct their deliberations accordingly. Bless them with good health, wisdom, compassion, good cheer, and good fellowship. May they constantly realize that in laboring to bring about proper government for our state and our country they are doing Your will.

Authored and presented by Rabbi Moshe Feller

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