Friday, February 20, 2009

Executive Committee Did Not Know About Threating Letters To MC And Another Group

Apparently, last night's Executive Committee meeting of the RPM was quite interesting. After an orchestrated attack on Dorothy Fleming by one of the Chair's flaks failed spectacularly, the matter of sending threatening letters to Minnesota republicans was raised. No one on the Executive Committee admitted to knowing about the matter before the letters were sent. (One member from CD5 had been sent it previously but stayed silent at the meeting) Blunt, honest, penetrating questions were asked (the kind RPM leadership avoids at all costs) and precious little by way of sense or substance was given in response by the Chair. It's fair to say most members knew nothing about the matter before last night. How can one person be allowed to do so much damage with so little accountability?

In fact, at one point the Chair demanded to know how a member knew of the letter's existence! He was told it was on the web. D'oh!

Copies of the letter posted below (click on the image to enlarge) were handed out after members requested it. What is risible is that the "Dear Sir/Madam:" line was redacted. Why? Because the sharper pencils in the box would realize such a salutation gives away the fact that this is a form letter. Crank in the name of the offender du jour and out goes the turgid letter.

Another person was sent the same baseless but threatening letter and it had the same salutation. Form letter indeed. As a classy touch, the Chair sent that letter to this person's day-job employer. His employer had nothing to do with this person wanting to improve the party. The letter was sent to harm him financially. I do love those in public life who feel compelled to publicly witness to their faith in Christ: repulsive behavior is sure to follow.

Check back soon for further adventures in fear and loathing.

Their time is running out.

"Carthago, delenda est!"

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