Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Suggestion From Rep. Mark Buesgens

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Recently I was asked by the editor of a local weekly to provide my wish
when it comes to the federal spending plan. Below is my response in its

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the chance to share my "What if" wish! What if every
elected official in Scott County banded together to send the following
message to Washington:

"Dear Mr. President and Members of Congress:
While we here in Scott County, Minnesota appreciate the well
intentions behind this spending package, we respectfully ask that you
reduce the amount of your planned debt by the amount proposed for our
You see, we believe in individual liberty which means that we
believe in personal responsibility. Yes, we are facing some tough times
now, but we are committed to making the tough decisions today so as to
ensure a prosperous tomorrow. Saddling our children and grand-children
with a crushing debt because we were too timid to do the right thing now
would be an awful legacy that we as elected representatives of a
wonderful people will not participate in.
And so, we respectfully ask you to keep your borrowed money and
pork spending and we will keep our pride, honor and dignity.”

Sending this letter would help us regain our collective character and
help bring good from these trying times.
Mark Buesgens
State Representative

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