Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oral Argument @ MN Supreme Court Re: Senate Race

We attended the oral argument today before the Minnesota Supreme Court, sitting in its old ceremonial courtroom at the state capitol due to the election contest ongoing in its usual chambers. Team Franken is asking the Court to require the Secretary of State and the Governor to issue and sign a certificate of election in Al's favor. Team Coleman's response is that such is not allowed by Minnesota law.

Any reasonable legal observer would conclude that the Court is unlikely to grant the petition to force the issuance of the certificate. Team Franken was arguing against rather clear statutory language and the claim that somehow Minnesota has "opted out" of the federal system by only having one senator at the present time was unpersuasive at best. Team Coleman did well, both in its briefing and at oral argument. Look for the petition to be denied and the contest to continue unabated and, quite likely, for many weeks.

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