Sunday, August 23, 2009

Creation Myths For Materialists

Let MC's friend William Dembski explain:

"Janna Levin, Columbia astrophysicist, gives us the cutting-edge science on the origin of the universe: there was nothing, really nothing, nothing at all … but the potential to exist. Was it Aristotle who said that nothing admits no predicates? So where did nothing get the potential to exist and then bring the universe into existence? Not to worry. Janna does give us this assurance: “We know that something happened.” Yes, this is science at its best. Let’s not bring God or design into this discussion — we wouldn’t want to be accused of “acting stupidly.” Oh, one more thing, she’s an assistant professor. Want to bet that she doesn’t have problems getting tenure? Compare this to Guillermo Gonzalez at Iowa State."

Hat Tip: William Dembski

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