Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meeting With Michael Brodkorb

Yesterday Minnesota Conservatives had lunch with newly-elected Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb. This proved both enlightening and encouraging. We found him to be open to discussing any issue and capable of genuinely listening. At the same time MC told him that we found the initial changes of Chair Sutton to be heartening: regular communication, an online forum for state central delegates to opt into and a focus on rebuilding BPOU's. Of course, both Brodkorb and Sutton have had fairly high media profiles recently which MC thought was good.

MC and Brodkorb agreed that 2010 could be an excellent year for Republicans thanks to the relentless overreach of the Democrats and the stupifying arrogance of President Obama. We all agreed, unfortunately, that some in the RPM still have grudges and grievances that they seemingly can't put aside. New party leadership is not the problem nor most certainly the enemy. The same is true of any aspect of the base and activists. Republicans in Minnesota simply have to unite if we want to win. And if you're involved in politics but care little for winning, then perhaps another activity is better for you. You're not doing the rest of us any favors.

Brodkorb pledged a transparent and open State Convention on October 3rd. We believe him and look forward to it.

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