Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Liberal Pundit Tells Liberals To Be Decent

MC thinks it is only because he is a former neoconservative that Michael Lind can suggest to his fellow liberals that Southerners not be written off as backwards, racist, hicks. How, ah, tolerate of him. Really, it is amusing to see something obvious trussed up as a thoughtful column in the always thoughtful, insular environment of Salon. Still, to be sure, MC can find no one else on the Left who tries to get the bien pensant to reexamine some of their foundational smugness.

Lind's conclusion: "Here's how I see it. Liberals should respect and promote the interests of working Americans of all races and regions, including those who despise liberals. They are erring neighbors to be won over, not cretins to be mocked."

Obvious we know but be kind: his article is titled "Are liberals receding from sanity?" Baby steps, Michael, baby steps.

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