Friday, November 13, 2009

"I Want To Be A Part Of It, New York!"

What on earth is wrong with our government? Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (that word again) and four other cretins are to be tried in New York City and in a civil proceeding. Is it the opposite of Sally Fields? "You hate us; you really, really hate us!"

MC can't help but notice that this development was announced while the Vapid One is out of the country. What purpose is served by having these men return to the scene of their horrific crime? Most New Yorkers are democrats so why the affront? Of course, the rest of the country is entitled to feel affronted as well but the sting has to be acute in Manhattan and the other boroughs.

"Obama, speaking to reporters in Japan on the first day of an eight-day overseas trip, declined to comment extensively on the decisions, saying Attorney General Eric Holder would hold a news conference later in the day." Unreal; the President doesn't really even take responsibility for this decision and lets others further down the food chain explain. This is leadership?

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