Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Liberals Starting To Jump Ship Obama?

Probably not in any numbers and at the end of the day MC knows liberals go down with the ship because there is nowhere else for them to go. Still, Roger Cohen, in an article titled "Obama In His Labyrinth" (cutesy headline taking off from Garcia Marquez's "The General In His Labyrinth") says a remarkable number of things that will strike MC readers as obvious but not to most liberals. Hence the remarkableness of the piece, plus it is printed in the New York "What Global Climate Email Data Fraud Scam?" Times.

Says Cohen: "As an Obama admirer, I’m worried. He feels over-managed, over-scripted to me, to the point where he’s not showing the guts that prevailed at various difficult moments in the campaign. The ideas are good, but the warmth, cajoling and craft that make ideas more than that are lacking."

Says MC: We're glad Cohen's worried; we border daily on controlled panic or despair. He is everything Cohen's second sentence says and then some. The ideas are manifestly not good (to a liberal perhaps) and Obama is the opposite of warm and possess no craft. In. Over. His. Head.

Click on the title of the post to read the whining of a liberal (the same fool, it should be noted, who earlier in the year wrote that Jews in Iran don't have it so bad; fortunately, even other liberals couldn't take nonsense and he was widely mocked).

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