Friday, November 20, 2009

"A Special Form Of Disrespect"

So says the British Spectator:

'The Afghan issue has made clear the astonishing disregard with which Mr Obama treats Britain . As he decides how many more troops to send to Afghanistan – a decision which will fundamentally affect the scope of the mission – Britain is reduced to taking a guess. The White House does not even pretend to portray this as a joint decision. It is a diplomatic cold-shouldering that stands in contrast not just to the Blair-Bush era, but to the togetherness of the soldiers on the ground.'

MC likes, if that's the right word, the play in the title of the piece: the UK was always said to have had a special relationship with the US. Not under the Vapid One, however. Looking around at home and abroad, 2009 under Obama has uniformly been a disaster.

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Hat tip: Weekly Standard via The Corner

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