Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Is-ness." "Ought-ness." Obama Accepts Prize

America woke up to Obama pontificating to the world and groaned. His speech was even more content free than most (question: why does Obama have two teleprompers? answer: one for each face) and he spoke gibberish about the "is-ness" of this and the "ought-ness" of that. He should never quote MLK, Jr. Ever. He shrinks in a flash before our eyes in comparison.

Obama has thoroughly insulted the Norwegians by refusing lunch with the King (MC does not want to know what Norwegian royalty eats for lunch; most likely a variation on the bleak food scene in the Twin Cities), refusing to sit still for a peace concert and declining to meet with children (where is Andrew Sullivan whining about kids (ie, Trig Palin) as props?) to talk about peace. MC can't help but feel that somehow it is deserved. After all, Norway insulted the world by awarding the prize to Obama in the first place.

N.B.: MC knows we've used the photo above once before but it was too perfect not to use it again on the day Barry picks up the medal.

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