Thursday, December 10, 2009

President Obama's Nobel Acceptance Speech

MC tries to be fair, which is more than we can say of those on the Left. Click on the title of this post to read President Obama's acceptance speech and judge it for yourself.

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Bill Jungbauer said...

Read about my nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize here,

Read this book, The Password is Courage, to learn more about how Coward helped rescue Jews from extermination.

Learn more about the socialist backgrounds of the Nobel committee members here,

Two of the five members are associated with the Labour Party which is officially a social democratic party committed to social democratic ideals. It has a history of association with Communist International and the Communist Party of Norway.

One member of the Nobel committee is associated with the Socialist Left Party which was created through an alliance of the Socialist People's Party, Communist Party of Norway, Democratic Socialists and independent socialists. Their ideology consists of socialism and eco-socialism.

With a committee made up of such members, it is no surprise that Obama's peace prize is more a political gesture rather than any true recognition of anyone who has truly dedicated their lives for peace.

What should be revered as an award of great merit, has been tarnished. Awarding it to those such as Barack Hussein Obama, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Yasser Arafat has reduced its stature within the world community.