Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Does The Managing Editor Of Foreign Policy Magazine Call This? A "Thing."

Blake Hounshell, the managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine, tweeted that: "the berlisconi [sic] thing will probably make him more popular and distract from his legal woes." The managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine can't spell the Italian Prime Minister's name correctly? He appears to be as badly educated as Obama.

More substantively, his comments are shocking in their indifference to violence upon a democratically elected leader. MC has no doubt if it had been Fidel Castro Blake would have been distraught and stamped his tiny feet in rage against reactionaries. @Shabbosgoy sent the following tweet back to this cretin:

"Thing? You mean a violent hateful assault on his person? Broken nose and two teeth? That "thing?" Liberals are pathetic."

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