Monday, December 7, 2009

Send A Message To Copenhagen Warmists

The farce of the century opens today in Copenhagen and will be with us for two long, painful weeks, the second of which will include an appearance by President Obama. MC isn't sure it can bear both his acceptance of the laughable Nobel Peace Prize and his preening moralizing about a hoax he takes (too) seriously. We'll do our best as will our readers.

That said, click on the title of this post, or click HERE, to send a brief message to the global bureaucrats gathering to eat caviar wedges (wedges?) in Copenhagen. The format limits you to 150 characters, Twitter-like. Say whatever you like ("Climategate!" is succinct) but please say it politely. Rudeness is a hallmark of liberals. Oh, and enjoy yourselves while you are sending your message. Aren't the internets great?


Anonymous said...

Here's mine:
There is ZERO scientific evidence conclusively proving that manmade CO2 causes global warming. Do not confuse global warming with MANMADE warming.

J. Ewing

John Hugh Gilmore said...

We don't believe we have confused global warming with AGW (anthropogenic global warming, as the warmists put it) or manmade warming as Mr. Ewing puts it.

We agree with his comment and thank him for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Oddly, John, you have the same name as a guy who once headed The Forum at St. John's University. Never thought of him as a conservative.

Best wishes

Joe Doakes

John Hugh Gilmore said...

When he did (co-) head The Forum at CSB/SJU he wasn't. Apparently he changed. Isn't change all the rage? Does he get no credit for being ahead of the curve?

Some readers may not know that "Joe Doakes" is a synonym for Everyman, Joe Blow, Joe Sixpack, John Q. Public, John Smith, Mr Brown, Mr. Nobody, Richard Roe, average Joe, average person, common man, man in the street, ordinary Joe.

You know, college-level cleverness. Some things apparently never change. Go figure.