Sunday, June 28, 2009


MC trusts its readers to be educated enough to recognize Delacroix's "Liberty Leading The People." MC otherwise thinks little of the French Revolution and for the good reasons put forth by most historians. Dead bodies withstanding.

On a demonstrably less murderous note, MC understands that our friend and frequent critic Nate Hansen, Juris Doctor, has come under sustained attack. Why? He attacked, in the comments section of the online Pioneer Press, Joe Repya's article in which he attack the RPM, said he was leaving and invited other Republicans to leave with him.

MC addressed both of them here.

Since then, Nate has been attacked from many a source. Some were veterans. Some were people who lost out to his Campaign for Liberty ticket for higher office in the 4th CD. Both are misguided.

MC first wants to set aside the ridiculous notion that Eva Ng, conservative candidate for mayor of St. Paul, had anything to do with Nate's attack on the military. She did not. Eva is a true and fast friend of our men and women who have served and do serve to keep us free. Just ask her husband, a retired (not that there is any such beast) Marine. Better yet, ask Eva! We ask those of you who have kept us safe to think about these things. Support your supporter: vote Eva.

Some in the 4th want Nate to be removed. This is a serious mistake. He has done nothing to warrant such. His enemies have no ammunition except words that would tend to prove his worst remarks. Why do this? Certainly they have not followed the rules, of which one especially anal retentive critic would be bemused to find himself wanting. Hi John McC!

Do we want to be a party that cannot take shots? Can we not fight back against those with whom we disagree and still fight on?

The idea that we should dispel Nate Hansen is Bolshevik. MC wants nothing to do with it and will fight for him to the end. Yes, yes, we know Nate has called us both Neocons and Communists.

Just because he was comprehensively wrong doesn't mean we shouldn't be right.

We are absolutely certain if the tables were turned, Nate would be on our side.

MC thinks this is why we are in the same party and mean to keep it.


MikeWBL said...

MC is totally correct that Nathan's mistake is not worthy of removal from his elected position. However, there will be a time in the near future that it will be warranted if these mistakes become a continuing habit.

Nathan should learn from his mistake so that he uses his many talents and energy to identify and support Republican candidates in order to get them elected in 2010!

Nathan M. Hansen said...

I continue to stand by my comments, and I thank John for this defense. I have a personal dislike of Joe Repya, as I do with all cheerleaders of war. War is a racket. I just spent a few days with a Vietnam combat vet. He was an officer in the infantry. I told him about this controversy, and what I said, and he took my side, and confirmed that I am correct in his opinion. There is nothing glamorous about these entanglements. I don't disrespect him for serving, rather I share his contempt for the interests that sent him there.

John Gilmore is a sometimes critic, and sometimes ally (e.g., we were together on opening up the rules for the CD4 Convention). Indeed, I would probably defend Mr. Gilmore as well if the tables were turned.

Our military suffers when it is committed to these undeclared wars of empire. Navy units are being cannibalized to be ground troops (according to one of my best friends who is an active duty naval officer, and prior enlisted).

My hatred of the "military industrial complex" has nothing to to with hating "the troops." Our armed forces are being used recklessly by interests whose motives are less than pure, and most certainly not "as advertised." Obama continues to use our armed services in ways that are inconsistent with our nation's interests, laws, and ethics.

Sue Jeffers said...

Correction. The call for Nate’s resignation is not because “He attacked, in the comments section of the online Pioneer Press, Joe Repya's article in which he attack the RPM, said he was leaving and invited other Republicans to leave with him.”

Nate can make any stupid comment he wishes and we have seen plenty more of those over the last week. The justified outrage is because Nate said those comments using the title of CD 4 Deputy Chair.

As MC so articulately pointed out in an earlier post: Don't use your title unless you have permission to speak on behalf of the group from/of which you got said title.

Anyone who tried to explain that simple distinction to Nate was attacked. The long string of rude, obnoxious, infantile emails is not the behavior I expect from my Deputy Chair nor do I expect my Deputy Chair to make comments for the 4th CD without agreement from the people of the 4th CD. Bev, chair extraordinaire, tried to intervene by emails and in a phone call to Nate to no avail.

While Nate’s comments should have no bearing on any candidate running in CD 4 now or in the future, they are.

I look forward to discussing this at the next CD 4 executive meeting.

Anonymous said...

I wish Mr. Hansen would actually step outside of his anti-military rhetoric and actually come to understand the military by joining it. I would have expected his comments to come from a Wellstonian instead of a Republican OFFICE HOLDER!!!!!

Our military suffers when it has bigots like Mr. Hansen trashing it every chance he gets and has admitted that he hasnt served a day in his life. Hanson listens to that Vets for Peace lefty crowd because they share his rhetoric thou it is completely devoid of facts.

Mr. Hansen needs to issue Mr. Repya and every veteran who fought for our freedome a sincere apology and not one of the "Im sorry if i offended you" crap. In the meantime Mr. Hansen, please go to a recruiter and join up because your country needs you for service in Afghanistan. We cant do it without you.

Dave Thul said...

As an Iraq war vet and 17 year veteran of the National Guard, I take offense to Mr Hansen's comments to Joe and to me, since he included the entire military in his insults.

His line of reasoning that he is attacking the military but not the troops is just as disingenuous as when Code Pink uses it. The troops are the military. Far from the mindless robots he seems to make us out to be, today's soldiers are more likely to have a college degree than the public at large.

Anisha said...

In response to all that has taken place since Nathan Hansen publicly criticized Joe Repya a couple weeks ago, using his title as, ‘CD4 Deputy Chair’, and the ensuing ‘military-like’ tribunal that was had at our last CD4 meeting the other night.

I am so sad and angry that my voice and voices LIKE my voice and conscience as an American was barely heard these past eight years given such a vortex of ‘leader worship’ coupled with such irrational fear-mongering during the Bush administration.

This would be further affirmed and confirmed when I experienced the process of becoming a Republican delegate to the State convention last year witnessing the pure travesty and Bolshevism of pre-printed ballots strategically blocked 42% of us, ‘Constitutional Conservatives’ delegates by the ‘old guard’ hell bent on pleasing their White House masters, by ensuring a ‘forced’ nomination for John McCain.

One has to wonder what the hell for? He certainly was not the least bit popular with many people.

Conspiracy or Conspiracy theory?

I respect others’ right to disagree with Nathan’s comment. Why? Because it is a sovereign, inherent, unalienable Right guaranteed to be protected by our U.S. Constitution.

Some people shouldn’t blame Nathan Hansen because he takes the time to read independent media! He and others are just messengers.

Some, like Nathan, may choose inflammatory outbursts out of utter frustration to wake people up and others may choose gentler more educational methods. I don’t apologize for Nathan, nor would I have written the same way, although tempted, I can surely say I understand his frustration though.

My higher teaching says to condemn the act, not the person. Debate with others their thoughts while making the goal for mutual understanding. I could suggest this to Nathan. But I’d rather Nathan just be Nathan. As an American, I am very glad for that.

In fact every single active duty military personnel whose lives and sanity are on the line, rely entirely upon people like the Nathans in our Republican party to see to it they are not used as some ‘private’ security services for a self-interested syndicate, but for ‘real’ defence.

These past eight years, very few Nathans came forward. Most were terrified of ridicule or being called ‘Liberal’, or gawd forbid, ‘unpatriotic’. Labelling and name-calling are such weapons of mass destruction when you consider the collateral damage done to all those shut down and felt ‘unsafe’ to speak their minds. It’s a very effective tool to silence those who see the emperor has no clothes!

Anisha said...

I imagine if those several vets at our CD4 meeting had channeled their visceral outrage and ‘turned their backs’ like they did to Nathan when he spoke, and instead, would have aimed it at those ‘neo con traitors’ who showed up at all our local conventions all those years masquerading as Republicans, well, our country may have taken quite a different trajectory. Imagine all those spared from death, torture, and terror today.

Nathan did nothing wrong. He certainly broke no CD4 rules. What he said is his responsibility and his alone. Does Nathan know what he is talking about? Oh, I think so. Given all the independent media I have read these past eight years. His outraged criticism of Joe Repya is very understood by those who have been paying attention.

For those of you who asked for Nathan’s resignation, to censure him, and/or even attempt to change the CD4 Constitution to have him ‘forcibly’ removed all because he spoke his mind using his title, is completely Un-American, Un-Constitutional, Bolshevik, and egregiously lopsided, given the eight years’ of opportunity many of you ‘old guard’ in this district wasted, by giving ‘unthinking’ support, power, and TITLE to those at the upper echelons of the Republican Party, who NOT ONLY abused their ‘titles’, but shamelessly abused its powers domestically and abroad.

Ask yourself, who benefits? Do Americans benefit from this?

War has always been a manipulative racket for the few at the top. Don’t take my word for it, read what Major General Smedley Butler, USMC retired had to say about it in his famous congressional speech, ‘War is a Racket’

Nathan used accusatory descriptions like, ‘Trotskyite’, ‘Communist’. Why? Because those within the Bush administration are members of a known, socialist/communist/world domination, organization set up by foreign interests/bankers, and owners of the private Federal Reserve. These ‘ideologues’ have used both the Republican and Democrat parties for their dog and pony shows. It is only a useful vehicle to continue their global agenda that was in the works over 100 years ago. Its called, divide and conquer. Machiavellian for short.

What was it that Baron Nathan Meyer Rothschild had to say about the printing of money?: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

If people would only read and do their own ‘due diligence’ as citizens, they would discover like many of us ‘newer’ Republicans have, that things definitely are not what they seem.

Anisha said...

Almost the entire Bush administration was made up of those who attended University of Chicago and studied political science under Leo Strauss, (thus, Nathans’ accusatory, ‘Straussians’). See Wikipedia on this dubious professor yourself. Scroll down to criticism of Strauss. Read people!
Not unlike the current Obama administration, almost the entire Bush administration are members of the infamous, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a Rockefeller organization, of which Dick Cheney was ex-Director.
Hear what Dick has to say here and see if this doesn’t outrage you by his arrogant bragging of how he deceived his constituents back home in Wyoming:
Is this conspiracy, or a conspiracy theory?
Almost every member of the Bush administration were signatories to the American Enterprise Institute think tank document began in 1997 and published in 2000, what could now be called, indictable, ‘Project For A New American Century’(PNAC), exposing plans for world domination.

Those who own and control the money supply (through the 1913 Federal Reserve charter), will simply continue to ‘execute’ the final phase of world government, until their ‘wet dream’ of world government is achieved! (see Aaron Russo’s film, ‘America: From Freedom to Fascism’

The greatest ‘leap’ for globalism was what happened AFTER 9/11.

Like Voltaire once said, “Those who can get you to believe in absurdities, can also make you commit atrocities!”

The absurdity was that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11 and then using that and WMD that were no longer there, as an excuse to invade Iraq, The atrocities are self evident today.

Were there ulterior motives for going into Iraq? That’s no-brainer. Just read their Project For A New American Century think tank document Especially page 51. .

Oh here, let me quote: “…Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Is this a conspiracy ‘theory’? Or is this… a ‘conspiracy’?

Anisha said...

I speak in support of Nathan and encourage everyone to speak in accordance with our Constitution. There is that saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.

Well, if we don’t assert our sovereign Rights in our day to day, they it will be ‘assumed’ lost. As Bush himself has said about our Constitution, “Its only a g**d**n piece of paper!”

Would we not have thousands of Americans coming to our side if we would have been true to our principles and spoke out and criticized our leaders? You bet.

In droves, from all stripes, judging from the explosion of the populace during caucus.

We Republicans will only get supported naturally if we speak boldly, thoughtfully, and truthfully. Indeed, that is when any statesman/woman ought to be ‘supported’.

I hear a lot of voices at meetings and conventions urging “all of us Republicans need to stick together”. Oh really? Not necessarily. It seems the good ‘ol days of behaving like a ‘dysfunctional alcoholic family’ of the ‘do not speak the truth’, are over.

Well folks, the sand in the hourglass empties quickly now, as the globalist agenda for world government is no longer hidden anymore. There has never been a more challenging time since the Civil War and before that, the fight for ‘Independence’, that our country, especially the grass roots, are needed more than ever to ‘pay attention’ to all the ‘sleight of hand’, as each of us assert our unalienable Rights in our daily lives.

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Father of the Welfare State

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution

Anisha Dunne
BPOU Deputy Chair 54B
Shoreview, Minnesota