Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ongoing RPM Trainwreck

MC is not amused with the latest machinations in the RPM governor's race. MC recalls that everyone's mantra before and during State Central was "let's get back to winning elections." Could someone remind those running for governor (declared and undeclared) of that lofty yet pragmatic goal?

The occasion for our comments is an entry on the Residual Forces blog that has since been taken down. MC has in its possession that removed entry in its entirety. We could but choose not to republish it here.

Suffice it to say that personal attacks, innuendo, whisper campaigns and, yes, the politics of personal destruction have no place in our party. Our friends in the Democrat Party know all about the current smears because such is the nature of slander and slime: they travel fast.

To the extent that MC speaks for anyone else in the party (a purely optional association, mind you), we request our candidates run honorable campaigns based on ideas, experience and vision.

If you do not, the next time MC will name names. The choice is yours.

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