Monday, June 22, 2009

Seifert Supporter Trashes Ron Paulers!

MC has learned of an email sent by Michael Barrett in which he urges people to "[s]tart flushing the PaulBots now! They’re coming after you this time." We're not sure why he felt a need to attack those in the Campaign for Liberty. As readers of this blog well know, MC considers them friends and allies in reinvigorating the RPM and conservative/libertarian causes in general. Heck, we even post Nate Hansen's comments which are completely batshit crazy. (Hi Nate!). Even friends can disagree and sometimes we do. Then we buy each other a drink or whatnot.

MC wonders: what does Barrett mean when he says the Ron Paul people are coming after you THIS time? Who did they come after before? He doesn't say but we invite readers to speculate wildly and irresponsibly.

Barrett's first email is posted directly below this blog post. His response to the sturm und drang it caused is posted directly below that.

Yet the response, MC fears, is worse than the original pratfall. He sets up a division between reasonable Ron Paul supporters and the radical PaulBot fringe. But how to tell one from the other? Alas, he leaves us in the dark. Perhaps our readers and those in the Campaign for Liberty can shed some light.

MC doesn't think this is going away any time soon.

From: michael barrett
Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 8:34 PM
Subject: Seifert For Governor Official Website Up Now- Taxpayers
League Poll Results
To: michael barrett
Marty has a website up now. It’s just a placeholder for the time
being, but keep checking back.
Here are the results from the Taxpayers League Poll from State Central
(not scientific)
144 Ballots Cast
53 - Marty Seifert
18 - Tom Emmer
15 - Laura Brod
7 - David Hann
6 - Pat Anderson
6 - Steve Sviggum
5 - Paul Kohls

The excitement is already building. Being elected a delegate to the
State Convention from your BPOU will be extremely important. Get your
people to the caucuses! Start flushing the PaulBots now! They’re
coming after you this time.

[MC likes the "M!ke" touch, even if it was a mistake. Sort of like Lamar! Remember?]

From: Michael Barrett
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 8:08 PM
Subject: Clarification of Last Nites Email
To: Michael Barrett

Most of you that know me understand that I often send compound emails with information that is often unrelated. That was the intent with my last email. And it was also intended for my email list of people that know me and understand my emails.

Minnesota Public Radio reported that Marty Seifert was the first candidate to have a website. I passed it along. To my knowledge no other candidate has one and I will send that info out as I get it in my continuing effort to keep you informed.

The poll results were released publicly by the Taxpayers League and appeared on numerous blogs.

Lastly you all know that while I welcome reasonable Ron Paul supporters, I do not think it good for our Party to have the radical PaulBot fringe. Yes there is a difference and it is strictly my opinion and should never be considered to be the opinion of anyone else, especially Representative Seifert.

That being said, some small-minded conspiracy-theorist(s) decided to feed off their own paranoia and blast my email all over the state as if I was blasting the Ron Paul movement while supporting Marty Seifert. How ridiculous. I AM NOT PART OF MARTY SEIFERT’S CAMPAIGN. PERIOD.

So, I hope the person(s) that sent that email all over would be adult enough to send this one to the same places. I’ll welcome the criticism. Just leave your conspiracy theories at rest.

Thank You.



Anonymous said...

What must be done, must be done. We can't lead our state if we can't clean up our party. The Campaign for Liberty is an essential part of helping the GOP to value constitutional conservatism again.

So we'll see who gets flushed

MikeWBL said...

The only things that Michael Barret and I can agree on is our first names, that Marty was a great Minority Leader and Marty is a very good candidate.

However, I have found the RPs, Campaign for Liberty and MN for Limited Government to be friends of the GOP, are energized to restore the GOP and are willing and able to work toward getting Republicans elected. Whereas, I have found the "old guard" to be secretive, highly authoritarian, unwelcoming to new activists, and otherwise dead in the water watching the waves flow over them.

I welcome the new energy and excitement that the RPs, Campaign for Liberty and MN for Limited Government have and are bringing to the GOP. The "old guard" are "guarding" their failures.

JMHO, Mike

musica3_8 said...

Mr. Barrett,

If you plan on ridding the party of "the radical Paul Bot fringe"...then what do you plan on doing with the "radical right-wing fringe?"

Winning elections is impossible when you plan to alienate certain "fringes of the party" and create an inner-party divide.