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June 26, 2009

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State Chair-elect Tony Sutton Announces Appointments to RPM Staff

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman-elect Tony Sutton today announced he would be appointing Ryan Griffin executive director, Gina Countryman deputy executive director, Mike Tavernier political director, and Jonathan Aanestad as director of communications.

“The 2010 elections are a critical task for our Party and I believe this new team will be able to strengthen our organization from the bottom up. With both private sector and political experience, these individuals will bring a broad array of talents and skills that will give our candidates the edge we need next November,” Chairman-elect Tony Sutton said

All positions begin July 1, and coincide with the start of Chairman-elect Sutton’s term.

“I am pleased that my successor will be surrounding himself with many talented people. I am confident that Tony Sutton and his team will be able to seize the opportunity to lead the Republican Party to greater success in 2010 and beyond,” Chairman Ron Carey said.

Sutton praised the work of Carey and executive director Darren Bearson, who he says will continue to play a role in helping elect Minnesota Republicans.

"I was impressed by Darren’s achievements during his tenure as executive director. His considerable skills in decision-making, political strategy and financial management have helped make our Party stronger. I look forward to continuing to work together in the future," Sutton said.

"2010 is going to be an important year for Minnesota Republicans. It will be an incredible opportunity to focus on the future of this great state, and I look forward to working with the new team,” Darren Bearson said.

Ryan Griffin previously worked on Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s successful 2002 race and has worked with both the House and Senate Republican Caucuses.

Gina Countryman most recently served as communications director and has previously served as research director of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Mike Tavernier is a long-time political grassroots strategist working with Congressional and statewide campaigns.

Jonathan Aanestad has served as both a grassroots activist and as an executive for numerous companies with extensive work in marketing.

Minnesota Conservatives is on record in wishing the new leadership the best for revitalizing our party. All of MC's preferred candidates lost which depresses the hell out of us but best to turn a new page. MC is not like Joe Repya; MC appreciated the thoughtful responses from Marianne Stebbins and others in the Campaign for Liberty. We think theirs is the right approach. MC is certain that all of the new hires (we know only one and barely) are good people. We wish them good luck in their duties and want to remind them that we and many others are watching them (and their bosses) and taking notes.

MC will issue grades at six month intervals. Yes, we know this will strike some as hubris but we don't think it is. Holding people to their promises should be the norm and not the exception.

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