Friday, June 12, 2009

State Central Committee Meeting Tomorrow

Chairman Carey is scheduled to give an address: "Discussion Of List Sharing Policy." In typical soviet fashion, MC expects to be chided, if not denounced, for running afoul of the strictures surrounding what should otherwise be a simple means of communication amongst like minded thinkers in this very blue state of Minnesota. Only Dear Leader Carey could give a speech and call it a discussion. We doubt he'll take questions from the floor. But MC and others are ready should openness unexpectedly break out.

Click on the photo above to enlarge. The text is in Cyrillic but for those students of Soviet history (you know who you are) you will recognize the thugs by their face and, yes, this includes Gorbachev who wanted to preserve that criminal enterprise known as the USSR.


Anonymous said...

Who is the thug? Who released confidential information onto the web without permission of those to whom the information belonged? The Chairman has the policy exactly right; just like every other organization, we have a "privacy agreement" with our membership. Color me "anonymous."

Anonymous said...

Do you want to retract this now.
There was open discussion.
Even a motion to change the policy, which a large majority of the members voted down.

As I recall, in the soviet union it was a small group who thought they knew better tham the people and decided to make decision on their own.
So maybe you might want to add your own picture to your soviet comannd and control government.

MikeWBL said...

Anonymous must clueless on:
1) MC did not release confidential information ou. MC just published public information once a RPM candidate published the email list out to the public.
2) Team Obama is our competition. Team Obama collected and effectively used email addresses from all Obama events in 2008.

Anonymous must be stuck in the dark ages where the old guard Republicans are stuck. Anonymous is obviously unaware or doesn't care that we need to attract the youth vote with fast electronic communications.

Anonymous said...

Jean in St Paul:
The ironic joke about the "confidential" list was how incredibly out-of-date and incorrect the emails were.

If one wants to steal something, they at least want it to be of top quality.